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  1. I have the same issue. Was this ever resolved?
  2. Thanks, I was SURE I had tried that but I must have been mistaken because it works perfectly.
  3. I have a table called MEDIA_SCHEDULE which displays related records from LINE_ITEMS via a portal. I have a script to create a new LINE_ITEM from the MEDIA_SCHEDULE. It takes the CATEGORY (Digital, Television, Press etc.) as a script parameter to set the category of the LINE_ITEM created. The LINE_ITEM is displayed in a new window. I would like the script to choose the layout of this window via calculation so that if the new LINE_ITEM::Category is digital it is displayed using the "LINE_ITEMS_Digital" layout. I know I could have a script trigger to change layout as soon as the category is set but I thought it would be more elegant to have it done within the New Window script step. I just can't figure out how to form the calculation.
  4. We appear to have resolved the issue. I thought that perhaps records were not being committed properly and went through all scripts to ensure that where a "Commit Records/Requests" script step occurs that the options to "Skip data entry validation", "Perform without dialog" and "Override ESS locking conflicts" were all checked. Since then we have not lost any records. It probably comes down to less-than-perfect database construction and scripting in the first place but this at least seems to have worked for now.
  5. We have a table of Suppliers. We also have a table of Tasks. When defining a Task, the user chooses a Supplier from a value list that is filtered by Territory. i.e. the Task will have a Territory defined and only the Suppliers operating in that Territory are selectable. However there are some Suppliers that work across ALL territories. I would like to have a way that these Suppliers are included in the value list for ANY territory, so if the Task has the Territory defined as (say) Sydney, the value list will show the Suppliers relevant to Sydney AND Suppliers that cover all territories. Ideas?
  6. You're correct. The link to the OnTimer trigger seems to deal with exactly my issue. I'll download the sample file and explore that.
  7. I have a script which opens a new (dialog) window for user to enter information. The script pauses while information is entered. I want to allow the user to cancel the script (i.e. leave User Abort on) but if they do, I want the record to revert and the window to close automatically. I tried: If [ Get (Script Result) = "Cancel"] Revert Record/Request [ ] Close Window [Current Window] Exit Script [ ] but that doesn't seem to work. Any thoughts?
  8. Thanks for these thoughts. Privileges was one of the first things we looked at but will review again. Yes we do have UUIDs, so we're confident that data is not being overwritten — the records are actually no longer there. However we don't have ALL of the other fields suggested. We'll implement those. The daily check method sounds like a great way to try to identify the circumstances.
  9. We have been having an occasional issue where records just disappear. It's been going on for almost a year now and we simply can't see what might be causing it. It is not common and seems to happen at random. Once every 2 weeks or so. Our database has 33 tables. The disappearing records all come from the same table. It is hosted on a cloud based server with 17 clients in 2 cities (same time zone) accessing it. Steps we have taken so far are: • Disabled "delete record" from the Menu Set • Implemented a dedicated "delete record" script that notifies the administrator when it is run so that the administrator can confirm with the user that the deletion was intentional. • Checked that records can not be deleted via a relationship • Tracked the timing of discovery that records have disappeared. This is difficult because it may be weeks or months before someone needs to refer to it, so doesn't really tell us when the record disappeared. When the record is deleted it appears that related records are NOT deleted. Help?
  10. Comment's solution works beautifully. Thank you.
  11. I have 3 fields: START DATE — user selects date from calendar RUN — user enters number of days over which activity will occur END DATE — Calculation based on first two fields. This works fine BUT we want the user to have the option of entering the END DATE directly and have the RUN calculated. I changed both RUN and END DATE to Calculated Values but with no luck: changing RUN still changes END DATE (which is good) but when END DATE is changed, RUN doesn't change and END DATE consequently reverts to original value.
  12. OS-X permissions was the issue. So obvious in hindsight. Thanks very much.
  13. Further to previous post, User gets message: "File is not modifiable." This occurs for all levels of access, including administrator.
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