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  1. Here's another ScriptMaster module which doesn't require Apache IOUtils and supports FileMaker-style paths. It uses some internal ScriptMaster utilities instead, I'll add it to the ScriptMaster list of modules. Returns number of bytes transferred. The 4096 is the buffer size. Parameters: containerName path Script: import com.prosc.io.IOUtils; import com.prosc.fmkit.PluginUtils; inputStream = fmpro.getContainerStream(containerName) if (inputStream == null) throw new IOException(containerName + " is empty"); try { File f = PluginUtils.fileForFMPath(path); FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(f); IOUtils.writeInputToOutput(inputStream, out, 4096); } finally { out.close(); inputStream.close(); }
  2. Hi Markus,    Do you have a sample excel file  you could send over? I'm able to read numbers using the excel formula, e.g. ScribeDocReadValue( "C16" ) If this returns "ERROR", call the ScribeLastError function to get a detailed message about what went wrong.   There may be some unusual formatting going on in your Excel file. Excel stores its numbers as raw values, and specifies a format to use when displaying it to the user. Scribe tries to look at the format definition and return results formatted the same way. Having a file to test against would be very helpful.   Thanks!
  3. How are you inserting the documents into the container field? If you are choosing "insert picture" then that would explain this behavior. Try 'Insert File' instead.
  4. Scribe does actually place the tabs in the word document, which word then converts to spaces when opening the file. A solution to this would be to mimic the way word adds tabs to the document, with XML data structures representing the contents of each tab. I'll add this as a feature request. Thanks for reporting it!
  5. Are the fields the same, but the order is different? This is likely because Scribe is using an older version of iTex, for licensing reasons.
  6. Scribe tries to return the field names in the order they appear in the document. There may be a discrepancy with the version of iText you're using, I seem to recall some older versions not sorting the field lists correctly. What version of itext are you using, and how are you getting the field list? -Sam
  7. Tough to know for sure at this point. I'd say it's pretty unlikely that a version of OS X would ship without some option for supporting Java code, either a deprecated JVM from apple, or a supported one from Oracle.
  8. Hello Paul, please contact me directly on this: sam at 360works.com Thanks!
  9. Try this: RegisterGroovy( "WriteToFileWithCarriageReturns( filePath ; textToWrite )" ; "//This simple version uses utf-8¶ //new File( filePath ).write( textToWrite );¶ ¶ //This more advanced version allows you to specify the character encoding¶ OutputStreamWriter writer = new OutputStreamWriter( new FileOutputStream( filePath ), "utf-8" );¶ writer.write( textToWrite.replace("n", "rn") );¶ writer.close();¶ return true;" )
  10. Mark, ScriptMaster converts the line breaks on text passed in as parameters. This includes both variables and the actual function bodies. To get a CR in your output, I think your best option is to do the substitution in java, referencing the CR as its numeric value. Try something like this in your script, which replaces all newlines with a newline and carriage return. text.replace("n","rn")
  11. Hello, thanks for pointing out the flaw in the documentation, that will be fixed in the next release. The backreferences use a $1, $2, $3, etc. syntax. The number indicates which group to use. A group is a part of the pattern enclosed in parentheses. It looks like you've already tried this, can you post the entire function call here? As well as the text being operated on. Thanks!
  12. Hello David, Some POP mailboxes support a unique message ID as well. Our plugin doesn't support POP UIDs currently, but may in the future. This would allow you to store the UID of the most recently processed message, and use that as an offset. If messages are deleted from the POP mailbox by some other application, this won't cause any gaps. Thanks for pointing this out, we're always trying to improve the documentation (while keeping it succinct). Let me know if we can help with anything else.
  13. What's your image field? There's not currently a good way to pass container fields into ScriptMaster, so you need to use a URL as the first parameter. This can be a file url or http url.
  14. The rotated image will be stored in the $rotate variable. If something goes wrong, the $rotate variable will contain the word "ERROR". You can use SMLastError for a detailed error description in this case. I'd recommend using a hex color (#336699) for the background color, or just leave it as empty quotes.
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