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  1. I'm just come back to give a precision : - I tried to replace SelectFile by ChoosFolder (with the option Files And Directories) and the result is the same : under FileMaker 14 ADV the dialog box appears in background under standalone solution (runtime) it crashes The crah returns error informations joined under MacOS. Under windows after a moment the application doesn't answer and I don't know if there is an error file created and where ! I tried on my iMac, a virtual // machine and my MacBook Pro for the same comportment ! Hope in your advices Noël errorRuntimeSM.rtf
  2. Thanks a lot my dear Eric ! I'll try it to morrow and I'm sur you'lll be one more time my savior ! have a good night ! Noël PS : As you see I've a ot of problems with other modules ; I've saved my disk, reinstalled all apps ands extesions... but errors are still present ! Grrrr
  3. Hello I'm having a problem again with a SM module (again because I always have the one with ChooseFolder that appears in the background): I use SelectFile to choose some file; it works perfectly under Windows or MacOS since FMP14Adv But since the standalone solution the dialog box does not appear even under MacOS while under Windows the application crashes. Thank you for your attentionI Noël
  4. Hello In the SM sample file exists an Unzip module requiring to choose the zip file ; the file is expanded in a folder named as the original file Has someone adapted this module in the idea of unzipFile(filesource ; folderDestination) Thanks for links Noël
  5. Hello John My question was answered privately by a participant in the French forum, but also on this one, I named ericire. His strategy was to modify the function by detecting these error messages to avoid the display of information boxes. I allow myself to join his code (still Hebrew for the novice that I am). RegisterGroovy( "JSON2FMP( url )" ; "import groovy.json.*¶try {¶parsedResponse = new JsonSlurper().parse(new URL(url))¶¶if (parsedResponse.size() == 1 ){¶ root = parsedResponse.keySet()[0]¶ keySet = parsedResponse.\"${root}\"¶¶ vsm_titre = keySet.title?:''¶ vsm_auteur1 = keySet.authors?keySet.authors[0].name:''¶ vsm_auteur2 = (keySet.authors && keySet.authors[1])?keySet.authors[1].name:''¶ vsm_nbPages = keySet.number_of_pages?:''¶ vsm_Editeur = keySet.publishers?keySet.publishers.name:''¶ vsm_urlImage = keySet.cover?keySet.cover.medium:null¶ vsm_Image = vsm_urlImage?new URL ( vsm_urlImage ):''¶} else {¶return 'pas de résultat'¶}¶} catch (Exception e) {¶return 'Erreur : ' + e¶}" ) Merci à tous deux Noël
  6. Hello I use a John Renfrew function to zip an entire folder has a similar function been created to Unzip folder/files ? Thanks Noêl I am half ashamed because there is indeed a module applying to the expansion of files ...
  7. Hello ! I thought I had an error in a script under FMP14A and just understood what happens. In that script I call the selectfile function by defining a variable ; nothing was happening compelling me to force FMP to leave ☹️ In fact the dialogue window opens in the background !!!! How to force it to appear in the foreground? Noël
  8. hello John Sorry to come back with a new problem. I launched the acquisition of datas on 1117 isbn or ean. It runs fine except these four references. 9782874260377 - 9782070511914 - 9782092021637 - 2713506859 These references returns me 2 alerts Have you ideas to void these alerts ? Thanks ND
  9. Thanks to John and Sean (?) ! Finally I must use a 64 bits installation because of a function calling json which doesn't seem working via 32bits.. If I install only the fmx file I can't access to my functions registered ! I'm lost ! Have a good day ND
  10. Just re-installed on a parallels vm Windows 10 the FMPA v14 32bits (because another pi doesn't run in 64bits). I copied and paste the two files for the pi (.fmx and .fmx64). After launching FMP and looking preferences/plugins I wanted to check the box of that pi ; and it returns What must I do ? Thanks Noël
  11. Thanks for that way... I'll see if it's not too difficult for my level ! Noêl
  12. So many modules have been developed under Scriptmaster that I dare to ask the question: does anyone know of a function that would acquire an image by scanning it from a scanner? I dream, no doubt! Noël
  13. OK ! I'll try that way ! One more time thanks for your help. Noël
  14. I added that line... but now how to get the content of this block ? I join a screen copy of my script.
  15. Sorry to be so bad pupil but where exactly must I add that line ☹️
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