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  1. Hi everyone, I searched for this but couldn't find anything. I have a project that I am trying to get a backup of so I can move it to another server. The problem I have is nobody has admin access to the server computer. I can access the solution and I know where the server is but can't get into it to copy the files. I was hoping to set up a schedule through server admin to back up the files to a computer that I know the admin log in for but can't seem to be able to do it. Is there a different path configuration for backing up to a different machine? I am almost positive that the machine has been mapped to the server but i still get an invalid path message. Can anyone help? Is a remote path "filewin://server/folder/"? and is there any other way to copy the files without getting into the physical server? Thanks in advance Mike
  2. I am not sure what happened but when I ran it today to capture the error, it worked!! Sorry for the trouble, not sure what happened. Thanks Mike
  3. Thanks guys, Excuse my ignorance but you are talking about the access log for the server computer I assume. How or where would I find that log? Mike
  4. Hoping this string is still alive. I am having the same problem. I am getting the export file to work fine. It exists in the documents folder but I can't get it to import. I am using the same path to import that I used to export and I set a field with the variable and the path shows "filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/780 West.txt" And that is where the file resides but it won't import. What am I doing wrong? Mike
  5. Hi everyone, I am running server 10 and I am wondering if there is a way to bring up the history of a particular user. Simply meaning when they logged in and for how long they were in a particular database I imagine I can create a script to perform this action but I was wondering if there is anything built into server that had a log of some sort. Thanks Mike
  6. I have found that it is useful to have a separate layout just for the report request criteria that only has the globals on it. Or if I only need 3 or less globals I use a dialog box. That way, I can gather the info and then perform the find and go to another layout to display the info and don't need to have those fields on the report layout at all. Good luck to you Mike
  7. Hi and Welcome, If your globals are only being used to set fields in a script or to perform a find then they only need to be visible before the report is run and not after, in which case you can scriptit so those global fields clear when you open the new report window. If the globals are used in the report itself, then if you change them in the second report window it will change the first report.
  8. Thanks, I guess it helped by answering but not the answer I was hoping for. I do have separate layouts, my issue was that my table layout is a developer/test layout so I am adding, moving and resizing fields all the time in it, and everytime I move a field or resize it, I get the message. I understand they do it because it affects other users but I wish I could turn it off being as in my case, no other user has access to that layout. Oh well! Mike
  9. Hi everyone, I couldn't find this anywhere and it is driving me nuts. If I am in a table view in browse mode and rearrange the fields, I get a dialog box that asks if I want to save the changes. I have "Save layout changes automtically (do not ask)" checked off in preferences and in layout set up I have "Save record changes automatically" checked. This has only happened since I moved up to FMP10. Is there a way to stop that dialog box from popping up? Thanks Mike
  10. my bad everyone, I changed it to object modify and it is working fine. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I am loving the script triggers but am having trouble with one thing. I have a solution where we enter unit codes and quantities. some unit codes like conduit, require a distance (point a to point : and the quantity is calculated. so I have a "from" field and a "To" field. Some units like a manhole only needs one field (I use the "from" field). I wrote a script that says if the unit code is "manhole" and the user tries to enter a value in the "to" field, it shows a custom dialog box telling the user he can't do that and clears the field. I triggered the script by keystroke. The problem is that it appears that the keystroke is merely postponed until the script runs then the keystroke is entered. So if someone enters a 1 in the from field, the dialog box comes up and admonishes the user the field is cleared and the script ends, then the one is inserted. Is there a way to actually prevent the keystroke from entering? Thanks in advance
  12. I apologize, It is an Auto Calc, not a straight calc. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. Thanks for the help, I don't think a lookup will work for the price. Each record in the unit line item table only has a region, a winter price and a summer price. The relationship finds the region record and the calc is needed to pick which pricing field. As I said before there will never be more than a winter and summer price so I made two fields. Thanks again for the help Mike
  14. Thanks for the reply, To go deeper, I have a Unit line item table which has region and sesonal pricing. The season is either winter or summer so they have their own fields, but the regions will continue to grow so I needed a line item table for the units. I have a relationship between the Job line item table and the unit line item table. unit code = unit code AND region = region The pricing calc in the line item table says: case( season = "winter"; unit line item:: price winter; season = "Summer"; unit line item:: price summer ) If there is a better way to do this I am more than open to it. Thanks for you help Mike
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