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  1. So, something is going wrong in my brain... We installed FMS19 and it automatically created a backup schedule 'Daily at Midnight' which keeps 7 backups. Great! Now, how do I edit it? We are also doing an off-site backup so there is no need for seven local copies ( of over 100GB's each ) TIA! Joost And the answer is: fmsadmin disable schedule 1
  2. We understood your wish, but odly FM doesn’t seem to support this.
  3. File Privileges come to mind. Same user trying to access the file?
  4. It is very odd indeed that FM doesn’t support it’s own FM format for export. You can just do an excel/xml export to al local server (eg. Documents) folder and then import that file. It is quite speedy. Or a create loop, that will work quite nicely if you need container data HTH
  5. Hi Wim, yes, I understood already that external to internal routing is something we have to tackle as well, but our IT-guy can fix the routing in the router. Again, thanks for your time and response.
  6. Hi Wim, First of all, thanks for the reply. I was thinking about servers not showing because of multiple sources using same ports or network traffic from production or test hindering the other server. But if I read your answer correctly, we don't need to worry about issues like those. Kind regards, Joost
  7. LS, We are migrating to a new FileMaker Server 19 as the hardware is getting old. Currently we are running Server 14 with web services enabled. How can I setup the new server to run both on the same network? Can I change the ports without any problem? Thanks for the input!
  8. L.S., I am getting this error as well, but from a GTRR script step. I turns out the relationship was invalid as the field on the right side of relationship ( child ) was using an unstored calculation. Hopefully, this is useful to someone. Kind regards, Joost
  9. Hi! using FM18v3 I defined an import, update using key with option :add remaining. Odd enough, when running the import for the first time, the key field remains empty. (Unexpected) As a result the second time I run the script I get new records, but now the keyfieldfield is filled. (Expected) The third time the import also runs as expected ( no new records ). I fixed this by defining this script in FM18 using an if. Eventually, I launched FM17 and re-did the script. Now it works like it should. Anyone else can replicate this? Kind regards,
  10. not(IsEmpty(Trim( ind_sent_to_website ))) For both the view and edit options. Very basis, IMHO.
  11. Hi All, I added security to limit the DataAPI user from accessing certain records, with the limited option. I tested this while running these files on my HD no server. Worked like a charm. After moving the files to FMServer the DataAPI account can access all record in the table all of a sudden. Any thoughts as to why this is happening? Kind regards, Joost
  12. LS, Does anyone know how to configure parallels so that files are visible in the host? I can see the files on my own mac running paralles, but other machines in the network only see the host. No files show up. TIA, Joost
  13. LS, A client recently ran a Windows update and since then FM returns error -1 ( unkown error ) when using the sendmail scriptstep. I tried reïnstalling FMPro (32bit) ( can't install 64bit ), because of 32bit Outlook. That didn't help. Any ideas?
  14. LS, Is your client using MS Outlook, 32-bits? With Outlook this is a known issue, when used with FMPro 64-bit. If this is the case, you can just install FMPro 32-bit. HTH
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