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  1. Setup error ?

    Version 4.0, build 9400
  2. Setup error ?

    Hi There, In the setup procedure we are getting this message over and over. When we continue it seems to work fine ? What to do ? Is it safe to use ?
  3. 360 Deploy and clone settings ?

    Hi There, I think that the FileMaker Pro client creates the clone ? So the clone settings (localization) of a file is based on the computer that runs FileMaker Pro during deployment ? Is it save to adjust the 360 Deploy import worker script to measure custom import behaviour ? Kind regards, Willem-Jan Kempen
  4. 360 deploy and windows

    Hi There, Excellent initiative. Let's get agile. I have trouble to get the plugin downloaded on windows. On mac it works fine. Please see picture. Many thanks. Kind regards, Willem-Jan Kempen
  5. script for switching between databases...

    Hello there, I nice way to open other databases is by performing an script in database you want to open. i.e Go to layout list. Hope this will help Regards, Willem-Jan
  6. Page Breaks

    You could have set the part definition wrong.Look in part setup there you can set serveral option for page breaks. Regards
  7. New window script step easy ?!

    Hi there all, I want to open a new window set to say 350 x 350 and center it. I used the new window step and put in the numbers, but what happens filemaker adjusts all the windows to the 350 x 350. What is an easy way to overcome this ? Many thanks for your help

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