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  1. Hi Extreme, The whole script is pretty long and specific to our company, however the critical steps are: Early in the script: Set Variable [ $path1 ; Value: Substitute ( Get (DesktopPath) ; "Desktop/" ; "" ) ] Set Variable [ $filename ] Then when you get to the Save Records as PDF script step the Specify Output File should be: filewin:/$path1/Dropbox/Folder/$filename filemac:/$path1/Dropbox/Folder/$filename Where I have used "Folder" you could put the name of the folder of your choice or you can create folder names as variables as part of the script.
  2. Don't worry. I have figured this out using Get(DesktopPath) to identify where the shared folder will be on each user's computer, saving that as a variable, then including that in the filepath when saving PDF.
  3. I have seen various articles and videos that explain how to upload a file from a Filemaker Container to Dropbox using the Dropbox API. However I would like to create a script so that a user can save a pdf directly from Filemaker to a shared Dropbox Folder. Any tips?
  4. The scripted loop may be the case re the continuing lockout. I'll look into that. My real query is why does the option to send a message to the other user appear but never work. It seems to have been that way since at least FM7. During that time we've moved from peer to peer, to FM Server, to FM Cloud for AWS to FM Cloud. The same circumstance has always offered the send message option and it has never seemed to work. It's not referred to any documentation that I can find.
  5. Over the years, we've run into a situation where two people try to access the same record at the same time. A message is displayed saying "Name (username) is modifying this record. You cannot use this record until Name (username) is finished." Two responses are offered "Send Message" and "OK". If you click "OK", the message simply comes up again, so as well as being locked out of the record you are effectively locked out of using Filemaker. If you click "Send Message" a dialogue appears headed "Message to Send" with a field enabled for a message to be written. Despite having tri
  6. We have a table of Items. Each Item has a Category field. Each Item has a Size field. Depending on the Category, the Size may or may not be required. I am trying to use "Validate by Calculation" on the Size filed so that an alert is shown if it is empty when the Category requires that it should be completed but no alert is shown if the Category does not require it. So far I have had no success. I'd welcome any tips.
  7. Thanks again. You're right it works fine when using a Schedule layout with a portal to Line Items, however the updating issue occurs if using a Line Item layout with the "Item Count Invoiced" field in a sub-summary by Schedule. Any tips for this?
  8. Thanks. Did as you suggested and made "Invoiced" a Number field (with checkbox ) and then used Sum. It works, however I find that I sometimes need to click in the Sum field to force it to show the updated calculated amount. Is there a reason why it doesn't always automatically refresh when the Invoiced field in related record is updated?
  9. I have a table "Schedules" which shows related records from "Line Items". When viewing a Schedule there is an "Item Count" field which shows how many Line Items are in that Schedule. Each Line Item is marked with simple Y/N Radio button when Invoiced. I would like to have a field on the Schedule that shows how many of the related Line Items have been invoiced. I can do it with a script but would prefer a calculation if possible...but I just can't work out how.
  10. That gives me the same result: if placed in a Sub Summary it shows only first value; If placed in Grand Summary it shows only last value. They appear on appropriate dates (as they did before) but I'm not getting all values.
  11. My problem is defining "a repeating calculation field that puts the amount of tickets sold in the repetition corresponding to a certain date." As I said in first post: if placed in a sub Summary it shows only first value; If placed in Grand Summary it shows only last value.
  12. Fair enough. Let's say we have an artist performing shows in 3 cities. On any given day there may be advertising activity for one or more of these shows.This activity may utilise a number of different media channels. We can display a summary of when this activity occurs by date and channel using repeating fields. Each day there are certain number ticket sales for each of the three events We can display a summary of when sales have occurred by date using repeating fields. What I'd like to do is show the total ticket sales each day. At the moment the closest I can get is show
  13. I have a layout summarising advertising activity and ticket sales for multiple events. I have tried a number of things. First, in order to show dates (over a defined date range) that activity and sales occur I use a calculation field called "zs_GanttChart_rt": Let ([Current_Date = Extend ( zv_StartDate_gd ) + Get (CalculationRepetitionNumber)]; Case ( IsEmpty ( Refiner_1A ) and Current_Date > Extend (Date_Start) and Current_Date < Extend (Date_Start) +2; Extend (Z_colour); Current_Date > Extend (Date_Start) and Current_Date < Extend (Date_End) +2; Extend (Z_co
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