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  1. Lee, thanks for the note on the seedcode update, I'll take a look at that. LaRetta I have a couple reports that are using flat ol FileMaker techniques to get users the data they whant; I'm just trying to strech the membrane a bit. Again I'm editorializing the calc I posted a bit, I was hoping to focus on developing the correct SQL select syntax.
  2. Darren, thanks for the reply. The querry in the OP executes successfully. It returns a list of the two SUMmed values per day. What I am trying to accomplish is to generate a returned list where each row equates to the %on Time for that day. 6-3-2013, .96 6-4-2013, .95 etc. However: ExecuteSQL("Select invoicedate, (sum(quantityontime) / sum(invoicequantity)) From ontimedeliverydetail where invoicedate between '6/3/2013' and '6/30/2013' group by invoicedate ";"";"") yields a ? Also as an FYI im editorilizing my query a bit for the sake of this discussion...I have a few custom function built to help me get out of a total literal string.
  3. Having trouble doing what I would assume is an easy task I have a table of invoice records with these Fields of interest ( invoicedate - invoicequantity - quantityontime) I would like to graph our on Time Delivery % by day but use a execute SQL statement to gather my data. The below query returns a nice list of what I would like to use for dividends and divisors as expected, However when I try to calculate the two summaries my statement returns the ? ExecuteSQL("Select sum(quantityontime), sum(invoicequantity) From ontimedeliverydetail where invoicedate between '6/3/2013' and '6/30/2013' group by invoicedate ";"";"") What changes could be made to return a % per day?
  4. That makes way too much scene....should have let my brain think outside this little instance..... Thanks for the link to that post.
  5. More of an annoyed rant and a quest of why but: I discovered that when having a list of conditions to evaluate (on hold - open - open passed due - closed in that order) that if the circumstances allow for say past due and on hold to resolve as true, thus satisfying two of the conditions, the last in the order is executed instead of the first correct condition encountered... why? This seems to be counter intuitive unless I'm missing something? If it encounters the first condition in the list and it resolves as true, why waste time continuing down and evaluating the others in the list???
  6. ***Many apologies I must have glanced over a similar post just below in this one*** Good morning to all, I'm looking to add a desktop scanning solution to our receiving area and integrate it with our FileMaker DBs. Just looking for recommendations on the hardware side (scanner), and any advise or heads up on issues any of you may have encounter with the similar endeavours. Many thanks,
  7. I have an odd issue with charting on a list view. We have a capacity file that looks at several outside files for data and computes a % capacity for manufacturing for the day. We had been generating a graph like graphic using |||||| characters (1-100) without issue for years. When we upgraded to FMPA11 in an XP environment we utilized the new charting tool to replace the old homebrew model. The layout in question is a list view layout, each record represents a work day and has a chart to display capacity. all values used in the chart are local to the table. The issue: When i navigate to the layout in question, it seems to grab a hold of a lot of resources on the client. We noticed the behavior when a user performed an parsing script (in another filemaker db)that usually takes less the 10 seconds to run, and after viewing the list of charts, the task took in upwards of 6 minutes. This is repeatable on all of our clients. The resource chew is only initialized when viewing that particular layout. If I view a list layout that instead displays a numeric % as capacity all is well. Any thoughts are appreciated...
  8. Thanks for the pointer, apologies for the redundancy.
  9. Good Morning all, I have a question regarding the documented system requirements for FM10adv on XP pro clients. We are in the planning stages of deploying 10 company wide, however we have not done a mass update to SP3. We are currently running a fully patched SP2. The documentation states SP3 as a minimum requirement. Are there any known issues running on SP2?
  10. Not sure if this is the right forum for this but I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible (and if so how) to enable the learn option within the filemaker spell checker?
  11. Is there a function that works like the Get(filesize) function only for a specified file instead of the current db?
  12. I think this is an easy one but I cant seem to get out of y own way today. I have a table of shortage causes. there is a summary field counting the occurrences of each shortage type and another field defined as a calculation to get the total # of records defined in this table. I have a corresponding report layout made up of sub summaries. I want to be able to display the types of shortages and show the total number of each and the percent of the total. The summary field takes care of the total # of occurrences but im having trouble defining the percentage calc. Any thoughts?
  13. Im trying to run what I assumed was a simple If statement. I have a start date and end date and I'm creating records for all dates that are Mon-Fri, doing a check before each loop iteration based on the following: If[(not DayofWeek ($Date) = 1) or (not DayofWeek($Date) = 7)] then go ahead through the part of the loop that creates the daily record. If it fails that it goes to the part of the loop that increments $Date by 1 day. No matter what value DayofWeek ($Date) returns it fails that if statement and goes straight to incrementing $Date. I tried switching to a ≠ without the not and it will pass the if statement every time. Am i missing something here?
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