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  1. I can't get access AD so is it possible to authenticate against local users and groups under Mac OS X in the case where DocuBin is being hosted on same machine?
  2. When I first tried to open DocuBin.fp7, after having read the brief getting started guide, I got to the point of being able to create and admin account and set the base URL for SC. Unfortunately I set it to the default value and not the custom path that I want to use. Anyway, I could not figure out how to change it so I deleted DocuBin.fp7 from my server and uploaded the original again. When I opened DocuBin it complained about out of date plugins and I went round in a loop a couple of times where I when to the page to remove plugins and then got told the plugins were downloaded but could
  3. When I go to ttp://360works.com/remove-plugins/ and click the remove button it tells me that no plugins were found. Do you mean the auto update folder on my server?
  4. It seems that every time I open DocuBin it wants to update my 360 plugins. Once should be enough right? How do I stop this?
  5. I managed to open DocuBin and get to the screen that had a button to "Create Admin Account". At some point after that I was asked for the SC base URL which I entered incorrectly. How do I change it?
  6. Jesse, Where is the web.xml file? When I installed SuperContainer I launched "Installer.jar" from inside the folder "360Works_SuperContainer-2_06" which was on the desktop of the server. There is a web.xml file here "360Works_SuperContainer-2_06/SuperContainer/WEB-INF/web.xml" but when I edit it there seems to be no change to to the directory where files are stored. I would like to store files on a second drive called "Data". Currently the files are being stored here "/Users/Shared/SuperContainer/Files" Regards, Simon.
  7. Jesse, OK, what about "Option 2: Installing SuperContainer with FileMaker Server Advanced"?
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