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  1. My database contains a container field which is used to store images. How can I move these images to a newer version of the solution along with the rest of the data. The export and import functions only seem to work with text-based data.
  2. I need some further advice on how to set up a database whereby the entry for each animal whether it is a father, mother or offspring would show any relationships eg. the entry for an offspring would show the mother and father and the entry for a grown-up would show all the offsprings. At the same time the reporting would be able to produce the total inventory of animals.
  3. I have created a custom pop-up window/dialog which I would like to be able to close by hitting the enter key (rather than using the mouse). Is there any way to do this in Filemaker 7 or 8?
  4. Thanks for the quick response. The custom window which opens when the user clicks on a Line Item from the main Invoices window contains additional input fields as well as several custom buttons. One of the buttons is always the "Close" button which closes the window enabling the user to return to the main Invoices window. At the moment you need to mouse click on the "Close" button, but I was wondering how I could achieve the same action by simply pressing the Enter button (similar to how a dialog window works with a default button).
  5. How can I implement a default button (one that is automatically selected by hitting the Enter button) in a custom window? In other words I have designed a custom window with several buttons and would like to close the window by simply hitting the Enter button rather than using the mouse to click on the "Close Window" button.
  6. I have written an Applescript that passes variables from Filemaker Pro fields to Mail (eg. Subject, email address of recipient and Body text), ie. dynamically generated Applescript. Even though both Filemaker 7 and Mail applications are both Unicode compatible when I run the script the accented characters are no longer readable in Mail (some kind of undesired conversion has taken place). Are there any Applescript commands which ensures the character set remains Unicode?
  7. >I have written a script in our FM7 database so >that the user can click a button and it will >generate a PDF of a quote, and then open an >email message with some text, an email address >drawn from the database, and the PDF as an >attachment. This is exactly what I am after. Are you able to share on how to put together such a script?
  8. Normally I would stay in FMPro to do text calculations, but because of Filemaker's patchy support for Unicode I am forced to export the data, convert from the "Central European" encoding to "utf-8" and then reimport into Filemaker. Unfortunately in this exporting and importing process I have been unable to find a way to deal with data stored in repeating fields - only the first occurence of the repeating field is transferred across.
  9. I need to export a Filemaker Pro 5.5/6.0 database that contains several repeating fields, perform some text conversion and then reimport back into a Filemaker Pro 7 database. Exporting as an XML file seems to retain the repeating field data, but when I import the XML file back into Filemaker only the first occurrence is imported and the other repetitions ignored. What am I doing wrong? Maybe there is an alternative solution to deal with repeating fields?
  10. I am converting a FMPro 5.5/6.0 database that contains Baltic characters (CE fonts) to FMPro 7, however the resulting letters are gibberish, ie. don't convert correctly to Unicode. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Ralph, Just wondering why when I click on the "Add" button (or the First, Previous, Next, Last buttons) there is a momentary flash to another window and then back again. This doesn't occur with "Delete". I am using this in Windows XP - yet to try with OS X. Arnis
  12. I am trying to convert an existing FM 5.5/6.0 solution that contains standard Apple CE fonts (East European languages) to FM 7.0, but the fonts (characters) get all messed up even though they worked fine with FM 5.5/6.0 in OS X. Has anyone come across this issue? Arnis
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