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  1. Hi everyone, Can you help me to setup a webwiever to display videos on OSX ? I've search but didn't find the solution. Kind regards. Antoine
  2. I did it again, cahnger the xml, did it in the good way for the primary key, the install process did perfectly. But the download file is laso more than 7 Go. I give you the info for the sync soon. Antoine I did it again, changed the xml, did it in the good way for the primary key, the install process did perfectly. But the download file is also more than 7 Go. I give you the info for the sync soon. Antoine
  3. thanks, I'll go and read this document. I've downloaded another time the file and sent you the log, the file is being downloaded now and it's also more than 7 Go. regards. Antoine
  4. thanks. Does it include the size of the file generated with the java server and the zip file error ( I mean the JDBC). For the deletion : I have started the sync as soon as I have downloaded the file form the database, so it's strange that 1 000 records have been deleted (or modified in this time intervall). But maybe it's also a JDBC error. I use another primary key in my system for years, based on a random function before 12 and UUID ( it was something like "text"base on the table & Ent( random*1000) &Ent( random*1000). But MirrorSync doesn't want it as a primary key for him ( I don't know why). So to try MirrorSync I had to add this UUID random field only to use it for mirrorsync. Related key are not based on it for the moment as they are based on MY primary key for 10 years. Thanks again for the help you provide. Antoine
  5. Does it also explain the file size error, and zip error ? and synchronisations who wants to dleete 1000 records ? I mean does it explain everything ? And do oyu know if xml won't reproduce this error for sure ? thanks. Antoine
  6. Hi Jesse do you have any comment on the errors ? thanks for help. Antoine
  7. Error from server: One of the fields in the result is 65,535 characters or longer. A bug in the FileMaker JDBC driver fails when trying to fetch a field this large. You can fix the problem by finding the value and shrinking it, removing the large column from the sync, or switching from JDBC to XML in the MirrorSync configuration. We don't know which column caused the error, but the table being fetched is 'Sync_Proprietaire' and the list of columns being fetched is: [adresse proprietaire, Affichage_boiteDialogue_DisplayMobile1, Affichage_boiteDialogue_DisplayMobile2, Affichage_Historique_Facture, alarme doublon, Animal_Non_DCD, archive courrier, Cabinet secondaire ?, Client_garde_VetoTraitant, code postal proprietaire, commentaire associé au client, commentaires pour antoine, Conception date de création de la fiche, Conception heure de création de la fiche, conception ID unique de la fiche propriétaire, Conception lien pour facture en rappel 1, Conception lien pour facture en rappel 2, Conception nom du créateur, Conception nom ordinateur de création, date d'échéance rappel téléphonique, date de la dernière consultation, date de la dernière facture, date de paiement de la facture, date rappel téléphonique, découpe entrée texte, email proprietaire, email proprietaire 2, email proprietaire 3, En tête impression page de garde facture, fax proprietaire, historique total patient, image2_titre, image3_titre, image4_titre, image_titre, Intitulé propriétaire si urgence, nom proprietaire, nom proprietaire 2, nombre de consultations de l'année en cours, nombre de consultations de l'année précédente, nombre de factures de l'année en cours, nombre de factures de l'année précédente, Pourcentage_Acte, Pourcentage_Medicament, prenom proprietaire, prenom proprietaire 2, profession proprietaire, Rappel date, Référant, Référant_Description, SMS_Result, Solde de la facture, Solde deuxièm log sent
  8. I can but I can not use the downloaded file, I have to take it directly in the database. And I'm afaraid to delete some records. I have only limited the sync to one table to test it tonight. Is it OK like that for you ?
  9. first part of the post the file size, original one and the one generated via the link error with the zip file downloaded
  10. Hi Jesse, I'm sorry to ask you agasin this things but... After finishing the install, I've downloaded the file with the web brother. Instead of reducing the size the file became 7.5 Go (4.7 normaly) and the zip file was not opening with a header problem. So I took the file directly in the database (closed the file before). But when I sync, then problem it goes through all the records and wanted to delete 1000 of them ! So I stopped the sync. Don't know exactly where it's wrong or what to do else to fix it. Kind regards. Antoine
  11. I took a while and told me there is empty keys. I've corrected the rpoblem and it worked. Thanks for the support. I'm testing it now. Antoine
  12. Sorry for that but it seems it's blocked for 15 minutes (2 times) on this screen. Need to wait more ? Regards. Antoine
  13. thanks a lot. I do all the process again with this new file ? Antoine
  14. I've tried another time (more than 10) and then it worked. I had multiple error but been able to go. at the end there is this strange error telling me ther eis no script but there is the MirrorSync script. cf printscreen what to do ? Regards. Antoine
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