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  1. Display "other" value from Checkbox set

    Thanks, will check this out!
  2. In FileMaker 14, I have a checkbox set that allows the user to enter other values aside from the assigned value list. I'm trying to figure out how I could display the "other" text that is entered by the user, without also displaying other selected items, since those are visible in the checkbox set. Can I somehow filter each value list item out and only display what is left in a text field? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Open Remote Dialog box does not open

    Thank you - that solved it. I had thought she might have dragged it off screen, but I didn't know how to recover it.
  4. I did not see a more specific topic to ask this question, so I apologize if it should have been posted elsewhere. I have a user who has just transitioned from working in the office to working from home full time. She has the same laptop that she's had for a couple of years, which she mostly uses for Outlook and FileMaker. (Primary work is done on a separate laptop.) Just over the weekend, apparently, the Open Remote dialog box no longer opens when she launches FileMaker. Additionally, when she clicks Open Remote from the File menu, nothing happens. No error messages, no dialog, just nothing. (She is still able to access the network files by going to Open Favorite and selecting the server from there.) IT had her bring in the laptop, and they have uninstalled and reinstalled FileMaker software, as well as BonJour. The problem persists. Any idea what could be causing this? I asked if any new software had been installed on this machine, and IT says no. (I work remotely and am not able to put my hands directly on the machine, but was able to verify this behavior via a remote connection.) Thank you, ~Courtney
  5. Thank you. I will put this into my test file and see how it goes. Can you expand at all on eliminating unstored calculations and using scripts to update values in stored fields? Is there a 'best practice' type paper on that kind of thing? Ultimately, my goal is to improve performance, especially when people are connecting through our VPN vs sitting in the office.
  6. Committing/Validating Data in a Portal

    So, would this be a popup from my existing Personnel page then? They could view their records through the portal, but any edits or new records would be done via a popup where the layout is based directly on the Timesheet table? I continue to have problems with validation, regardless of numerous script triggers to validate individual fields, so I may need to consider this.
  7. I have a Dashboard layout that is based on my Personnel table. I have a portal on this layout that is based on my Project table. Personnel is related to Project by Personnel::Employee UID = Project::PM - so that the person who is designated PM (Project Manager) on the project sees his projects in this portal. The portal is filtered by whether field Project::PM_Count is greater than 0, where PM_Count is a calculation (number) with this definition: ValueCount ( FilterValues ( List (ProjectTimesheet::eReview Status ) ; "PM Review" ) ) --- (This counts timesheets that the PM needs to review.) Currently, with about 160 projects with PM_Count greater than 0, the portal is taking about 2 minutes to refresh after each review. I am trying to get rid of the filtering by making a relationship that would accomplish the same result, because I understand that should be faster. However, since PM_Count is a calculation field, I'm having a hard time creating a relationship that will work. How can I create a relationship for this portal that won't require filtering of this nature?
  8. I have a time entry layout based on my Personnel table, with a portal to a related Timesheet table. Several of the fields in the Timesheet table are validated for "not empty" (aka, they are required fields) When users add several timesheet records in the portal without committing after each record, if validation fails on any record, it gives them the error message: "FieldName" is defined to require a value, but is not available on this layout. Use another layout to assign a value to this field. (And of course, if they revert, they lose ALL their uncommitted records, not just the one that failed validation.) These fields ARE on the layout, but via portal and a relationship, so I suspect the validation is looking for field "Timesheet::Role" from the primary data table and not "PersonnelTimesheet::Role" from the relationship graph. My real problem, I guess, is that users have no feedback as far as which of their entries is failing validation. And I guess the REAL real problem is that I can't figure out how to force commit/validation as they leave one portal row. Is there a good way to solve either of these problems? Do I need to use custom messaging for failing validation? Should I add this to script triggers on leaving each field instead? There are 11 fields visible in the portal, and 5 of them are required, with an additional 1 being required if other conditions are met.
  9. Dynamic Value List Question

    I'm working on a timesheet solution where the user selects the "Role" that they're performing from a preset list of values, and then I want to populate a list of possible values for their "Task" based on their role. Role table includes a field called Billing Category (with 5 possible options). Task table also includes a field called Billing Category. My relationship for the value list is Role::Billing Category = Task::Billing Category. Two of my Role::Billing Category options will share the same values in Task. The remaining 3 have unique lists. I tried to use a checkbox for Task::Billing Category, to indicate that one task can have 2 billing categories, but my dropdown fails when Roles with those Billing Categories are chosen. (The other 3 work fine.) Is there a way to create a relationship that will match an either/or like that, or is my best bet to duplicate all the Tasks with those 2 categories, and mark one set with the first Billing Category and one with the second? In other words, I want to be able to select a Role that either has a Billing Category of "Publishing" or "Document Management", and the value list dropdown for Task will give the same results for either choice.
  10. Script to Open Launch Center?

    Assuming that this can't be done, I've just made the script give the Open Remote dialog, which is similar, but not as user friendly.
  11. Is it possible to script to force the launch center to open? In our legacy system, we have a "menu" file with buttons for each database that open the files remotely using the Open File script step. The obvious drawback here is when we add new databases, a new menu file has to be created and deployed to each user. I would like to do away with this in favor of the native launch center when we upgrade to FileMaker 14, however IT is insisting that I still need a "menu" file, because that's how they've scripted the install of the software upgrade, and they don't want to rewrite their script. So I'm trying to find if I can write a script to run "OnFirstWindowOpen" that will simply open the launch center to get around this. Thanks, ~Courtney
  12. Is there a GET function or other method to retrieve whether another script is running or which scripts are running from inside a script? I have a script that will call a sub script, but I also use the sub script as a stand-alone in some cases, so I'd like to be able to check from within that script whether it was called by another script, so that I know how to handle things when the sub script ends (either go back to the main script with the Exit Script step or go back to original layout and Halt Script.) I figure I can use a variable to do this, but I'm wondering if I'm overlooking a cleaner way.
  13. I have a business unit within my company for whom I set up a quick time tracking database about 6 months ago based on the time tracking system that my business unit has been using for years. After their "pilot" usage, they sent me back this graphic of what they want the interface to look like. It's a spreadsheet. Really. I'm super frustrated. I don't even know where to post this. I don't know why they don't just use a spreadsheet if they want a spreadsheet. What I would like to do (after my top 3 completely unprofessional responses) is either refer them to an existing product that someone has already developed that looks like this OR find out if there's a relatively simple way to set up something like this in FileMaker. Did I mention this is all a "favor" that I'm expected to do at no cost, and aside from my normal workload? Right now I can't even begin to wrap my head around how to do something like this. One record with the Project, Task, Notes, and then one field per day of the week for hours to be entered? Grateful for any suggestions!
  14. Check field value against value list

    Works beautifully in my file. Thank you again!
  15. Check field value against value list

    I do, actually! I've been staring at all of this so long, I'm losing my mind. But since all managers still also have a manager of their own, I'm not clear on how IsEmpty could help with this application. (?)

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