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  1. Hello On my recent new MacBook as I was asked to hace a Java environment bay launching a FMP File using SMaster I think I commited an error : I installed le 64 bits version I found on Java jre-8u121-macosx-x64... I get errors in my app which works fine on my iMac ; I tried to reinstall the special version for mac but nothing changed. My question is how to fully uninstall every java on my MacBook under El Capitan and reinstall a functionnal version ? Thanks
  2. java not detected

    Hello ! Sorry because I didn't edit my post ! I uninstalled thé 64 bits version and installed the x86 one : everything is good nos. thanks and have a good week Noël
  3. java not detected

    Hello After a long time I come back to this forum on ScriptMaster. I use this plugin in a runtime solution under Filemaker 10 ! I installed the solution on a Windows 7 computer ; i Installed Java of course. And when I lauch the solution I get the following message "360Works plugin requires Java 1.5 or later, which is not installed on your computer. Download it from http://www.java.com (error 1)" On another Windows 7 I have not this problem. Hope in your help ! Noël
  4. Hello, At the end of a runtime Filemaker 12 I have a script that save in a zip all USR files of the solution ant that's OK. In a folder called Datas_App I store many sub-folders and files. I' looking for a solution to save copy that folder on an external support : the first time it would be copied the next times would only be added the files created from one to the other day. Are there scripts doing these things ? Thanks Don't worry more ! I retrieved the help brought by the friend Clemhoff on that link
  5. SM and iText to Compress PDF

    Thanks ! I'll try it But I'm surprised because even these 2 pictures reduced as gif (5ko for each) the layout generated is 583ko for an A4 vs 28ko if without pictures on the PC. On the Mac with pictures the pdf is only 90ko FmButler who distributes the PrinterSwitch plugin says that the problem comes from the Amuyi pdf driver they use on PC; Have a good week Noël
  6. SM and iText to Compress PDF

    Thanks for that return and the samples added... but how did you get that result ? Thanks Noel
  7. SM and iText to Compress PDF

    Hello ! I had read but probably not enough ; that you were talking pictures took me back to my models that contain the logo of the association ... and then surprise it was very heavy! A reduction in gif later and my pdf is near 100kb Pomero_Nathalie2016.pdf, what seems better ! I join a sample pdf and if you think we can get lighter !
  8. SM and iText to Compress PDF

    Hello, I found that discussion as I'm looking for a script compressing a pdf file generated by the plugin printswitch of myFMbutler. An A4 without only a little picture (logo of the society) has more than 300ko ! In the scriptmaster sample file, after adding the iText library in jars, I pasted the script of nleon307 ; it runs without error but the dest file has the same weight Can you give me an indication or a sample file ? Regards Noël
  9. Webviewer doesn't display local pdf file

    Hello, I hade done that verification. I uninstalled and re installed Adobre Reader. Choosing a pdf flie I fixed that reader as application to open/read files with pdf extension. I preceded of the path with antislashes file: ///C:/Lerda_Suzanne07_12_2015.pdf When I slipped a pdf on the WV I am entitled to the message "Unable to find or initialize the translator of the specified format" Is the MBS plugin free or not ? Thanks Noël
  10. Hello, French user I found a sample of resizing a webviewer (I join that file). I want to display local pdf files in that WV. Under MacOS that runs fine, under Windows 7 or 10 I get the screen copy joined too with only a "Image" Since tree days I do and undo unsuccessfully ! Perhaps an error in the path but I don't see where ! Hope in yur help Regards Noël WebViewerImageResizing.zip
  11. Error or not error ?

    Hello John I have not made any modification to the code of the script given in samples with ScriptMaster ; I just registered the function and defined a variable in fileMaker. After creating various folders (by other SM scripts as createFolderFile...) I generate the pdf file in PrinterSwitch. Finally the path $pathPS looks like on Mac : Then I defined a variable as Every thing runs fine but that message ; indeed an error management at the beginning of the filemaker script avoids the message to appear... But I should be happy to know why it appears ! Noël
  12. Error or not error ?

    Hello, I use ScripMaster and the SendEmail with attachment script ; I had no problems until I installed Printer Switch plugin myFMbutler. This pi creates the pdf file attached to the email; I get an error message (see screenshot). However the message is sent with his attachment and this explains the topic title ! What can I do to avoid that message ? Thanks and regards Noël
  13. FileMaker layout to pdf with iText

    Hello, Thanks at all ! As I am not of the level to undertake appentissage of iText I think I 'm going to look plugins ; PrinterSwitch seems not bad. If you have other references let me know! Regards Noël
  14. Hello, I'm lost in the forum because I don't speak english very fluently. I'm looking for a sample file showing how to create a pdf file from a FileMaker layout through the iText library. I need that to ger pdf files in a runtime solution. If such a file exists, thanks to those who give me a link. Regards Noël
  15. Can't register a function

    Hello I'm sorry to have disturb by that question ! I've found my problem : the function required jars and I hadn't load them ! Regards Noël How can I mark the question solved ?

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