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  1. The result of Get (DesktopPath) includes a trailing /, so try: Get ( DesktopPath ) & "StuAdd/Full_Download.xlsx" The .xslx format is supported since at least version 10, if not earlier.
  2. Without seeing your script, I can only guess. Are you sure you have the option One email using data from the current record selected?
  3. I am not sure I understand the problem, then. You have a sub-summary part and a footer. The footer will always be anchored to the bottom of the page. If there are only few groups, as shown in your example, then there will be blank space between the last sub-summary and the footer. If you want the grand totals to be shown immediately below the last sub-summary, place them in a trailing grand summary part. But you say it displays fine in Preview mode, which puzzles me. Perhaps you are using a short page?
  4. Start by finding the records you want to take part in this. Then go to the first record and loop: Show All Records Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ] Loop # YOUR CURRENT SCRIPT STEPS HERE Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next; Exit after last ] End Loop
  5. I would use two fields for this: a SerialID field auto-entering a serial number (you can set the starting value at any number), and a calculation field (result is Number) = While ( [ number = SerialID ; odd = True ; sumDigits = 0 ] ; number ; [ digit = Mod ( number ; 10 ) ; value = digit * ( odd + 1 ) ; value = If ( value > 9 ; value - 9 ; value ) ; sumDigits = sumDigits + value ; number = Div ( number ; 10 ) ; odd = not odd ] ; 10 * SerialID + Mod ( 9 * sumDigits ; 10 ) )
  6. Your requirement is not clear. First , I don't know what "the algorithm of Luth" is. If you meant the Luhn algorithm, then your examples don't make sense, because the expected results would be: 19510889 9 19510890 7 19510891 5 Please clarify. - and no less importantly, please update your profile so that we know which version and OS you're using.
  7. That's a possibility - although it limits your reporting options. Anyway, if you want to go that way, a simple checkbox would do. No need for " list of employees as buttons at one side".
  8. See if this simplified demo helps: ChartTodaysCounts.fmp12
  9. You are asking us to debug two scripts we cannot see. The best you're going to get is a guess. Why don't you use the debugger along with the Data Viewer to locate the exact point of failure? In general, I would say that if a script sets a global field to a value and the global field is still empty, then the most likely causes are : the value is empty; you're setting the wrong field; you're reading the wrong field; the user setting the field is not the user reading the field. Since you say you have moved the target table from an external file, the "wrong field" theory (as in "wrong TO") seems the most likely.
  10. That's entirely up to you. We can advise regarding the HOW, you must decide regarding the WHAT. The chart needs to reflect data from multiple records (make sure you have Current Found Set selected in the Data Source section) so obviously it cannot be in the Body part. And you need to reverse your axes. If you want to show a bar for each type of count, define each count as a separate Y series.
  11. That's because you have a type mismatch: your count_today field returns a result type of Number, while the match field on the opposite side of the relationship is a Date field (or at least so it seems). In addition, your New Lead Count_Today field does not count anything: it merely copies the value of the first related record in Leads Today.
  12. Since each response would be a record, it would be a simple matter of sorting by question and showing the average in a sub-summary part, using a single summary field.
  13. You could count the records through dedicated relationships. Or a single relationship filtered further to month and week. But in order to reduce the clutter in your schema, consider using a script that performs 3 finds and stores the record counts in variables or global fields. This would be run just prior to displaying the dashboard layout. This could be done using a calculation field in the Programs table, counting the related records in the Leads, filtered by current date. Again, to avoid a dedicated relationship you could apply the filter in the calculation itself as = ValueCount ( FilterValues ( List ( Leads::CreationDate ) ; Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ) However, this will get progressively slower as the number of related records increases.
  14. Define a calculation field using a formula along the lines of: "imagemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/YourUserName/Documents/SomeFolder/" & LotNumber & ".jpg" Set the calculation's result type to Container and place the field in the upper right hand corner of your layout.
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