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  1. Happy b'day friend...

  2. I have finally got a working code for this situation, if for some reason anybody would need it! jim
  3. I am new to working in FM7 server with FX.PHP. I am used to Lasso so everything seems different. I am really having a hard time understanding and getting any code to work that would send an email out from a record in a database, with information from the database record embedded in the email. I am currently editing a record, then bringing the edited record up for display. Once it is brought up for display I want the choice to send the person from that record an email with there edited information. I am having no problem passing the field information through variables, it is getting them from there into a sent email message that is not working for me. If any one has a working FX.PHP code for this type of situation, I would really appreciate it. thanks, jim
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