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  1. Could we have a specific example of what you searched for, what was found that shouldn't have been found, and what should have been found but wasn't?
  2. If I am guessing correctly, you want = Let ( [ text = YourField ; prefix = "comments:" ; start = Position ( text ; prefix ; 1 ; 1 ) + Length ( prefix ) - 1 ] ; Right ( text ; Length ( text ) - start ) )
  3. In Layout view, select the Body part and go to the Appearance tab of the Inspector. Choose the Active state and assign it the same fill color as the Primary state. Another setting you may want to adjust is 'Delineate fields in current record only' in Layouts > Layout Setup… > General.
  4. Didn't we do this already? https://fmforums.com/topic/97900-sequentially-enter-1-of-3-numbers/
  5. As I said earlier, you can re-use the same repeating field for ALL the labels - see the attached example. DateLabelsR.fmp12 Yes, unfortunately repeating fields have a bad reputation in the FM community. There are good reasons to avoid them when storing data, but they can be very useful for certain types of calculations - see for example: https://fmforums.com/topic/29250-poor-mans-recursive-function/?tab=comments#comment-131639
  6. I see a repeating field as a one-dimensional array - so there can be no diagonal.
  7. Well, it's a demo. In the real implementation, you can select the type for the user beforehand - e.g.by a script triggered on OnLayoutEnter - and hide this from the user.
  8. You were almost there: make the calculation = GetSummary ( summary of id ; Type) / summary of id and format the field to display as Percent.
  9. If it wasn't clear before, it is even less clear now. As I said, there is no such step. And you didn't say anything about getting the title "in the filename". If you are saving records as PDF and you want to control the name of the PDF file, then use a variable as described here: https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/17/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/creating-file-paths.html#ww1087742
  10. Where exactly do you see globals in this situation? The categories of a contact are property of contact, so this certainly cannot be a global field. And if you only ever want to see clients from Invoices, why would you use a global for this? Now, you could use a global field to select the category for the value list. But then you would have to populate it with "Client" before trying to use the value list from Invoices. OTOH, you would only need one value list, not three - see the attached demo. GlobalCategoryVL.fmp12
  11. There is no such script step. And if you use the Save Records As PDF step, you should get a PDF document that's equivalent to a printout of your current layout - including any titles you might have. So it's not clear what your question is.
  12. That is the expected result when you neglect to use the Extend() function on non-repeating fields used in a repeating calculation field:
  13. You can use a text object containing only a space as the background for the portal row.
  14. It's actually simpler than that. You don''t need the first field. You can define a calculation field as = Extend ( Planner_start_date ) + Get (CalculationRepetitionNumber) - 1 and set the result type to Date, and the number of repetitions to 40 (or perhaps a multiple of 7 ?). If you place an instance of this field on the layout and format it to display as custom date, showing only "Thu", you will have your header labels bottom row. Use more instances of the same field with different formatting to create the top row. Hey John. And whose fault is that? 😊
  15. I tend to use repeating calculation fields for this type of display. A repeating field can be summarized individually for each repetition, using a single summary field.
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