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  1. Thanks Stephen. I just watched the video. I haven't touched Filemaker since my last project using 11. I bought 17, and low and behold, you can finally have multiple attachments to an email. Now it's time to start getting familiar again. At least it is for my own project this time. I want this solution to have a mobile platform for the band members. Oh boy, here we go again.
  2. Band Solution Design I am trying to create a filemaker solution for my band. I have been unable to find a pre-made solution that does everything I want, so I am going to try and create my own using filemaker. I am looking for advice on what tables and structure I should use, before I start. Entities Band Members - I need contact info and a history of money I have paid them from any gigs Clients - People that hire us for gigs. I need to send them a press kit in hopes of getting hired. Invoice them, and send a receipt. Fans - Marketing to these people , email, text, social media, etc. Can a fan also be a client? Yes, but it is pretty rare. I am thinking if a fan happens to be a client as well, they should probably be in both tables. I am not 100% on whether or not Fans and clients can be in the same table Assets - An inventory of our equipment owned for tracking and insurance purposes Merchandise - We sell shirts, hoodies, hats, etc, at our gigs. Invoice - We need to be able to invoice our merchandise and invoice our clients for our services (Performing gigs) Our merchandise is sold by us and has nothing to do with the clients. Songs - A table to keep info on all songs we play. Containers with pdf’s, mp3’s, song information, etc. This info will be shared with band members through email. Build reports to show clients what songs we play. Calendar - Track gigs and practices and band member availability. Hopefully I can have the calendar sync the gigs to an external calendar on our websites. Any other information, would be for band members only. Practices and availability should not be seen on any external calendars. Band members should be able to log in and block dates they are not available so I know when I can’t schedule a gig. Main questions from this are Should our services and merchandise we sell be in the same table? On a side not, the price of our services is not a set price but negotiated for every gig. There are too many variables to be able to have a set price advertised. In other words, I can’t have, “2 hours of music for $500”. One gig might be 10 minutes away, require none of our sound equipment, while another is an hour away, requires us to bring everything, and members need a hotel for night. So every gig fee is negotiated. Are Clients and Fans in the same table? My feeling is no, but I could be wrong The Calendar table. Band members need to see everything on this, and be able to block dates. The gigs listed on this table should sync with external calendars on our website, etc. I am not even sure Filemaker can handle this kind of calendar application, but if so, why not try? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  3. faaslave

    Value List

    That is exactly what happened. Thanks Comment. Glad to see you are still on here
  4. faaslave

    Value List

    Long time no see. This is a value list with custom values. Not tied to any table. That is what is so strange. I have two on the page. One works fine, one does what I am talking about. I'll recheck it Dave I deleted the field on the layout. Made one on the layout again, and it fixed it. Must have had something tied to it from ther starter solution template. Thanks Dave
  5. faaslave

    Value List

    Hello all, I just started using FM17. It has been a long time, since FM11 that I have used FM. I am setting up a solution starting with FM Starting point. I created some value lists to use and all of them are fine but something strange keeps happening with one of them. I select the field, the options come up, I pick one, and I get this. "This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table.". Filemaker does make the change when I select a new value from the list. How can I get this warning from a value list? Doesn't this error have to do with a script? I am not running a script that I can see. Thanks. Dave
  6. It has been awhile for me and I probably need to upgrade to 14 soon. For now, I am running Filemaker 11 pro on a mac using ElCapitan. The issue is I have a script that creates an excel file and mails it to someone. This use to work fine until recently. I don't know if it has something to do with El Capitan or not. If I run the script without the no dialog option, it creates the file on my computer, brings up the email with the file attached, ready for me to click send. If I select no dialog, it creates the file, and sends the email missing the attachment. The only recent difference is El Capitan. Does anyone know if this is the problem? Very Strange. Thanks, Dave
  7. I am using filemaker 11 advanced on a mac. I have a report with my members by state. It takes all my members, breaks them down by what state they are in and gives a total for each state. I have a summary field using the count function in the report. This works fine. I want to make it so it is sorted by the state with the most members descending order. Based on the help section in FM that I posted below, this should be easy. The problem is the summary field is greyed out and can't be added to the sort. What am I missing? Thanks for any help. I found this in the help section, but it doesn't help. Sorting records by subsummary values To properly display a report with grouped data and subtotals (also known as a subsummary report), data must be sorted to display the appropriate break fields. If you have a subsummary report, data in the report is grouped and displayed by the category that produced the totals. However, you can specify a subsummary value to sort on to reorder data more logically in a report. Suppose you create a report that subtotals sales by region. You can sort data in the report by region (Example 1) or you can specify that records in the report are sorted by subsummary values, which lists data by total sales (Example 2). In both examples, Total Sales is a summary field that shows regional totals when sorted by Region. Example 1: Report with grouped data and subtotals, not sorted by subsummary values Example 2: Report with grouped data and subtotals, sorted by subsummary values To sort records by subsummary values: 1. Create a report with grouped data and subtotals. Include the field you use to categorize the records (in this example, Region) and the summary field (here, Total Sales) in the report. For more information on creating a report with grouped data and subtotals, see Creating a layout. 2. In Browse mode, click Sort in the status toolbar, or choose Records menu > Sort Records. 3. Move the grouping field (Region) to the Sort Order list, or select it if it is already there. 4. Select Reorder based on summary field or click Specify. 5. In the Specify Field dialog box, select a summary field (Total Sales) and click OK. 6. Select a sort order (in this example, Descending order). 7. Click Sort. 8. Click Table View or List View in the layout bar, go to Preview mode, or print to see the sorted results. Tip If data is already sorted by the grouping field, you don’t have to re-sort when you add or remove a summary field in the sort order. Specify the summary field in the Specify Field dialog box as described above, then click OK.
  8. I guess I thought there was a simple way to write this, and there probably is, but solved at least. Case ( IsEmpty ( CommissionDatePaid ) = "1" and currentStatus = "active" or IsEmpty ( CommissionDatePaid ) = "1" and currentStatus = "start" or IsEmpty ( CommissionDatePaid ) = "1" and currentStatus = "rejoin" or IsEmpty ( CommissionDatePaid ) = "1" and currentStatus = "associate" ; CommissionRate ; "0" ) Thanks Dave Thanks Laretta! I appreciate it!!!
  9. Thanks Lee. I read that IsEmpty returns a 1 if the field is empty. I changed the calc to read: Case ( field1 = "a" or field1 = "b" or field1 = "c" and IsEmpty ( field2 ) = 1 ; field3 ; "0" ) This part "and IsEmpty ( field2 ) = 1" still doesn't work. When I put a date in that field the calc does not see it. Thanks, Dave
  10. Thank you, that fixed that part of it. I still have something wrong when it comes to evaluating if field2 is empty. If I have a date in there or not, the result is the same. Dave
  11. I am trying to get a simple calc to work but I am having trouble. result is a number. Field 1 is a text field, field 2 is a date field, and field3 is a number Case ( field1 = "a" or "b" or "c" and IsEmpty ( field2 ) ; field3 ; "0" ) It only works if "a" is the value. And it is not correctly evaluating whether or not field2 is empty. What is the correct context for this? Thanks, Dave
  12. That will work. Thanks
  13. If I use a serial there is one problem. I am assigning member ID's for new members. So if we are on 9235 and I create a new record by accident then delete it, the next new member will get 9237. So numbers start getting skipped. That was the only thing I was trying to avoid
  14. Hello all, I have a field and I want an auto enter calc that does the following. Look at existing values for all records, find the highest value, and +1 That's it, but I can't seem to get the calc right. Thanks
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