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  1. FM 12 Hang

    Five years of dealing with this and I finally figured it out ... i had the layout set to sort based on the relationship. Unchecked that and have had no problems for months. Go figure.
  2. Importing into View Only Privilege sets

    Hoorah! Thank you!
  3. Importing into View Only Privilege sets

    How do I set full access privileges to the script? Feelin' like a newb, lol! Oh, I happen to using FM 11 for this one
  4. I have privilege sets that have "View Only" set for some fields but I need those users to be able to import new data into those fields and not be able to modify the data. It appears I can't import the data because the user is set to "View Only". Would the better practice be to give those users "access" to the fields so they can import data but force them to only be able to go to layouts where that data is "View Only"?
  5. FM 12 Hang

    I spent some time with Lee Smith yesterday.  He suggested that my "if" statement creating a new window might be bugging and I can't fully remember his reasoning (his wisdom and knowledge are way beyond mine!).  His result was to go to the related record and create a new window via that script  The new result is below.  I disabled the "new window" step just for viewing purposes, created new related record step, and bumped the old related record step into the "else" statement.  We'll see how it goes.  Â
  6. FM 12 Hang

    No, not yet. Maybe that's the next step
  7. FM 12 Hang

    A few months later and it's still sporatically spinning the beachball of death
  8. FM 12 Hang

    FM 12 often hangs with the spinning beach ball of death when I run this script (see attached). It "says" it's hanging on on a New Window script step, or, I'm assuming that because it's always highlighted in red when FM stops responding. The bottom of the Script Debugger window states, "unnamed button". I don't know what that is. The script is accessed by clicking a button. I've rebuilt the layout several times to make sure there is only button on the layout. The layout has no script triggers and the script itself seems relatively straightforward. I've recovered the file a few times as well to no avail. Any ideas? Should I rebuild the script from scratch?
  9. Has anyone been successful at applescripting iTunes to load FM databases to Filemaker Go?
  10. Automatic Secret Email

    Roger that!
  11. Automatic Secret Email

    Thanks! I tried searching but I'll have to dig further
  12. Automatic Secret Email

    Hey All, Is there a way to have Filemaker secretly send an email without the user knowing it? I'm working an a downloadable project which, no doubt, creates a risk of the user paying for one copy then distributing it to friends with his original serial number and password. Thus I thought about having FM automatically send a secret email every so often to verify the singular use of the product on one computer. Or am I just thinking too hard?
  13. Boss GT-8 Guitar Processor

    Here's a new update that fixes a few mistakes AND adds layouts with a reduced-structure xml file for iPhone users who own FMtouch
  14. Do magnetic strip card readers simply import/input the data from the card into a selected field? Is it that simple? Any recommendations on a product?
  15. Deleting Duplicate Records in Portal

    Also, it would be a good idea to sort multiple records and set the GO TO PORTAL ROW to "last" rather than next as it will save a script step in the loop.

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