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  1. I am afraid this is not getting me any further. How can one determine that an individual belongs to a specific department? Is the department stored in the individual's record? And what determines which department is the "specific" one? Instead of a cryptic RG, let's use some meaningful names for the tables involved in this - such as Contacts, Departments and ?? for the "parent" table. --- BTW, from your RG one gets the impression that some of the relationships are using a person's name as the matchfield; that's usually a very poor choice. Names can change.
  2. I wasn't able to decipher what that means. What exactly determines which names should be highlighted? BTW, what is the purpose of creating such list? Could it be produced on-demand using a script?
  3. If it were, how could this be possible: Also, OP said clearly:
  4. No, not if you are specifying a path. You only need to do that if you're creating a string that will eventually be used as path.
  5. "is not working" is not a good description of a problem. How exactly does it fail? Is there an error message or an error number you can capture?
  6. It depends on what value (or values) checking a box enters into the field. IOW, how exactly is the value list attached to the field defined?
  7. Your profile says '12 Client'. You need the Advanced version to use the script debugger. Please adjust your profile so that we know which suggestions you can use.
  8. The current version 19 has many more features than your version 13. However, there have been no fundamental changes since version 12. The file format is the same, so there is no real "migration" to speak of. You should be able to open your existing files as they are in the current version. You may want to make some adjustments to take advantage of the new features (and possibly remove the Classic theme to improve performance), but in general they should function just as before. Peer-to-peer sharing is still available. However, you may consider moving to a server-hosted solution for other reasons - such as cost and performance.
  9. As I suspected, the formula you used to calculate the custom dialog's message is all a single literal text: "The active winow has the following properties ¶ Window Name $title ¶Window Width $x ¶ Window Height $y" You need to change the variables' names to references instead: "The active winow has the following properties ¶ Window Name " & $title & "¶Window Width " & $x & "¶ Window Height " & $y or perhaps in a more convenient way: List ( "The active window has the following properties:" ; "Window Name: " & $title ; "Window Width: " & $x ; "Window Height: " & $y ) A side note: I could not help noticing that the only thing you're doing with the variables is use them in the custom dialog, and that the active window does not change from the time you set these variables until you use them. In such circumstances, populating the variables accomplishes nothing other than consume some memory. You can easily use the original Get() functions directly in your calculation.
  10. Of course we would like to see a printout of your script. Or have another way to reproduce your problem, such as a demo file. Without this, all you can hope for are guesses. My guess would be that the variables' names are placed within the quotes in your formula used to calculate the custom dialog's message - thus being literal text instead of a reference. But I don't like to guess.
  11. Your profile says 19, so: https://help.claris.com/en/pro-help/content/convert-from-filemaker-path.html
  12. You are right, it wasn't me that asked to see your file. So if you're willing to wait and see if anyone else has the time and patience that I lack, all the better for you.
  13. I did look at your file. I did not see an attempt to implement my suggestion. In fact, I struggled even to find a portal. I am afraid you overestimate the amount of time and effort I am willing to put into this.
  14. Maybe you should concentrate on this, because IMHO that would be your easiest path. Alternatively, you could use the Write to Data File[] script step. I have not yet tried this with data from a container filed, but others have reported success.
  15. That is a very good question. In all my years on various Filemaker forums I have carefully avoided debating legal issues - and I intend to keep it that way.😎
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