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  1. I want to build a filmmaker solution where multiple employees/users could be able to send text messages via SMS from their file maker database – does anyone know an efficient way to do this? Or what plugins or SMS services are available?
  2. I have a need to archive documents that of been uploaded years ago into our container fields which Are stored by reference on our file maker server 17 - Does anyone in efficient way to do this? Can we store documents in a cloud setting via Filemaker server ?
  3. Does anyone know if there is a problem with FX.php and PHP7? I installed PHP7 yesterday and the it is up and running but I cannot display and record data after a find. I turned on error checking and there is no errors and on a simple find, I get a found count of 1 which is correct, but the array containing the record data is empty. It was working find before the conversion to PHP7
  4. I am looking for a filemkaer solution for connecting to banks (any) or API's and sending them electronic payments to process and pay from our financial institution - they are saying to just create a NACHA file - has anyone created a NACHA formatting solution for filemaker?
  5. So I have am update script running at night - it does use a webviewer to look up internet data - the application of filemaker 15 is crashing at night during the run and the appllication is running out of memory - I checked Activity Monitor and filemaker was using 62 gb (yes GB) when it crashed - is there a script step I need to employ so that the application will not use so much memory during the run? - flush disk cache? Thanks
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