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  1. Sorry I should specify better. I'm running Windows XP the error roport says its Offset: 0000df8a
  2. Everytime i launch Filemaker (9 or 10 advanced) with the FTPeek plugin it hangs while loading it and crashes filemaker, anyone else had this issue and resolved it?
  3. Is there a reason a simple html form pointing to their website won't work? Just use javascript to submit the form after it loads, call the (local) web page in your web viewer. I'm not savvy with https, but I don't see why that wouldn't work. You'd have to make sure you send all the right POST params, (like their little radio button thingy) but it should work.
  4. Just curious if anyone has any experience setting up filemaker to read a Biometric Thumb print to give access to a file. I thought I remembered seeing a plug-in a while back, but I can't find it. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Never used alpha, so can't help you there. But, as far as the problems you mentioned, no, I don't think FM has any of them. Records being locked happens, but only if someone else is currently in said record, and frankly, thats a good thing.
  6. just do an = join from your clientID in the clients table, to the return separated client list in your Cases table, then your relationship is done. In you client record, you would then draw a quick portal that references your Case table. The portal would then show any cases related to that client.
  7. But still the same basic thing would apply. just make your relationship based off of that number "4" (That you entered into a global field.) with a greater than join to the Report Number field. Then a portal will list everyone record that has a "Report Number" of greater than 4.
  8. what happens if there is no third slash? http://www.fmforums.com Do all fields have to be a longer url? Just curious here.
  9. Easy way to view both of them on the same screen would be to create two global fields, named whatever. Create 2 extra instances of your table relate one of your new fields to the id in one of em, and the other field to the id in the 2nd new table instance. Punch the ID's of the records you wish to compare in your two newly created fields and bam, you now have one record that is related to two records. Create two portals, (one for each table instance) with the data you wish to compare and thats it. Now if your wanting to do more than just look and print that might not work for you. but theres a quick and easy way to compare two records in a flat file. I'd suggest creating a new table for these purposes, and then creating your two global fields in there. But thats more of a preference and need for organization on my part, plus thought of future reports than any real issue i see now for you.
  10. While I agree with mr_vodka here, you can do it with the script step: Go To Layout -- Based on Calc Then enter this as your calc. MonthName(Get(CurrentDate)) & Year(Get(CurrentDate))
  11. I know. I wish they would make custom functions a bit like plug-ins. Where you could export and share them with other developers without them having to go through the trouble of creating all the variables and stuff.
  12. In Filemaker 6 when you drew a hairline it was considered a vector line (or vector graphic however you wanna say it). In FM8 this is not the case. Here's the problem. We have a laser engraver that we print to from filemaker. While upgrading their solution from FM6 to FM8.5, it broke, because the laser envgraver Cuts on vector graphics, and burns non vector things. Now, nothing is cutting. Anyone know if its possible to make a hairline a vector graphic? Or some way to make FM8 hairlines work like FM6 hairlines?
  13. We've had this issue, and other worse ones here. Best bet for you. Export all your data (Just in case) Then Recover the file.
  14. I have hardware (a memory keyboard for an old foil stamping machine) connected to a computer ( WINDOWS XP SP2) through the serial port and would like to know if there is a way for me to send information to it. Currently we're using an old program written in DOS to do the trick, but we cannot make any modifications to it (No source code). Basically, All I need to send is a text file, but I can't seem to connect to the hardware, the DOS program has no issues connecting to it. Anyone got any suggestions that I could give a shot?
  15. I figured out my problem with this last wed. right before I left for the holidays and never checked back. Sorry! Here is what I found. The problem was not the support.dll, it was a plug-in I use. FtpIt. Once I removed that plug-in everything started working fine again. I'm thinking that one of the XP updates had an issue with loading the plug-in. Although I must say that I did not use that plug-in any time in my runtime. And I also use two of troi's plug ins (File and Text) and had no issue with either of those. The plug in was just automatically set up to jump into my runtimes folder, and since I took it out, everythings been fine.
  16. Here is what I have found... It appears to be a problem with the Support.dll file inside of the runtime. If you move this file out of the root folder of your runtime, the runtime seems to launch fine. However, when I move this file, it seems that my web viewer stops working, and causes my runtime to hang up whenever I hit a layout that uses the web viewer. I'm not hearing anything back on this? Am i to assume that I'm the only person having this issue? Or has no one upgraded their xp in a few weeks :P
  17. One of the most recent Windows XP security updates has broken FM 8-FM 8.5 runtimes. (It might affect more those are just the only ones I have to try). The application will launch once, and then quit running the next time they try and launch it. As of right now I have only found one way to fix this issue: 1) Moved all the runtime dll's to the system32 folder. 2) deleted msvcp71.dll and msvcr71.dll from the runtime because there is one in the system32 folder 3) Changed the program compatablities to run as a Windows 98 and input settings box checked. 4) Turn off advanced attributes for "file is ready for archiving" and "for fast searching" This seems to fix the issue, if anyone else has any information, or anyone knows why this would happen, please post it here so we can keep track of it and any progress made.
  18. I've came across a problem. Every computer in our company that Runs IE7 cannot keep filemaker open. It opens once, and runs fine, but if the minimize it, or shut if off, it will never open again. (Until you reboot, then the same thing happens.) This seems to have happened as soon as we upgraded to IE7. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone else willing to give it a try so we can make absolutley positive thats the issue? It only happens with a runtime.
  19. While this would be very neat, I do not think it is possible. The separation model would help you in an area like this but its probably to late for that.
  20. My extended characters display as the black ? box on the mac, and the box on the windows machine. Is there anyway I can get these to show how they are supposed to? I'm talking about upside-down ?'s and !'s, and like 1/2 symbols, stuff like that Anyone got any idea's for me?
  21. That sounds exactly like my problem, those printers that I'm having problems printing to are networked. This is very strange.
  22. I'm having some problems with an 8.5 runtime not allowing users to swich which printer they print too. It seems very strange to me, I simply use the Print[] feature and let them control the rest (Internal Application, so I can train them ), its worked fine for a while, now all the sudden, they're default printer is set to Adobe PDF, and even if they change it and click print, it still trys to shoot out a PDF. This seems to be mainly happening on Windows XP Any Ideas?
  23. Can you show me how your calling the FM script? And how your expecting to get a returned result? This will all help.
  24. I'm looking for some specifics on Filemaker. Some of the Tech stuff for a client who wants to know why THEY should choose Filemaker over another Database. I'm looking for stuff like 1. Max File Size 2. Performance examples 3. Database structure backend 4. What type of encryption (if any) is used when sending data across the net with the FMNetwork? and stuff like that. Anyone know where I could find like a whitepaper or something that would answer a few of these questions for me? What I do know might not be right, as I'm not sure where I picked it up from. For instance 1. Is 2 TB right? For each file that is? and like a 2 GB size for each field? Is there a limit per table, or does that just fall under the max file size limit? 3. I've read somewhere that as of FM7 Filemaker went with an SQL framework, is this correct? Any help is appreciated.
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