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  1. Hi There, In the setup procedure we are getting this message over and over. When we continue it seems to work fine ? What to do ? Is it safe to use ?
  2. Hi There, I think that the FileMaker Pro client creates the clone ? So the clone settings (localization) of a file is based on the computer that runs FileMaker Pro during deployment ? Is it save to adjust the 360 Deploy import worker script to measure custom import behaviour ? Kind regards, Willem-Jan Kempen
  3. Hi There, Excellent initiative. Let's get agile. I have trouble to get the plugin downloaded on windows. On mac it works fine. Please see picture. Many thanks. Kind regards, Willem-Jan Kempen
  4. Hello there, I nice way to open other databases is by performing an script in database you want to open. i.e Go to layout list. Hope this will help Regards, Willem-Jan
  5. You could have set the part definition wrong.Look in part setup there you can set serveral option for page breaks. Regards
  6. Hi there all, I want to open a new window set to say 350 x 350 and center it. I used the new window step and put in the numbers, but what happens filemaker adjusts all the windows to the 350 x 350. What is an easy way to overcome this ? Many thanks for your help
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