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  1. Hi I want to prevent some of my staff from exporting customer records as a CSV or XLS file. I've set them up as mid-level users and in the access privileges for that level, I have unticked 'Allow exports'. This works in so far as the 'File > Export' option is greyed out and unusable. My problem is that I have a script which includes the script step 'Copy all records'. Filemaker seems to regard this as an attempted export so that when staff run that script, they get a message saying that it is not allowed by their access prvileges. Since they need to be able to run this script, I have had to change their access privileges to 'Allow export', thus udoing the security restriction that I want in place. If anyone knows a way round this (i.e for me to be able to restrict exports but allow the 'Copy all records' script step), I'd love to hear it! Thanks Philip
  2. Hi Josh Thanks. I'll check that out. Philip
  3. Hi I am scripting Send Mail to send emails from FM via my client's Gmail. In the Send Mail function I have set to 'SMTP Server' and then in the Specify box I have set: - Outgoing SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com - Port: 465 - Connection encryption: SSL - Authentication: Plain Password - User name: email address given to me by client - Password: gmail password given to me by client When testing, the client gets a screen message message from Filemaker saying 'Email could not be sent successfully', and also gets an email from Gmail saying 'Review blocked sign-in attenpt'. The client has changed the settings on her Gmail to allow insecure Apps (which is flagged as one cause on other forums), and has also unlocked 'Captcha' which is flagged as another cause. But the problem persists. Anyone got any inspired ideas? Thank you.
  4. Hi Does anyone know a function which will convert all fields on a layout belonging to a different table to the same-named fields in the native table? For instance, a set of 6 Address fields. The first image below shows fields copied from a layout of Table X and pasted into a layout of Table Y. At the moment, when I want to change those fields to Table Y's fields, I have to click on each one, select the correct table, then choose the field. I'm wondering if there is a quicker way? A function which instructs Filemaker to look for any non-native fields on a layout, then to look in the current table for identically-named fields and, if it finds them, change the fields to those ones. Thanks Philip
  5. Thanks Comment. Opening a New Window may be the best route. Seems so obvious now that you mention it, but I hadn't thought of it!
  6. Hi Siroos Ok, this is embarrassing. I discovered that the script IS working. The reason it didn;t seem to be is that after the Go to Portal Row script step, at the foot of the script, was another script step which did something else. I've relocated that script step and - hey presto! - I can see the active portal row. Sorry to have wasted your time. I hope to be in S.A. at the end of this year and owe you a drink. Philip
  7. That's interesting. Thank you. I wonder if the presence of something else on the layout is disturbing the final step of the script. I am going to create a duplicate of the script, with only the portal on it, and see if that works. Will let you know ... Thanks for your help. Philip
  8. Hi Siroos Can you see this screenshot? The 'Set Field' steps are the recalculations going on in the other table. Actually, they're going on in the portal row. I don't change layout as don't think they're any need to.
  9. Thanks Siroos Yes, I think that's exactly what I have been doing. Most of the script is working because the recalculations in the Child fields are ok. The only bit that isn't working is: Go to Portal Row [$RecNo} I had wondered if the problem was something to do with Get (ActivePortalRowNumber) being text and Go to Portal Row being a number, but if I try the simpler: Go to Portal Row [First] or Go to Portal Row [Last] that isn't working either, which suggests it's nothing to do with a text/number conflict. Hmm ...
  10. Hi everyone I have a script trigger in a field inside a portal on 'Layout 1'. The script goes off to a related table (same file), does some calculations, then returns to Layout 1. When it returns, I want it to scroll down TO THE PORTAL ROW IT STARTED FROM, so that that portal row is visible and active, and the user can see that the calculations have been done. Some records have 25 lines in the portal, so it’s tiresome for the user if the script comes back and display portal row 1 instead of (say) portal row 16, because he/she then has to hunt for the correct portal row. My script in the original layout starts: Set Variable [$ActivePortalRow; Value: Get(ActivePortalRowNumber)] and then when it gets back to Layout 1, it says: Go to Portal Row [Select ; no dialog ; $ActivePortalRow] the choice of portal row being defined as a calculation and the calculation simply being: $ActivePortalRow. It’s not working! The script successfully returns to Layout 1, but doesn’t go to the original portal row and, in fact, doesn't seem to go to any portal row. I’ve tested by changing to ‘Go to portal row [Last]’’ and that doesn’t work either. It just does not seem to want to take any instruction on 'Go to portal row' at all. I’ve tried various things. e.g. inserting a step saying ‘Go to Object’ where the object is the portal name. I’ve also inserted a 'Go to field' step, using a field which is inside the portal (and only inside the portal). Again, no joy. Any know where I'm going wrong? Thanks Philip
  11. Hello I have a script which includes the creation of an email, using Email client. It has been working fine, but one of our staff has upgraded to Outlook 2016 and now, when he activates that script, he gets a message from Outlook saying:: "Either there is no default mail client, or the current mail client cannot fulfil the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client." He's done that, but still no luck. From what I read elsewhere there may be an incompatibilty between Outlook and Filemaker 14 - something to do with 32-bit and 64-bit. Has anyone else had this problem and do you know the solution? Thanks
  12. Hello If I put a JPG file in a container field, and then run a script which Exports the field contents, with the 'automatically open file' option ticked, the stored file opens up in Preview. If I do the same thing with a Mail email file, it opens up in TextEdit. I'm wondering whether it is possible to specify the application in which a file is opened, depending on the filename. i.e. 'If the file you've just exported, ends in .doc, open it in Word; if it ends in .jpg, open it in Preview; if it ends in .eml, open it in Mail' Don't suppose anyone knows how to do that? Thanks
  13. Hi I've imported names and addresses from a spreadsheet in this format (all in a single FM field) John Smith jsmith@hotmail.com Can anyone suggest the calculations that will separate this into: John Smith jsmith@hotmail.com Thanks! Philip
  14. Doughemi, Beverley and Lee Thank you so much. Worked a treat! It's a fantastically generous thing you do on this forum. It can be quite stressful trying to work out solutions and then you post an enquiry on here and - Bingo! - people who know what they're doing take their time to help out. Thanks again.
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