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  1. k, i figured out a solution... 1. i created the main (menu system) runtime, and put all the those files into a folder called runtime1folder (for example). 2. i created subfolder in that folder (called runtime2folder, for example) 3. i created the runtime2 solution, and put all those files into that folder. 4. went back to runtime1 folder and created another subfolder called runtime3folder. 5. i created the runtime3 solution, and put all those files into the runtime3folder. of course, i had created scripts in the runtime1 (menu) to point to the appropriate runtimes in the appropriate subfolders. i don't think it's the most elegant solution, but it works great! i still welcome suggestions on a more elegant way to do this!! thank you
  2. i am using the Safenet HASP system to protect a filemaker solution that i have written and is being distributed. There are 3 different runtime solutions that need to be created independently of each other because each is protected by the hardware USB key differently. Runtime1 is a menu system that calls the other two runtime solutions, and is not protected at all by the key. Runtime2 is a solution which may be run a limited number of times before another subscription fee must be paid (INSTANCE protection) Runtime3 is a solution which may be run for the current month (TIME protection). Problem....i want all three of these runtimes to reside in the same folder. But when i create the runtimes separately and test them, they all run fine. When i copy/paste all files from the three runtime folders and put them all in the same folder, no matter which EXE file i open, they all open the same solution. Each runtime is created using different bind keys. FMPro 10 Advanced, Windows 8 thank you in advance for your help and suggestions. don hall at shaw dot ca
  3. creating a runtime

    thanx to both of you guys for the prompt advice do i have to do anything about "kiosk" or menus or anything...i don't want the file modified in any way, and i have disabled as much as i could using access privileges etc thanx again...
  4. ok, first, let's all pretend that i'm *really* dumb and need a step by step numbered, detailed explanation on creating a runtime on fmp 7 developer on windows xp home edition it's a simple database, one file, a few fields, with sound clips in container fields...it just picks a random record and plays the sound clip. 5 fields, 3 scripts, a no brainer....i just *can't* seem to get a runtime generated.... thanx! ( see? i can't even spell thanks!....or can i?)

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