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  1. I don't think it's possible to have exactly what you ask for; however, there are two almost perfect workarounds. 1. Why I believe it's impossible It is imposible because of the order in which actions happen. When a popover is open, and you click anywhere outside of the popover, two things will happen: first, the popover will close; then - and only then - the click will be executed: if you clicked on the layout's background, the popover will close and the record will be committed; if you clicked in a field, the popover will close and the field will be activated; if
  2. The difference between this: https://www.claris.com/pricing/ and: https://store.claris.com/individuals is embarrassing, to say the least. And I see no mention of a store anywhere on the main site.
  3. Nowhere. Filemaker is not free, and the chances that version 6 will run on macOS Catalina are practically zero.
  4. Because you cannot perform calculations in a find request. You could - if you wanted - reduce this to two steps by using a variable. But the 3-step method has the advantage of showing exactly what's going on without requiring the reader to examine the find requests.
  5. Apparently you are creating a new calculation field, instead of validating the existing email field: https://help.claris.com/en/pro-help/index.html#page/FMP_Help%2Ffield-validation.html%23
  6. You would need to also use a calculation field = SerialIncrement ( "001" ; sCount )
  7. Corrects them to what exactly? You are using terms that do not have an exact definition (as I tried to illustrate earlier). There is no "previous" and "following" combination unless you also specify the found set and sort order. I would ask again why you need this, because - as you may have gathered by now - this is by no means simple. Except for one scenario: in a report sorted by the combination of the two fields, you can easily number sequentially the records of each sorted group by using a summary field. Such numbering would be produced "on-the-fly" without being stored in a field.
  8. I suggest you start with something simple: validate the email field using a calculation = PatternCount ( Self ; "@" ) This will produce a validation error when you try to commit a record where the email field does not contain the @ character. Now, this simple solution has several flaws: It fires on record commit, not when user exits the field; The error message can be cryptic and confusing to the user; There are many other ways in which an email address can be invalid. To solve the first two problems, you can attach an OnObjectValidate script trigger to th
  9. That is a very problematic requirement, because (if I understand correctly) the result would depend on other records. How exactly it should depend on them is not clear: suppose you already have two records with the same combination AP + BL, so the first record is tagged as "AP-BL-001" and the other as "AP-BL-002". Now what do you expect should happen if: the first record is modified to another combination; the first record is deleted; the first record is omitted from the found set; the records are sorted in reverse order; another existing record is modified to t
  10. No, I am talking about defining the active segment of the button bar:
  11. The simplest solution I was able to come up with is to define the active segment as "" and refresh the button bar object after each button click.
  12. Please do not double-post: https://fmforums.com/topic/107140-simple-fmp16-database-hangs-when-asked-to-create-new-record/?tab=comments#comment-483589
  13. comment

    Array help

    I only glanced at this, but I believe that instead of: JSONSetElement ( $data ; [ $counter ; $sales ; JSONArray ] ) you should have: JSONSetElement ( $data ; $counter ; $sales ; JSONObject ) -- I am not sure if it makes a difference, but it seems to me that "sales" should be set as JSONNumber, rather than JSONString.
  14. You are talking about two different things as if they were one. Making sure only one user can run the same script at the same time is one thing. This could be accomplished easily as you suggested yourself, by using a "script in use" flag. Making sure no one will interfere with what the script does is something else. Other users can interfere in other ways besides running the same script. If you want the entire script to be one indivisible transaction, you must make sure all affected records are successfully opened and locked by the script before any actual action takes place. This i
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