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  1. I've been doing development over 15 years and NEVER had a customer ask me for this feature but once I learn about it more it may prove useful for them. -Mark
  2. I couldn't agree more the new status bar is terrible. Hard to understand what they were thinking here. -Mark Lemm
  3. Just turn it off in Find mode (an everywhere else) and develop your own UI or use a custom menu (as I have done). The new status area in 10 is nothing but trouble. -Mark Lemm
  4. Why not just combine them in one file? Why keep them separate? -Mark Lemm
  5. Never use the status bar it's pretty much always been worthless and now with 10 even more so. It's there for new users ONLY (I mean they have to give new users some way to find and navigate through records) and should never be used for serious development. I use to use it only in Find mode but now I won't be doing this any longer since the redesign so awful. Oh well can't have everything. This is just my opinion of course. -Mark Lemm
  6. I've never been able to fix this problem and I have tried. It's because Windows does not double buffer the screen rendering as is done on the Mac rather it draws them in stages and hence the flicker. I see no way to really solve it with out compromising your GUI. -Mark lemm
  7. They need to maintain a cross platform toolbox so can't adopt OS specific graphics but I still think they could be improved. I agree the graphics are very week and not modern at all. -Mark Lemm
  8. I fail to see the usefulness of this feature. Don't see using it much if at all. -Mark Lemm
  9. I've done it creating .IIF files to import into Quickbooks. For the money you are way better off use a plug in unless you just love text parsing. -Mark Lemm markl@dbdsoft.com
  10. Use EZxslt from Chapparell sofware. (http://www.chapsoft.com/) that's what I use and it works great. -Mark Lemm markl@dbdsoft.com
  11. Hey thanks for fixing the code. Yea I don't know what's up with FileMaker on the Mac with file paths. You would think they could get things on work on their "native platform" so to speak. On my Mac (Dual 867 10.3.9) the web viewer still didn't activate the html for some reason. This is not something I need to do but I thought I would whip up the example file as a proof of concept anyway. -Mark
  12. Store all the maps in a child table to make them easier to find and work with. For importing you could then just import all the maps at once into this table but it coudl be ricky to properly code them all with the proper foreign keys and types. For exporting just find the related map records to your precinct or whatever and then create a lopping script to export them. You'll have to use variables to create dynamic field names and paths to supress all the export and save dialogs during the looping script. It's all very doable but not what i woudl consider a novice task. good luck. -Mark L
  13. Steve is right make a conditional value list based on the account name (which you could store in a field) and you should be fine.
  14. Just pop up a new window which shows the layouts for the fields you need that grabs the parent key and populates the child records with the role data that will then be shown in a portal.
  15. Hi Alan I've read your post but I'm still not clear on what you are trying to acomplish. Glad you like my example file. -Mark
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