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  1. Try adding it as a referance, you will then be able to double click & open it up
  2. Has anyone else noticed this problem with Vista?
  3. Yes I updated with a patch for vista, (from FM site) everything works ok as far as I know. This is the only problem I have found 8.5v2 is the ver.
  4. I figured out that it works properly on my PC, but not on my laptop (which is Vista OS)even when I set up a new referance point? But I don't know wht it dosen't work on Vista? and works ok on XP Any suggestions?
  5. yes WITHOUT reference and I also tried double clicking. Clicking is not the problem. It won't open a PDF (or any other type of file) I can export it and open it from the desktop (for example) but cannot double click & open from within Filemaker.
  6. I have a container field that I inserted a PDF file (reference to file) however when I click in the container it does not open the file (or short-cut to file) what am I doing wrong?
  7. Yep, That was my problem. I had "Prohibit modifacation of value during data entry" checked, therefore I couldn't Insert a picture from another location. Thanks for the help
  8. I have a global container that is set to Global, Auto-enter Last Visited,Can't modify, Always Validate. My Logo is a .jpg that sits on my desktop. My problem is I want to move my logo from the desktop to a folder inside Filemaker, but I don't know how to change the gLogoContainer to look in the new folder instead of the desktop? Can anyone help? Thanks
  9. Yes Ihave 1 record with 10 pages. They are job related pictures complied for 1 certian job.Some jobs only have 5 or 6 pictures or 1 page, but others have as many as 60 pictures, so I use 10 pages, as it is all for the same job,custoner, & location (repair areas for customers) so I guess there is really no way to script this or use sliding? Maybe someone has a suggestion.
  10. I have a record that has 10 pages with 2 portals on each page (for pictures) however I dont always use all 10 pages, so my question is: is there a way I can script or setup to print only the pages that have pictures in the portals & not print all 10 pages? I set up print options every time I print from print options, but sometimes forget to check how many pages actually have photo's on them, and in such cases I get for example 2 pages of pictures & 8 pages of blank portals. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. Yes you were right I installed Dev. then 8.5 & it all installed as it should. Thanks
  12. I'm trying to install FM Pro Advanced 8.5 on a new laptop, my 8.5 advanced is a upgrade ver, so I installed 7.0 pro then upgraded to 7.3, now my problem is when I try to install 8.5 advanced it says: A qualifying product has not been found.... even when i put in my product key & where the folder is that has 7.3 , It still says A qualifying product has not been found. Can anyone help me?
  13. I guess there is no way to do this, as no-one had any suggestions: I sure wish the Name or Company name could be added to the maps.
  14. I would like to add a Company Name to the address area on Google maps,(web viewer setup) but I cant seem to add 2 fields to the address line in the web viewer setup My maps come out like this at the top of map: 1234 Some Street Mytown,MO 44000 I want them to come out like this: Joe's Bike Shop 1234 Some Street Mytown,MO 44000 or Joe's Bike Shop, 1234 Some Street Mytown,MO 44000 any help will be much appreciated
  15. I wanted to carry a calculation balance over to the next new record
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