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  1. Rather than using GetAsDate - which converts a (locale-specific) text representation of a date into a date. GetAsDate ( Left ( Dates::MMYYYY ; 2 ) & "/1/" & Right ( Dates::MMYYYY ; 4 ) ) it would be better to use the simpler Date constructor: Date ( Left ( Dates::MMYYYY ; 2 ) ; 1 ; Right ( Dates::MMYYYY ; 4 ) ) ...otherwise v2 seems to be doing the job fine
  2. ...and thanks to you Jeremiah for such a fantastic tool for making web-widget development a dream! The way that Carafe manages and bundles up the entire sprawling web-app code and creates a SINGLE script to power a web-viewer is tantalizingly simple and elegant! I think Carafe.FM is as yet mostly undiscovered by the FileMaker community, but with the tighter integration between FileMaker and the WebViewer coming in FM19 that is going to change big time. Carafe.FM is going to be the de-facto tool of choice for integrating the FileMaker development world with the Web development wo
  3. that should of course read submitDate( $theDateFromTheUser, $submitDateOrder )
  4. Hi fmwebby,.... It seems internally the Filemaker php API works with american date formats. This means that dates have to be converted when output or input. Use the method displayDate( $theDateFromFileMaker, $displayDateFormat ) to convert from US to your preferred date format. Use the method submitdate( $theDateFromTheUser, submitDateOrder ) to reconvert the input date into US-format. The php Site-Assistant has a hack whereby they just 'submit' the american date format to the user, because they haven't programmed the conversion of the date at submit-time! This means t
  5. Hi! I'm also working on an import/export utility - interesting topic.... what I don't understand here though is what the problem is when importing tab-delimited data. I've just made a test file with name and address fields and can quite happily import and export data to/from the fields - including commas. How do commas affect your import? What extension does the file have .txt .tab .csv?
  6. Hi, nice! Just a helpful tip for people debugging when they have problems with go to object for dynamic field-setting... Go to object[ objectNameOfField ] doesn't work if the field you wish to go to has a button attached to it! In that case the button is selected with a thick border instead of the field being selected... ...that caught me out for a while. Have fun everybody!
  7. Hello folks. I wish to programme a function into my database that gives the database the ability to resize graphics to any size using a layout page of exactly the required size. The technique I use is to create a layout with only the source (over-large) graphic on it, but scaled to exactly the size I wish to convert the graphic. I then change to preview mode, execute a copy scriptstep - which copies the current page as a graphic - and then paste the result into the correctly-sized graphic field. The problem is that the PAGE, and not just the graphic must be exactly the size I wa
  8. Hi bob. Here's my definitive answer: ------------------------------------------------- GetLastEntered__CFpub( fieldName ) /* Returns the last entered value, starting at and including the current record Use this function to extend column data over empty rows. */ GetLastEntered__CFpvt( fieldName ; Get( RecordNumber ) ) ------------------------------------------------- GetPreviousEntered__CFpub( fieldName ) /* Returns the last entered value, starting at but NOT including the current record Use this function, for example, to compare the value entered in the current rec
  9. Now for the corker... Let ( [ hi = Div ( num ; 400) ; lo = Mod ( num ; 400) ] ; Substitute ( Substitute ( Right ( SetPrecision ( 1/3 ; hi ) ; If ( hi > 400 ; 400 ; hi ) ) ; "3" ; Right ( SetPrecision ( 1/3 ; 400 ) ; 400 ) ) & Right ( SetPrecision( 1/3 ; lo ) ; lo ) ;"3" ; text ) ) Works up to num = 160000 after which the result remains simply of length 160000. It's quick at approx. 1/4 second for num=160000. Thanks for the challenge...I'm going to use this in my graphing app! What do you think? russell.watson@gmx.
  10. I tried this: Substitute ( Right ( SetPrecision(1/3;num) ; num) ; "3" ; textToReplace ) It works on the same idea but using divide instead of power. Sadly it only works up to 400 after which the decimal point is not correctly removed. The following, less pretty solution works up to 400. Let ( a = SetPrecision ( 1/3 ; num ) ; Substitute ( Right ( a ; Length ( a ) - 1 ) ; "3" ; textToReplace ) )
  11. If the user never sees this 20-char primary key, how do you implement drop down lists for choosing a single record. You couldn't use a value list with, say PrimaryKeyId and Name.
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