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  1. I installed FM Server 8 on a development server and FM 8 Advanced on my PC. I coverted all current databases (in FM6) to FM 8 and put them on the server. I could open all databases except one. I went to the console to open that database, but it keeps closed. I got a messages. * FileMaker cannot share a file because FM network sharing is truned off. Where do I trun on the network sharing on the server? Thanks.
  2. I do have FM7. Your suggestion woudln't work. Because there is value in the related field in all records. Some records are old so they don't exist in the "live job" table. I can't search by non-empty value of that related field. Thanks
  3. We are using FM 6. Is it possible to put a PDF form in FileMaker, instead of just showing an icon? Thanks
  4. I edited the question. not sure why it was posted twice. I understand the logic - Go to find mode in the "all jobs" table and search for records which have a corresponding related record in the other table. But not sure what exactly how to do so? Can you give me more direction? Thanks
  5. I have 2 DBs and a relationship to link them by an ID number. DB1 contains only live jobs, for example 10 records in there. DB2 contains all jobs, for example 80 records in there. In DB2, how do I find those 10 records contained in DB1? Thanks
  6. I use the look up table and check "lookup higher" and it works for ranges. I think everything works out fine now. Thank you all for the ideas and solutions!!
  7. Yes I know that. like record 1, 0.017, next 3 records is 0.018. then go aback to 0.017, next 3 records is 0.018 again. a few of them in the middle are 0.0175. I am not too sure how to write this kind of formula. Thanks
  8. Hi, I used the look up table and it works fine, except one problem. 10 Sheets of paper = 1 OZ. If I had 80 sheets = 8 OZ, or 85 sheets = 8.5 OZ, I could find the Postage $ in the table. If I had 87 sheets of paper, weight = 8.7 OZ. The postage $ is not in the lookup table. I would need to do if weight >= 8 and weight < 8.5, if weight >= 8.5 and weight < 9, How do I do that? Thank you. rate.zip
  9. Actually, they are not duplicate fields. We need to separate congress and senate lists, and they are linked via another db. Therefore, I do it this way. I will try your way - putting the rate in a lookup table (we are still using version6, so it's another DB). We already have way many databases; so I would like to avoid creating too many databases and try to have everything in one if possible. Thank you for the input.
  10. I attached a FM file. It's the field "weight by ounces_congress". I can do up to weight = 65.5. I need to put in 10 more conditions, up to 71.5 (increment by 0.5). Thank you! Test.zip
  11. I have a claculation field. I need to put over 100 conditions using Case(test1, result1, test2, result2,...) (unforuntally, there is no "regular rules" for these and I cannot use a formula.) After I put in all the possibilities, a message "too many operators...". I guess the program does not take that many conditions. What other options do I have to make this work? Thank you.
  12. Replace Contents works. Again, thank you very much.
  13. Sorry I didn't state the situation clearly. For this case, I think it's safe to use global field. 1. we don't need to keep these records permanently. once the values are calculated in the records, we print them out to keep. Then we clear them and ready for the next job. 2. only one person will process this and print the numbers out right away. so it shouldn't have any conflict. 3. it's exactly what I want - have that global field shared by all records. Thank you very much for pointing these conditions out by using global fields. I will pay more attention for future
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