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  1. Hello I copied the directory of a runtime solution in v14 of Filemaker running fine under a Windows 10 machine. Pasting and launching it on another PC (same windows 10 system) I have the following message : Throuhg menu Edition / Preferences / Plugins the check box for Scriptmaster is not checked ; if I try to check, I get the message (translation) Hope in your help and thank you Noël
  2. Hello All is in my screencopy : In a script I send to openlibrary the isbn or the ean of a book. On rare books (about 10 on 6000) I have the following error As the operation is long I use to thought it by night ; so I'd be interresed to avoid these message ; an equivalent of the function of FM "On script error.." Thanks ! PS I had asked some years ago but not kept the solution 😌
  3. Hello Sean In my various tries I had deleted the content of the folder but not the folder itself. After doing as you said I can say as Snoopy in its cartoon "I'am happy !" Thanks a lot for your help ! Noël
  4. Hello My subject is the error message I get when launching FileMaker 14 Adv ; I've seen some advices on that link but everything seems OK ! I uninstalled FileMaker before a new insallation ; always in error. Hope in some help I thought that updating Java had solved the problem ; the pi was activated once but no more ...
  5. Sorry but always disturbed by problems... I have not the script before registering the function... and don't know how to include the code you give ... and that error box occurs in many sm functions
  6. Hello John Many things occured in my life and took me far from FileMaker all the year long. I don't understand what code I must include and how ; would you be kind to help me more ? Noël
  7. I have a problem under Windows10 and the very old Filemaker 12 Advanced. Idownloaded the last version 5.3 an put the 2 elements in the extensions folder.When I start Filemaker nothing occurs ; no error and no installation of the pi. Going through Preferences / Plugins I see 360Works not checked. If I try to check I get the error you can see on attachment. Hope in your help ! Thanks
  8. Hello I use indeed old FM versions (12 and 14) but have a problem to attach files when using the BE_SMTP_Send module. Initially I have files in a list $attachments like this one But I tried unsuccessfuly too with only one file. My command is like BE_SMTP_Server ("smtp.free.fr" ;25;"";"" ) & BE_SMTP_Send ( parametres::mail_assoc;$recipient; $subject;$text & "¶" & $$sign; "" ;"" ;"" ;"" ;$attachments ) The mail is sent without attachments ! Is someone able to help me ? Thanks and regards
  9. Hello I just run the FM script step bys step. And so I found the error : and Scriptmaster is not guilty; it was on CopyFile (src; dest) that the alert occurred. Here is the code RegisterGroovy( "CopyFile( src ; dest )" ; "InputStream input = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(src));¶ OutputStream out = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(dest));¶ try {¶ out << input;¶ } finally {¶ if (out != null) out.close();¶ if (input != null) input.close();¶ }"; "isGui=false" ) The error was in the definition of the paths for MacOS only ! Sorry to have disturbed uselessly ! Keep yourself healthy! Noël
  10. Hello I have a FMP solution I did under FMP12 using some scripts from Scriptmaster ; everything runs fine ! Opening this solution in FMP14 Adv when one FM script using SM is executed I get a warning window I join a screen copy. I precise that after that the FM script runs fine till its end. I don't understand at all what is said and don't know in what direction I must search to avoid this alert. Thank for your help ! Noël
  11. Hello Just tried and got the following message ????
  12. Just found your answer in my spams ! I'll try soon and come back Thanks Noël
  13. Hello I use the old FM version 12 under Windows 10. In that system is installed the version 8 of Java 64bits. I conserved the 360Scriptmaster pi which was installed previously under Windows Seven. When I lauch FM I have an alert about the version as you can see below ; and if I look in preferences the SM pi is not checked Is that error signified by the pi or some script in my solution ? Thanks for help ? Noël
  14. I'm just come back to give a precision : - I tried to replace SelectFile by ChoosFolder (with the option Files And Directories) and the result is the same : under FileMaker 14 ADV the dialog box appears in background under standalone solution (runtime) it crashes The crah returns error informations joined under MacOS. Under windows after a moment the application doesn't answer and I don't know if there is an error file created and where ! I tried on my iMac, a virtual // machine and my MacBook Pro for the same comportment ! Hope in your advices Noël errorRuntimeSM.rtf
  15. Thanks a lot my dear Eric ! I'll try it to morrow and I'm sur you'lll be one more time my savior ! have a good night ! Noël PS : As you see I've a ot of problems with other modules ; I've saved my disk, reinstalled all apps ands extesions... but errors are still present ! Grrrr
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