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  1. NACHA - ACH check processing?

    Did you ever find an answer to this question?
  2. Has anyone come across a way to have filemaker execute an online trade with a brokerage account? I want a DB to place a trade buy or sell with a brokerage house - probably thru an API Thanks in advance J
  3. I am trying to have FMS run a script in a db server side by the client pushing a button which runs a script from the client machine. I had the idea of using a URL to accomplish this - cannot get it to work - anyone have any ideas? http://ipaddress/fmi/xml/fmresultset.xml?-db=DATABASE&-script=SCRIPTNAME
  4. fmserverd not responding

    I have statistics logging turned on - scaled back cache ram - mac is a Mac Tower - 2.8 ghz quad-core intel xeon - 16 gig ram running 10.9.5 - 1T HD half full - what statistics should I be interested in checking? thx
  5. get(current date) problem / solution

    ok I will try to explain it another way - I don't want to do a find for past due invoices - I want users, while doing other tasks in the database, to recognize that the invoice they are working on is past due and how long it has been due - therefore I need the currentdate field to be accurate everyday so I can use it for aging and to perform other thing using it - my original question was how can i have the currentdate field be accurate to the current day everyday on every record - thanks
  6. fmserverd not responding

    yes users are complaining of slow performance - I have 25 users during the day - a couple at night - I have a two machine deployment with the Worker machine doing CWP - ram reserved for cache on server 14,000 - thanks Wim
  7. I would like help designing a drop down value list which filters the list based on what is already type in the input field. See example - admin 1234 - When they click on the field the drop down menu appears and would be filtered by the first letter of what they typed in so the user can correctly match up with the exact name - the field data comes in from a web form and I do not want to change the web form - just the value list - thanks ValueLists.fmp12
  8. get(current date) problem / solution

    Sorry fellas - the login is admin 1234 for the demo file - I uploaded the file last night to Filemaker Server to see if the date would change after midnight - it did not - so I would to perform a script or function on it to make the date change - we use a similar database in our clients system - the client DOES NOT want to perform a search to find past due invoices because they use a dashboard which tells them what is past due - they want the dashboard to update automatically each day to populate the correct number of past due invoices - thanks InvoicesEx.fmp12 rwoods - in your reply, this is what I'm doing if understand you right - I have it as a simple date field and im running a script to update every record each night - this is what I want to change since it is over 100,000 records
  9. I have a database that I created for someone to help me with this example - I want my filemaker database to update a field called CurrentDate in filemaker via the server everyday. If I use a date field and run a server side script once a night (current solution), then I have to wait for it to finish and it can take a while with 100,000 plus records. If I used a calculation field set to get(current date) then the server does not update it nightly - each morning I was to do a find on what invoices are past due and everyday that find should change depending on today related to the due date on the invoice - any suggestions? InvoicesEx.fmp12
  10. I am running FMS 14.0.4. I have 16 gb installed ram on a dedicated mac server running 10.9.5 - I'm having 2 problems 1) fmserverd is not responding in activity monitor 2) I have noticed my server using most all of the 16gb of ram even sitting idle - Please help
  11. Portal filtering answered all my problems - Talked the client into upgrading to FileMaker 11 and all is good - Thank you for everyones input
  12. My client has two separate databases in a old system, so yes two files - he does not want to join the files into one. So I have separated the files into CLIENTS and INVOICES but I still do not understand how I make a relationship between the CLIENTS file and the INVOICES 2 relationship in INVOICES. I have the databases to upload but do not see how I can do it - Thanks everyone
  13. Do you know if this will work if Invoices and Clients are separate file databases? If so, how do I put a portal from Invoices2 in clients database, realte them? Thanks - i'm very close
  14. These are great suggestions but what I forgot to explain was that I want to look at unpaid or outstanding invoices in one the client record. This relationship will not work because of the balance remaining calculation and the paid calculation. The portal relationship will not work since balance remaining and paid fields are UN-INDEXABLE. That is what I need help with. I would like a way to show all outstanding invoices in a portal.
  15. I have a simple Invoice database which has a CLIENT table, an INVOICE table and a PAYMENTS table. They all have to be separate tables. After creating an invoice for a client, I can then create a payment for that invoice. If it is a partial payment then there is a Balance Remaining. All I am trying to do is create a text field which would tell me if the invoice has been paid or not (yes or no). Because the balance remaining calculates from the payments table by adding payments and subtracting from the invoice total, I cannot seem to get the paid field to work. I have tried a custom function as well. Can someone help? Thanks

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