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  1. So had exactly the same problem, SUFeedURL etc. Tried all of the above to no avail, turned out that removing all the plugins from the various plug in folder versions fixed it. I have versions 12 - 16 installed on my OSX 10.11.6 machine. Should note that just removing the plugins from the version 16 folder failed to solve the problem, have a hunch this is the MBS plugin, but only guessing at this stage... I shall introduce them back one at a time to figure out which of them is affecting the launch. Seems this is an ongoing issue with various versions of FM installers, found reference to this under an issue reported for 15.02 installer.
  2. I think I have found the problem - it was file type! I had used an xlsx to set up the import and then specified xls in the import options... nothing to do with naming conventions. Thanks for looking though.
  3. Hi Am running FMS12 - I found the post regarding server import export and have followed these instructions. http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/64713-server-side-imports-and-exports/ However the script that I set up to import a file is failing, I believe this is because it is not finding the file to import, although I get no error only a time out, and given the test is for but 100 records am certain that it is not because of inadequate time to run it. I have tried: Setting up a variable to Get (DocumentsPath) & "[filename].xls" Have added "file:" and "filewin:" types to precede that so "file:" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "Kinds.xls" and "filewin:" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "Kinds.xls" Have used the "Get (DocumentsPathListing) to gather the files in the documents folder and used the explicit path to try to import from that. Alas to no avail. Noted that the directory uses back slashes not forward slashes (as the documents path listing shows) when I view this in properties, so I've even tried the path from there. Am exporting fine into the directory using the same variable, was then hoping to switch to another layout and import the same records back in, works fine on standard FMP, but just can't get it working on FMS. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks
  4. Thank you for your response - we were beginning to suspect network troubles; it is good to know what this particular error code refers to. Yes this is multiple machines across the entire network, so we are looking into the switches. Thanks again.
  5. We are experiencing regular disconnect errors, but I cannot find any information on error (10). Can anyone shed any light on this please? We have a PC Windows 2008 R2 server FMS 12 and up to 100 FMP clients, predominantly Mac OS 12.05, but also PC FMP 12 clients too. Thanks
  6. Hi I had the same problem - solved the problem in the value list setup 'include only related values starting from:' - well they were all previously set up from the initial relationship 'current table' which used to show as 'unknown' but now you have to do it as it was intended and select the table from which the related value starts. Hope this makes sense, I'm sure this will make more sense when you get into the value list setup.
  7. OK fixed this - it seems that the 'include only related values starting from' needed completing from the original table - was very simple in the end.
  8. I have also been able to replicate this in brand new files using data separation. See attachedTestDBs.zip
  9. One crucial thing I forgot to say, is that I use the data separation model - data in one file the interface in another; I have since been able to replicate this problem in another set of files... is this me or FMP12??
  10. Recently upgraded from version 11 FMP to v12 - all went well apart from the fact that all value lists based upon a relationship have stopped functioning. Standard value lists are fine. This happens across the whole system and I am baffled by this. If I add a portal to the layout showing the related records they appear just fine, however I can no long get them to appear from a drop down menu. An example is that I have a job table, a company is associated via a CompanyID, there is another table of contacts that are linked companyID to companyID in the contacts table and in the job table there is a relationship from the companyID(jobs) to companyID in the contacts table, before the upgrade the list would display a list of contacts belonging to that company so that I could add a specific contact to the job record. When this is first used it works ok, then this list becomes static no matter what the company id it remains as it was first used. Relaunching FM refreshes this. This is running off a Windows 2008 dedicated FMS12 with 4095mb reserved for database cache. With both Mac and PC clients, all of which experience the same issues with the drop down menus. Has anyone else experienced this problem? All these drop down menus were working pre-upgrade. Any suggestions gratefully received.
  11. Hi I have a problem whereby I have a table called Stock that calculates a total stock based upon records in another table - account ledger. It is slightly quirky in that the portal has a global date field that is part of the relationship so that it restricts records to all those less than the date specified as well as a stock code match. I do this so that I can run a report on the account ledger table, but want to eliminate all stock with a '0' positions. In my script I go to the stock table, then constrain the found set to omit those with a total = 0, then view all matched account ledger records across all the stock records ; except it doesn't work when it is hosted. Is this bad practice? Any other ideas of how I can run a summary report on the account ledger without showing those that total 0 in the summary would be appreciated, or why it is failing when hosted would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. The files do still crash using pier to pier sharing, although they do not corrupt. I have completely rewritten the data file from scratch, no copying, no importing tables or scripts. When I linked this back to the interface I effectively had to re-do the relationships and revisit every script to relocate the fields and re-save every one of them. Each layout was also revisited to relink the correct fields in the views. The only part of the interface file I didn't re-do was the layouts themselves - this file has no data and no bad blocks can what is effectively an empty file be causing the problems?
  13. I have written a bespoke solution for a client called ADG. This has a two file structure, interface and a data file. These are constantly crashing and taking down the server too; this has become so bad that the client has resorted to client copy as a host as while this still crashes often the files do not corrupt when doing so. The situation is no longer workable, I have tried everything I know to resolve this problem including a complete rewrite of the data file, checking all of the layouts and rewriting many of the scripts along with the following, which has been sent to FileMaker support who also cannot help me, saying they cannot reproduce the problem: SYSTEM ENVIRONMENT (put anything that might be relevant) FileMaker Product = FileMaker Server 10 and FileMaker Pro 10 Clients OS = Mac OS X versions 10.5x and 10.6 Computer = RAM = Any applicable 3rd party hardware/software = SMTPit plugin version 4.1.4 Configuration/ Network settings/ Outside system settings = Browser or email client (if applicable) = Include sysinfo file if applicable STEPS TO REPRODUCE: There is nothing specific that can reproduce the problems, system will crash when machine left standing, when user prints, reviews lists or uses back button within the files. EXPECTED RESULT: Database specific tasks ACTUAL RESULT: FileMaker crashes, sometimes the FileMaker server crashes. SUMMARY OF WHAT TROUBLESHOOTING HAS BEEN DONE SO FAR: - FileMaker server was upgraded to version 10 - Clients patched to latest version - Client mac stripped down to only running FileMaker 10 - Clean server Mac mini installed for the sole purpose of running FMS - Print drivers removed - Database Files sent to FileMaker support to replicate the problem; without success. - Scripts rewritten in the files whenever one that caused a crash was reported. - Rebuilt navigation tables within the database files. - FileMaker files saved as clones and data reimported to clean versions - Files operate fine as stand alone, but this is not a practical resolve for a company wide solution. - Data saved in Excel format and then reimported. HISTORY OF FILE (Is this a converted file? How many files in solution? How many tables in file, ect?): There are two files, a data file and an interface file. Files originally developed from version 9 templates, using FileMaker Pro Advanced version 10 developer tools to create new files to further develop. ADDITIONAL NOTES: Attached database developer report, system logs and machine spec's. I am desperate for any help that may pinpoint the problem. They are all mac clients x 4 running OSX.4+ ; mac mini server currently (but they have the same affect on another server in the same building). Mac mini only running FM server and only Apple apps, brand new clean machine. Is there a feature within FileMaker that could be causing this? Is there something on the network that could be causing this? Please note that as a single user no hosting the files work just fine! Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Many thanks Gill DB_Report.zip Filemaker_Server.spx.zip
  14. I have logged a support issue with FileMaker. I was advised to clone the files as this ensures that they are true version 10 and then reimport the data. This has definitely improved things, by about 90% I would say, but the crashing hasn't gone away completely. I have two theories that it is either because this client has many unusual print drivers (they are a large format output company) or it is something conflicting with the sharing. I'll let you know if I get any further with this. Still would appreciate any further input from wise heads!
  15. If I create a new file and import the tables will this import the problems? Would I be better to use the developer tools to create a new version from the original?
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