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  1. The calculation is working well. Thank you for all your help!😁
  2. Thank you! I think I can figure it out from the demo you sent. I very much appreciate your kind help. I'll work on it and let you know.
  3. You're correct. Sorry to confuse the matter. The two dates are essentially the same. Very rarely, the end time occurs the following day. I don't want to consider that case at all here. However, I do want to know the cumulative time for multiple days. For example, specify a range of days and calculate the total number of hours for those days. Since I can calculate the total hours per day thanks to your help, is there a simple way to do a running total?
  4. Thank you. I created and named the MinStartTime and MaxEndTime summary fields. For a single day's records, each returns the correct first start time and last end time. I can calculate the total hours from this. I created the calculation field as you described. I'm not sure of the significance of the "s" in each time filed though so I entered the name as e.g. "MinStartTime" as that is what I named it. This calculation field does not give a result with either a single day of records or with multiple days of records. I think part of the problem is that with a group of records spanning multiple days, the min and max times are the minimum and maximum for the entire range of days. I tried to create a running total fo the total daily hours, but this doesn't work for multiple days because the min and max times are for the entire date range. What am I missing?
  5. I have a database of daily records that each contain a start and stop time. I would like to calculate the time elapsed from each day's first record start time to the last record end time. I've played around with calculations, but am having trouble referencing the first and last daily records. Any help appreciated!
  6. I will certainly give this a try and report back. Thank you for your much appreciated help!
  7. Thanks Lee. I changed the field to a pop up menu from drop down list to enable "Allow entry of other values". When I choose "Other" from the list, a dialog box appears and I can enter a new value which appears in the field. However, in subsequent records, the newly entered value does not appear. Is there something I can do so that the newly entered value is retained in the value list?
  8. Good questions and sorry for not providing more detail. It is a custom value list from the same file specifically for the field in question. Anyone can make an entry or change. Thanks for your interest, Steve
  9. FM 16. I would like to have new field entries automatically be added to the value list for the same field. I tried searching but wasn't able to find any references to this. Apologies if it has been previously addressed and appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  10. I'd like to create a field label that overlays a text entry box and that disappears once an entry is made in the field. Any pointers appreciated.
  11. I'm a total noob, so please forgive the question if it is inappropriate or unintelligible. I've created a php site with fm php site assistant. It has a single container field. I would like to be able to populate the field with an image captured from the iPhone or iPad camera like I'm able to do in Filemaker Go, but it isn't working that way. I would like to be able to do this with an Android smartphone camera as well which is the reason for trying to do the database in php rather than use FM Go. Is there some command to prompt the container field entry of a photo from the camera? Thanks for any help!
  12. I'm sure this is an easy thing to do, but I can't figure it out on my own. When I set up a checkbox field, the box defaults to the left of the text. I want the box on the right of the text. How can this be accomplished? Thanks in advance.
  13. Would you mind providing a few details on how you might do this? I'm not too familiar with containers. Thanks!
  14. I have a list of values (a column of words) that I want to be selectable by clicking on the word and having a circle appear around the word rather than having a checkbox next to the word. Any ideas on how to achieve this would be appreciated
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