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  1. Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for reply. I have never talk about SSO,I guess SSO isn't available working with Open directory on SnowLeopard server (I think it's a Kerberos 'issue', but I really don't need SSO at all). My server/client set up is the following: Mac OS X 10.6 (SnowLeopard) server on a Mac mini, this server is the master and primary domain controller and I need to use it to authenticate users on client machines AND in filemaker shared files. Filemaker server (FMS11) resides in a Win 2008 server machine (which is not part of the domain and maybe this could be a problem but I don't think so). Client machine are Win Vista business edition SP2 and I can access them and join them in OD domain but only 1 user (I created 2 users) is recognized and can access filemaker server (no matter the group membership - fmsadmin, domainusers OR fmsusers). Hope this could help to understand my problem.. I've contacted FM support forum and they told me that this could be related to SnowLeopard directory working with FMS11, it seems that other users reported the same situation during filemaker developers conference..
  2. Hello all, I'm triying to login in a filemaker server using Open directory in Snow leopard server so I created 2 users: first.user member of Domain admins, Domain users, fmsadmin second.user member of Domain users and fmsusers (a group that I created in the directory). fmsadmin has full access to the file, fmsusers has restricted access (data entry only). I want to say that both users are recognized by the domain controller (both users can authenticate in a Windows Vista business machine, load their roaming profiles and privileges properly). only first.user can open filemaker files (even if I change the group membership to fmsusers). At this point I don't know how to set up the file security setting to fit my needs or the directory user settings in Domain controller admin pane: I tried to use group names, group short names (i.e. Domain users AND domainusers) and the users short names are equal to their complete name (first.user's short name is first.user). Any help? Any known bug? FMServer v2 on Win 2008 server. Client FM pro advanced v2 on windows Vista machine.
  3. Hello all, I'm using SQLserver 2008 with Visual studio and SSID. I'm trying to retreive data from a Filemaker table via ODBC (sequelink) and put them into a MySQL table. In mysql (and in all standard SQL compliant RDBMS) multiple fields doesn't exists, so I have 20 fileds which should receive 20 values from a multiple field with 20 repetitions. I don't know (and I can't figure) how to select every single repetition from filemaker and update MySQL. I'm afraid that this is not possible. Do you know which syntax to use to query Filemaker properly (if any)?
  4. Hello all, I'm getting into an encoding problem updating MySQL from FM using Execute SQL script step. The mysql table has a field which charset is utf8 (utf8_uncode_ci). The field in filemaker contains a lot of characters (arabian, greek, danish..) that once written in MySQL returns only question marks (!). I tried to use 'SET NAMES utf8' SQL statement before update record and I tried to configure ODBC driver to work with UTF8 charset by default. Exporting the SQL statement generated from FMpro instead of Execute the query, then copying and pasting the same code into SQLyog (a GUI for MySQL) the characters are correct.. how can I set filemaker to export the proper charset to MySQL? (FMpro adv. 10 Windows Vista)
  5. Hello all, I'm facing a new problem and I hope you can help me solve it.. My web site is based on MySQL (latest version) and - after trying using a External data source (ESS?) - I decided to update record via DSN (odbc driver MySQL connector latest version 5.01.05 febraury 2008) and Execute SQL script step. Until 3 weeks ago we used mysql 4.1.2.. (I can't remember the exact version but sure it wasn't 5) and the same driver on PCs; since we upgraded to MySQL 5 some SQL instructions stop working w/out returning any error (using Get(LastOBDCError) function). using debug tool and data viewer I copied the SQL instructions and paste them into another application which execute the query instead of filemaker and all of them are properly working. Do you know some incompatibility between Filemaker and MySQL 5? Is this version supported by FM pro 10?
  6. Hello, the upgrade wasn't related to software or server, I just needed to shutdown all PC and server for some minutes owing to a lack in electrical power. It seems that reboot is the only way to re-join the Active Directory.. it's disappointing FMS didn't refresh the connection with that service sometimes..
  7. Hello all, this morning I restarted both DC and FMS in order upgrade our system. I closed FMS first then DC then I restart them in reverse order. DC didn't start properly the first time (some service fail to initialize and it couldn't load Active directory and DNS server) but, unfortunately I discoverd this problem after FMS startup so the database service (which uses AD as external authentication directory) refuse to logon all the domain users even if now DC is properly running and I can only open the files using the Open recent feature in "File" menu. I'm wondering if I can 'refresh' FMS without restart the entire service (which mean close all file, disconnect all users etc etc..). I alredy change the authentication method swicthing from external to Filemaker auth. and back. Any idea?
  8. Hello, I'm trying to output a field in HTML (via XSLT) this field data are 'formatted' using some tab (CTRL+TAB) in .fp7 file but the XSLT transformation ignore those TABs treating them as simple space (nbsp; like). Is there any way to show the correct tabulation instead? I tried using translate(filed_text, ' ','& nbsp;') but it didn't work.
  9. Thank you very much! I didn't notice the Sync option! Very useful, thanks!
  10. Hello all, I'm trying to use FM10 as front end for a MySQL database. I added 3 tables using PhpMyAdmin and configured DSN on Windows Server (at the moment i'm using FMS9 but I will install FMS10 soon). I opened a filemaker database and edit External data sources, create new data source ODBC using the DSN of my server. I opened database management relationship pannel and instance one of the 3 tables of MySQL db. I wrote a script which synchronize the SQL db with data of filemaker and save it. Once I finished to write the script I discovered that I have forgotten a field in MySQL so I added it through PhpMyAdmin. I go back to filemaker and the last filed weren't in my table instance. The only way to refresh the structure of the table seems to be remove not only the instance itself but the entire ESS. By removing the instance I've lost all the reference in the sync script (the string ' Thank you for reply..
  11. What does it means 'different box'? I deploied the entire server on a single machine.
  12. Hello all, is there any way to restart only fmscwpe.exe process via command line? The latest FMS version (9) runs only one service which drive all processes so if I restart the service itself I restart both database server and publishing engine but I need to restart only the latter. Any idea? Thank you in advance(d).
  13. Hallo, thanks for Your reply. Unfortunately we are used to maintain files sometimes and the verify backup integrity checkbox is turned off for each schedule since I first installed the software (except for the default console backup 'Daily', 'Weekly' and 'Hourly' but these schedules were disabled and now I turned off the verify integrity option). I hope to disable all the scheduled backup is not needed: it would be very dangerous in my opinion..
  14. Hello, anybody used xslt (v 2.0) tag to group a recordset? It seems FMSA9 support the latest xslt version so I was trying to use this very helpfull tag but it doesn't seems to work. I'm using fmresultset grammar and a XSLT structure like this: the result is always empty (but for-each-group seems to be recognized). Can You give me any help, please?
  15. I also want to share this tech info with all of you: .Here's the filemaker knowledge base page for 'not responding' filemaker web engine error. They say that to avoid unexpected CWPE crash we should always add a -max parameter to our queries.. it sound strange because I was told that - if no "-max" param. is specified - the dafault value is 25. Am I wrong?
  16. Well.. in fact FMSA9 system requirement is standard edition 2003.. but there is no specification which exclude Web edition. The Web edition is the all in one filemaker server/web server that is used to publish filemaker and the web site. IIS and the filemaker engines are installed on the same machine. I'm asking why filemaker - once it gets my system set up and check them (I hope the installer did this) - didn't fail the installation procedure if it require every windows server OS but Web Edition.. Probably there is some query which is used on the web site that produces an output or other instruction that leads fm process to crash, I can't figure what it is and - as said before - the logs surely didn't help the debug process in anyway. An error described as 'unknown error' makes not the things clearer, IMHO. At this point I would like to know which email address I have to contact to obtain satisfying tech info from Filemaker itself.
  17. Hello, I'm experiencing the same stability problem reported by other users before. CWPE seems to stop working (out of memory or CPU usage). I'm working on a 100% windows platform (web edition of a 2003 server) dedicated to a web site (database and web engine works only to publish dynamic web pages) and, when CWPE process reach 50-51% of CPU it simply stop responding givin' back a not-well explained 'Unknown error'. I'm encouraged by the application to take a look to the log files but, as said by some one some post before, the log files are so 'cryptic' that I cannot investigate anything (and this is really a nightmare). I supposed this happens because of module "give up" and cannot write the query/event made it stop in the log. A scheduled stop/restart sounds like a useless workaround as it didn't fix the cause of the problem, it just reset the memory/CPU allocation in my opinion. I would really like to know which email I could contact to have some good reply: I'm italian and the italian tech support cannot answer my question. I've experienced the same CWPE crashes with FMS 7 and - later - upgrading platform to FMSA 9. Java version is 6 release 7 (no update 10). My filemaker powered web site usually face a lot of queries, as a page is often made by included xml documents but it seems there is not a specified query that makes it crash. I've created a lot of excel-table-like layout wihich usually contains only the data needed to answer the queries. I've reduced the number of backup during the day (now there are 3 full backup a day for all 3 databases and 2 additional single database backup). Please, give some help or infos... :
  18. From a field, directly in subject of the email setup window.. is that the problem?
  19. Hello all, I have some problem about encoding the subject of some email I'm sending through OL express or 2003 (I suppose with 2007 version too). If I put a character like the Euro currency symbol (€) in the body of my email, when I receive the email it is properly displayed, but the same entity is substitute by an annoying question mark (?) in the subject. Is there any solution to 'encode' the subject too? I use the filemaker sendmail function (not plugin or 3rd party software other than MS Outlook), filemaker pro and adv. 9 (v3) and outlook Express (win XP). Thank you!
  20. Hello all, I need a dynamic text as background for some PDF I usually print from filemaker. I need an oblique field repeated in all pages of a PDF which contains a list of records. I didn't find any solution at the moment, I don't know if fielmaker can handle this kind of formatting. Can You help me please?
  21. Hello all, I'm going to update my web platform to filemaker 9 advanced (currently using FMSA 7): is there any change that I must consider before upgrade server? Will my web pages work properly? Which are the difference between 7 and 9 in XSLT publishing? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  22. This can be obtain using XSLT stylesheet, but the XML given by filemaker would be too large anyway. I was interested in a specific query parameter. As you said, filmaker don't allow this search so CWP doesn't too.
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