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  1. LS, Does anyone know how to configure parallels so that files are visible in the host? I can see the files on my own mac running paralles, but other machines in the network only see the host. No files show up. TIA, Joost
  2. LS, A client recently ran a Windows update and since then FM returns error -1 ( unkown error ) when using the sendmail scriptstep. I tried reïnstalling FMPro (32bit) ( can't install 64bit ), because of 32bit Outlook. That didn't help. Any ideas?
  3. LS, Is your client using MS Outlook, 32-bits? With Outlook this is a known issue, when used with FMPro 64-bit. If this is the case, you can just install FMPro 32-bit. HTH
  4. LS, We are running FMserver with custom webpublishing. People can connect to the website and see pictures that are attached to propositions. The pictures folder is located on the FMServer as well and getting pretty big now. So we are complating moving the folder ( it is currently located in htdocs ( running on a Mac )). How do we reconfigure FMServer/apache to do this? Kind regards....
  5. Be sure to check for unique occurrence names across the solution.
  6. In my original post I mentioned that an insert from URL and then parsing the whole thing takes about 4 minutes on the client. Importing with xml/xsl takes me about 5 seconds to get the exact same result
  7. So, a little update. I created the xsl in about 10 minutes, but that is skill. Now for the import via import records, type xml using the xsl. The import took about 5 seconds for a slightly larger data set. So JSON with parsing vs importing with xml/xsl isn't in the same ballpark. I would even go so far as to call it a different game.
  8. I agree with comment here. I spent a bit of time learning xml in the FM6 days. Thank you Beverly! Some of these new webservices just do JSON. JSON may be maturing, but xml, with stuff like XSD and all the other stuff is pretty useful. Not to mention, xml is pretty well human readable.
  9. Your example works, which is nice. When I get an error in my exports, I'll be back.
  10. Both tools can be useful in this case. XML/XSLT is going to be my choice for this case. Importing with xslt seems faster than parsing and populating record after record and field after field.
  11. Thnx Wim, But I am proficient enough with xslt to tackle this and the client isn't on FM16 yet. Also, I have yet to see a convincing JSON Demo on this, but if you could point me to one...
  12. Thnx ! I can check... Exporting to a return seperated list could be intresting. I'll try that! Probably some JSON object would be possible, maybe xml, but no xml-result, but I could do that myself via xslt.
  13. LS, There must be a better way to go through the data I receive from a webpage. It returns a list of comma separated emailaddresses about 33k.Currently I am doing it like this.( See below). It takes about 4 minutes. I can move it to FMServer. On FMServer it takes 2:20 for 32114 records. So I'll stick to the server. I using FM15 at this client. Also multiple plugins are available to me, like MonkeyBread 7.3 Kind regards, ---- Freeze Window Delete All Records [ With dialog: Off ] New Record/Request Set Variable [ $i ; Value: 0 ] Insert from URL [ Select ; With dialog: On ; tester::g_text_field ; "url left out for privacy issues.php" ] Set Variable [ $emailAddresses ; Value: Substitute ( tester::g_text_field ; "," ; "¶" ) ] Set Variable [ $emailAdressesCount ; Value: ValueCount ( $emailAddresses ) ] Set Field [ tester::g_text_field ; "" ] Set Variable [ $tsStart ; Value: Get (CurrentTimestamp) ] Loop Set Variable [ $i ; Value: GetAsNumber ($i) + 1 ] Set Field [ tester::emailaddress ; GetValue ($emailAddresses; GetAsNumber ( $i )) ] Exit Loop If [ GetAsNumber ($i)>GetAsNumber ($emailAdressesCount) ] New Record/Request End Loop Set Variable [ $tsEnd ; Value: Get (CurrentTimestamp) ] Set Variable [ $$duration ; Value: $tsEnd - $tsStart ]
  14. If I get an error again, I will create an example. I can, quite reliably say, that having the 00x0-character crashes my export. These characters were copy/pasted into fields. Origin: unknown ( but probably Outlook. In the mean time, I have created a substitute function that strips out characters that came up in this link: http://ascii-table.com/control-chars.php. Haven't had the error, since.
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