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  1. I leave FileMaker for a couple of years and they add new features while I am not looking... I will check it out. Thanks
  2. I am just returning to FileMaker after a couple of years elsewhere. What is the FileMaker community using to encrypt text and container fields? A few years ago, I used Troi Encryptor on text fields but don't remember it doing container fields. Complete file encryption would be fine too if you have any suggestions about that. Thanks Mel
  3. Thanks for the reply. I do have it set up for "interactive content" and I also have Foxit PDF installed. I will dig into the Foxit a little more...
  4. I have been searching all over the internet for a solution. I am running FileMaker Pro Advanced 12.0v4 on Windows 7 Professional and can't find out why the "Insert PDF..." option is grayed out and not available. With the Data->Images selected only "Insert PDF..." is grayed out. If I select Data->Interactive content both "Insert PDF..." and "Insert Sound..." are grayed out. If I copy and paste the PDF into the container, I can't open and view it. The PDF software installed on the computer is Foxit Phantom Business PDF. Should that make a difference? Any suggestions? I loaded PDF files in container fields and viewed them in previous versions of FileMaker but can't seem to make it work in version 12. Thanks Mel
  5. I use Dezign for Databases (left over from my FoxPro days) but it is not free. Here is something free but I don't know much about it... http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_8_88_11321.html
  6. As a follow-up to the Post Office saga. Today I received the replacement reference charts in pristine condition. Excellent reference charts and excellent service... From Andy, not the Post Office...
  7. Let me clearify my previous post. I have been in contact with Andy Gaunt about the problem. The Reference Chart is NOT garbage, the service provided by Mr. Gaunt is NOT garbage, however, the Post Office converted it into garbage...
  8. I ordered the Reference Chart and today I received garbage. Can anyone tell me where is the best place to leave a message about this problem? Does the seller have his own web site? Thanks
  9. I am using FMP8 on WinXP w/SP2. I built a runtime solution, deleted all the language subdirectories and dictionary files except for English, built the setup with INNO Setup. It installs and runs fine.
  10. FM8 Advanced with a similar size solution on my Windows XP is 52MB. Mel
  11. I believe the PDF option is not available in the runtime solutions. Something about the Adobe license.
  12. My mistake, was thinking layout now browse...
  13. I just turn them off in the layout.
  14. Thanks for the input. I am looking at the xmchart and the ChartMaker 7 from briandunning.
  15. Any recommendations on a Chart & Graph package for FileMaker 7 on a PC? I don't need anything "heavy duty" just something for learning and amusing myself with. : Thanks Mel
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