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  1. Hello! Thank you for this very helpful community I am using the OnLayoutExit trigger on one of my databases. On the same layout I'm using a go to related record script that goes to another layout. 1. With OnLayoutExit ON the Go to related record button doesn't work properly 2. With OnLayoutExit OFF the Go to related record button works properly I searched around and I didn't find a solution for this. What do you recommend? Getting rid of the OnLayoutExit script reduces efficiency in my database, I want to avoid having to turn it off. Do I have to create a specific script for each GTRR button and suppress the triggered script?
  2. Joe, I checked worldcloud.com today following a link about the HTML5 access to Filemaker. Good job on that. I would like to point out that triple8.net also has servers in Europe. I like honesty in business. I'm only a client for triple8. I understand that the thread author isn't concerned with Europe, I am writing this for viewers coming from search engines.
  3. Try triple8.net. Great customer support, and they have servers in southern California
  4. In the above example, how did you got the name of the product to display on the pannel on selecting the productID. Thanks.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am new to Filemaker. Its been more than 24hrs now I have been trying to get this but no luck. Please help me to achieve this. I have two table product(id,productname,rate) and invoice(id,name,date,total). I have layout for product, its working fine. In the invoice layout including the fields from invoice table i want there to be also option to chose products from product table, in a tabular manner(similar to the product list on invoice layout on starter solution invoice), when clicked on productname i want a dropdown list to appear with the products from product table and in next column after product there will be a text box to fill in quantity and next to it will be total which will be the product quantity multiplied by product rate(to be looked from product table based on product selected). Finally I want the total field of invoice table to have the sum of all total from the product selected. How do i do this? Do i need pannel or something else. Please help me and ask me if any clarification is required.
  6. Our office has a Filemaker Pro 11 database that is already in use (has been for years). What I want to do is replace the central "Users" table in the FMP database with our "Users" table on our mysql database server. No problems setting up the external data source, using Actual Open Source ODBC connector. I can add the table, but when I change the relationships to use the new external table, it ruins all of the layouts. Same table name, same field names, but it still knows it is a new table so the layouts don't display the data anymore (lots of Table Missing). Is there a way to replace the local table with the external one without messing up all of the layouts? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I am new to FMS (10). My old FMS 8 hosts a database and users can connect to it without authenticating. I have downloaded FMS 10 trial and saw an option for Server External Authentication. But what I couldn't find was the possibility to host databases without requiring the user to authenticate (allow anonymous users). Can I do this in FMS 10? Thanks for your reply, Stefan
  8. But how do I use the find to search for a specific user?
  9. Please bear with me because I only have a very basic knowledge of FileMaker. I have a database that contains a list of software and their respective serials and users. I want to be able to select a user from a drop down list and be able to view (and print) a list of that user's software and serials. I've been struggling with this for awhile and I'd appreciate any help.
  10. works like a charm. you guys are seriously awesome.
  11. Thanks so much for the reply. When I do that it gives me the following error: 'In a function Average, Count, Extend, GetRepetition, Max, Min, NPV, StDev, Sum, GetSummary, GetNthRecord, an expression was found where a field alone is needed.' That's when I'm trying to use: Min ( MainTable 2::Price < Price ) However when I just use MainTable 2::Price < Price It works and gives 0's and 1's, but I don't think it's the right calculation. (MainTable is the name of the table) What do you think? Thanks again.
  12. Thanks so much for the response. There's at least a couple thousand entries though, so I'd like it if there was some way for me to see only the entries where we're higher in price. Going through them all would be a huge task. Plus with every new upload we're wanting to run this report or whatever it would be and see the areas where we're higher than somebody else. Any ideas?
  13. Hello, I have a very simple database. The fields are: Product (for the product number) Retailer (for which retailer we're talking about) Price Week of the year (for example: 1-52) Year So one entry could be: Product: 37LCD2 Retailer: Circuit City Price: 907.99 Week of the year: 10 Year: 2008 We are one of the retailers. I would like to find any occurrences where we (one of the retailers) are higher in price than any of the other retailers on a specific product in the same week and year. Basically making sure we are always the lowest price listed. Hope that's clear. Would scriptmaker be the best way to do that? Or if there is some other way that would be better, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, - David
  14. I'm new to FM Server and relatively new to Windows Server. Is there a way to setup the firewall on the server that automatically opens the ports needed for FM Server? In the Security Configuration Wizard, it sees the FM Server and supposedly lets it do what it wants, yet I have to manually open port 5003. I'd prefer to tell the firewall to allow the FM processes to open whatever ports they need. What processes would I choose? Otherwise, how else would I setup the firewall? Manually open a list of ports? Thanks, John
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