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  1. Noél Dubau

    SendMail with attachments

    As I'm not pro can you precise me : - the variable to already exists ; I have to create the two others cc and bcc ; so the script woud be Send Email With Attachments ( from ; to ;cc ; bcc; subject ; body ; smtpHost ; attachmentPath ) - and in each variable I pass a list of emails separated by carriage return as toto@somewher.com mimi@labas.fr ... thelast@myhome.org - And then where must I insert your code Thanks
  2. Noél Dubau

    Create distant folder

    Hello I need to create from FileMaker 12 a remote folder on the server hosting a website I manage. I saw in scriptmaster the CreateFolder sample but it is on the computer. Is my wish feasible ? Do you have a link to a sample ? Thanks and regards Noël
  3. Noél Dubau

    SendMail with attachments

    Hello John Thanks for your replay. I want to use the Send Email Witha attachment (Send Email With Attachments ( from ; to ; subject ; body ; smtpHost ; attachmentPath )) But my knowledge is too weak to know how to modify the original script ! Moreover I will be able to use it only if the possibility exists to address it to several recipients. Noël
  4. Noél Dubau

    SendMail with attachments

    Oh ! I'm sorry to have disturbed but I was not precise enough ! My question was about the free scriptmaster plugin and not 360Works Email ! Thanks !
  5. Hello Is it possible in the various functions sendmail to - send to many recipients - send with many attachments ? Thanks Noël
  6. Noél Dubau

    About Formatted Dialog with Dynamic Buttons

    Hello John As you said the first proposition could return error, I tried the second and it runs fine ! In the same time a french FM user (and also member of that list) gave me a solution using list of choices (here) Have a good week Noël
  7. Noél Dubau

    About Formatted Dialog with Dynamic Buttons

    Thanks for these advices ! I'll take a look to morrow and return my opinion ! Noël
  8. Hello If I understand well the dialog returns in a variable the value clicked (in the original sample "Whatever" or "Neat") and I can define actions according to that value. In my database I have a lot of dialogs to create each one having 2, 3 or more choices. I wanted to register a function with 5 options... But is I don't fill all I get an error of the script ; is there a way to adapt the script to have only values filled ? In the sample I defined the option4 as "" Thanks for your help test_dialog_SM.fmp12
  9. Noél Dubau

    Previous versions

    Thanks a lot for your help ! Have a good day Noël
  10. Noél Dubau

    Previous versions

    Hello Sorry to have been so long to replay but I was far from Filemaker these past months... Your link allowed me to install that plugin on Windows and Mac machines. A question subsists in my mind : is a connection to the net required to use a FM solution using 360works scriptmaster after the installation of the pi ? Thanks Noël
  11. Noél Dubau

    Link on a word to url

    In the sample file posted in my first message I hoped a possibility when a click occured on "à ce site" to reach to the url of Fmsource ... But it doesn't seem possible !
  12. Noél Dubau

    Link on a word to url

    Thanks for that way I knew ; my hope was to click on various words oft the text and affect a different linkto everyone ! Noël (dreamer)
  13. Noél Dubau

    Link on a word to url

    Hello Sorry if the question has been asked in this forum but I don't find if it's possible (and how) to click on a word in a text field and get a link opened in the navigator. I join a minimal FMP 12 file to make may question more evident Thanks and regards Noël texteVersurl.fmp12
  14. Noél Dubau

    Previous versions

    Hello Since I installed the last free version of the plugin on my FileMaker 13 I have a lot of various alerts that I don't understand... The operation is finally done.. I'll come back later with screen copies but in the immediate time I'd like to download a previous version of tha plugin. Can you give me links to do that ? Thanks a lot and regards, Noël Now if that last version is in the extensions folder, when I launch FMP13Adv I have a panel preparing the pi and some seconds after FMP crashes ! On my PC I get a download At the end the pi are charged and the error no scriptmaster plugin !!!!! On Mac and PC If I put the 5.05 edition (found in a backup) FMP runs fine ! Hope in your advices
  15. Hello On my recent new MacBook as I was asked to hace a Java environment bay launching a FMP File using SMaster I think I commited an error : I installed le 64 bits version I found on Java jre-8u121-macosx-x64... I get errors in my app which works fine on my iMac ; I tried to reinstall the special version for mac but nothing changed. My question is how to fully uninstall every java on my MacBook under El Capitan and reinstall a functionnal version ? Thanks

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