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  1. Do you indicate at the end of the first script. Perform Script for the next. If that is so I would suggest 2 possible solutions. 1. set a pause at the end of the first script before the second starts. Giving time in-between . 2. Create an linking script that performs between the 2 scripts. patricia
  2. Thanks. That is what I am already doing. Contacts:Name & "<"& Contacts:Email &">" patricia
  3. I am sending emails from FM 13. I want the name of the person who it is address to included with the email address: John Doe <doe@forest.com> I have no problem bringing the address to Apple Mail but can not get the name and address. This does not seem to be a difficult problem but for some reason all the methods I have tried do not work. Thank You Patricia
  4. I feel I am cheating a little bit asking this question on this forum that does not involve FileMaker but I trust you and your responses. I am doing some volunteer work and we are looking to move our web site from Google to another site that will allow us easily to do somethings we have not done or had to struggle to do. Multiple Bloggers (user enters their own) Articlles Video Easy to change layouts Events Changing images Coding can be used to customize It would be nice to have form capability. Not required This is for a group I am involved with concerning Anti-Human Trafficking.T
  5. Did you check that enter in browse has not been turned off.
  6. No You don't you load both files onto the iPad.
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