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  1. You can download from the GitHub Releases page - https://github.com/GoyaPtyLtd/BaseElements-Plugin/releases
  2. I haven't had the time to work on it for a long while now, but I don't want it to die out as I know there are people actively using it so I've been meaning to open source the project for a while. I hadn't noticed the bug tracker was offline, I've recently moved hosting providers so it must be since then, I'll check it out, thanks.
  3. Not sure what you mean by integration, if you mean 2 way then this is useless to you, but we migrated 3 Goldmine databases into an existing FileMaker database last year, I did it a bit of a long winded way but it worked for me: Exported the entire goldmine SQL DB to an Access Database. Used VBA within Access to export each table to a CSV. I made a VB6 app to create a FM file with matching table + field names Did a scripted imported of all of the CSVs into their matching tables. I then processed each record and looked up related data from different tables. It took some work getting the process working and figuring out which bits of data were stored where, but got there in the end. Attached is some documentation of the SQL database format which might be useful to you. GMTableDefinitions.pdf
  4. From my initial testing everything seems to work fine in FileMaker 12.
  5. It sounds like the file is read only, are you opening it directly from the zip file? If so extract it first then open it.
  6. Have you tried it without the leading filewin:/ ? Eg "C:/Users/zoot/Downloads/phototest1.jpg" and "C:/Users/zoot/Downloads/phototest.jpg" ? You could also try another free plugin which can move files, such as the recently released BaseElements Plugin or MooPlug
  7. Thanks, handy to know :-) Hoping to get new release out soon, been far to busy lately
  8. We have about 100 files with a few being > 1GB, split over 2 servers running backups every 30 minutes, then the files are copied to a remote server by an external script. We recently upgraded from FMS10 to FMS11 which decreased backup times from upto 10 minutes down to around 4. We currently run FMS on Win2003 on Virtual Machines, and we've noticed that backup performance was definitely much better when we were running FMS10 on Xserves. I'm currently being asked to further improve the backup times as for those few minutes each hour, all of out users are pretty much stuck. We already only backup some files every 30 mins and some only daily. Another thing I'm going to look into is archiving older data into a secondary file, particularly in our main data files which are over a GB, so that the active data is backed up more often than the static, archived data which can just be backed up daily. Looking forward to reading the replies from other developers and hoping to get some ideas on how we can improve our backups -)
  9. I've used the Web Viewer combined with an online service such as http://www.textanywhere.net/ You may also fine some services which work via Email to SMS
  10. You could try emailing the Plugin developer and see if he can add an option for making buttons bigger, he's always been very helpful when I've emailed him.
  11. You could create a record at the beginning of the export where each field contains the name you want as the field name in excel. That's the only way I'm aware of that you can do it.
  12. From FileMaker 10 onwards you can send emails directly via a SMTP server with within FileMaker. (More Info) If you want more options or would prefer to use a plugin, then you can see a list of email plugins at http://filemaker-plugins.com/features/email/
  13. No problems -) Glad that sorted it for you. As that is a beta version that is still being worked on there may be other problems so let me know if you have any issues.
  14. Can you try http://mooplug.com/files/MooPlug_Beta.zip and see if it fixes the problem for you? Thanks
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