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  1. Hi, thanks for Your answer but I still don't understand how that will help since I only want one order and not several orders or maybe I do not understand what You saying?
  2. I wonder if I can export the same record several times with different information? For exampel: I have a customer namned: John Doe Adress: The street City: New York and he wants to order one thing called K1 and three of one thing called K2. All this information are in seperate fields. I then would like to export this record to a xls or text file that are seperated and with 2 different rows (or more if they want other products as well) like this: Name..........Adress......City...Quant.....Descrip John Doe......The street..NY......1........K1 John Doe......The street..NY....
  3. Hi, I have a database containing my customers. The information is customer name, adress, phone, customer number etc. There also is a picture (since we produce picuters) of every customer in a field. This field (container) is just a link to a folder where I put all my pictures and then it automatic appears in the record. Now to my problem. Lets say I have searched and found 100 records. I then would like to copy (export) all pictures found to a different but specified folder. I have tried a little with troi file but it only seems to work with on specied filename and not folders or?! An
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