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  1. hello: i was wondering if you could give me the script you are using for placing a small button on each portal row in order to open a new window showing specific portal row information in a second portal? i have a portal referencing many photographs (containers) which is working fine. but i have no way to have the user to click on a specific photo in portal 1 and jump to information on that specific photograph. i think the button thing you're doing would be my solution - at least i hope it is! thanks in advance! edgaroso
  2. hi - i hope i'm in the right forum? i was wondering whether the scroll bar in one field can be made to scroll an adjacent field as well? the scrolling field is a very long "transcription field" and the adjacent field is a "visual log" field which describes what is happening in that particular section of the transcription. so can the visual log field be made to scroll in synchronization with the transcription field? and is this an ez thing for a newbie like me to perform? the reason i have both fields seperated is because both fields need to be independent of each other. thanks in advance! edgaroso
  3. hi y'all! at the risk of posting in the wrong forum and of posting a rather naive question at that - here goes. i have a text field which has many references to many images i have on file (jpegs) is there a way to make a key word in the text field a hyper link to a particular image which is sitting somewhere in the database? and can this image be made to pop up in a container which sits right alongside the text field? thanx in advance! edgaroso
  4. thanks to both of you! i think all of your ideas/fixes are great. jfmcel's idea is great as well but it involves a bit more calc stuff i am not yet adept with. thanks for getting back to me so quickly - this site is great! edgaroso
  5. hi - i'm a documentary filmmaker and am developing a database containing very lengthy transcriptions of interviews. Instead of splitting up the 30 page word documents into seperate records within FMP, is there a way to make multiple pages of the lengthy transcription under one record? i'm not sure if this is an easy process, but i just haven't been able to figure it out. what i'm trying to avoid is having a page that's 50 feet long! edgaroso
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