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  1. We've been testing the recently released v3.1 and have the same table formatting problems as others here. When using ScribeWriteDocValue any table/cell formatting is retained (say a background colour) but the text formatting, such as bold, italic and alignment is removed. The alignment is particularly frustrating as columns are often used to display right aligned price info, but currently everything is left aligned after being written. We've tested using individual text styles and proper styles from the Styles pane. Attached are a sample of the before template and after result when writing to the 2nd row onwards. This is restricting our use of Scribe for this purpose. Kind regards Andy ScribeTablesResult.docx ScribeTablesTemplate.docx
  2. To confirm that Ryan and his team have resolved our Office 365 problems with the latest version. Regards Andy
  3. We're assessing the demo version of the Email plug-in 3.02 with Filemaker Pro Advanced v16 as a potential replacement for our existing plug-in. We're unable to connect to the smtp.office365.com server using port 587 and TLS. The documentation is light on detail, particularly the secureConnection and forceTrust parameters (or arguments?) as there is no reference to them at all within the text. I've found a posting on forceTrust here, but no information on secureConnection. We've tried every combination we can think within the parameters and arguments, but have had no success. There is one or two postings here relating to Office 365 and SMTP, but the detail was either never added or has been removed. We've finally resorted to entering the following into 360Works Email Plugin Examples_16+ file: SMTP Host: smtp.office365.com:587, SMTP User and Password (which are correct), StartTLS selected, Force Trust SSL selected This final test was carried out on a Mac, the intention is to use this within Windows, and the attached file is the Mac log file, which should only list a single attempt to make a secure connection to the server. Note, the actual user name within the log file has been replaced by username@domain.com. Our Outlook365 account is using our own domain, hence user names are based around this. We'd appreciate your earliest response, as this won't be an option to us unless it is compatible with Office 365 SMTP or are we just missing something very obvious? Many thanks Andy SMTP Connect.log
  4. It has been a while since we posted the above. However, in case this helps anyone who comes across this post, I can't emphasise enough how good Scribe 2.15 is in resolving this issue. Literally frustrated customers to happy customers. Well done guys. Andy
  5. I hope this helps anyone that has had to put up with the ScribeDocSubstitute errors when no placeholder string could be found in a document - a problem that has had both us and our clients pulling our hair out. The 360Works Scribe help page - http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Scribe#No_occurrences_of_.5Bplaceholder_string.5D_were_found_in_the_document - offers a solution of retyping an entire placeholder due to the XML creating a split string. We've been doing this, but at times it just doesn't work and we've never seen any evidence in the XML of a split happening. However, today we hit a eureka moment and believe the main problem is not split strings, but the use of Tracking under the Review menu in Word. With this switched on there are hidden occurrences of the placeholders in the XML that are referenced by ScribeDocSubstitute. We have had documents where the placeholder(s) has been typed, retyped and typed again (etc.) but could not get around the error (we have a check that runs whenever we upload a Word template to FileMaker container fields, therefore documents that generate these errors are not allowed into the database). However, we've now been able to clear all errors within a file without retyping a single placeholder as follows: open the file generating the errors in Word, click Review, click on the arrow beside/below Accept, select Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking, save the file and test We've been putting up with the placeholder problems since we started using Scribe and hope this helps people avoid the pain we've been through. Andy - salefaith.com
  6. As this has been left dormant for a few months, I'd also like to request that this is resolved as we have exactly the same issue as tv_kid and you can only call the internal version number function if the actual version installed remains compatible with the OS installed. For instance if a Java update is released that is incompatible with the existing function, then you've potentially got to call the old incompatible function to be able to replace it with the compatible one. Doesn't always work! Thanks Andy
  7. We'd like to add our support to including any changes to ScribeFileAsText. Although Scribe creates our Word documents as required, the text field used in FMP to display the Word content removes all the carriage returns in a calculated address to spaces. We've tried all combinations of LF, CR, etc. we can think of, but all get converted to spaces. This is preventing us using Scribe more widely. Thanks Andy
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