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  1. Good News! I removed my FM prefs and I no longer get the "cannot be created on this disk" error when I export to Excel. -Quit FM -Find the pref file and move it to the Desktop for back up. (User:Library:Preferences:FileMaker Preferences) -Restart FM -Set memory file cache in preferences to 256 Mb -Reset your other prefs Thanks to Jack Rodgers - MacIntouch . UPDATE The error came back. Turning off all my plugins, it worked again. When I followed the procedure above, I also turned off my plugins which is why it actually worked, not because of removing the prefs file. It seems that the plugin, Troi File is the culprit. Well it is for me anyway. I tried using FileFire Express by Dacons for the part of my script that opened a dialog to name my export file(instead of Troi File) and it worked. Everywhere else I use Troi File, I have had no problems ... so far. I hope this helps.
  2. Has anyone used only portals for all list layouts in a project? Usually a table will have 2 main layouts - List and Details. The List layout shows a list of items that when one is selected it goes to a Detail layout with all the relevant fields for data entry. The list layout uses 'View as List' and can be easily sorted with scripts attached to the column headers and a total can be put in the Footer or a Trailing Summary. All straight forward... BUT, has anyone used all portals instead? What are the pros and cons? I have setup a template that has a Menu on the right side of my layouts and using portals I can have a list without using the list view so my detail layout looks identical to my list layout. I have to use a lot more scripting/TOs etc to do simple things like sorting or finding but it sure looks better. Will the file slow down too much with thousands of records? Is there a downside I haven't considered? Any help/comments are appreciated.
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