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  1. Grouping duplicate product in invoice

    To display products grouped by their name, sort them by name and use a layout with a sub-summary part and no body part.
  2. Do you mean the button is outside the portal? Well, that depends on whether it's a button or a popover button. Clicking a button does not change the current selection, so it doesn't really matter if the button is outside the portal. If it's a popover, you will need some method to remember the active portal and the active portal row number - e.g. by running a script triggered on object enter. Consider also what might happen if user clicks the button accidentally, when no portal row is actually active (but one might have been active beforehand).
  3. Filemaker project structure

    I am afraid your description is not clear enough. What does your solution actually do for your customers? Are you the one working with it, or do your customers operate it? Not sure what is the point of that either. -- P.S. Please update your profile to reflect your version and OS.
  4. I can't answer that without knowing what exactly we are doing here, and - most importantly - for what purpose.
  5. I don't see why not. I suppose it could be something like: SELECT Field1 FROM YourTable WHERE StartDate = CURRENT_DATE - DAYOFWEEK(CURRENT_DATE) + 1 assuming weeks start on Sunday.
  6. I am mostly guessing here, but: If you define an unstored (not global) calculation field that returns the start date of the current week, and use it as a matchfield in a self-join relationship, so that: YourTable::cCurrentWeekStart = YourTable 2::StartDate and place the Field1 field from YourTable 2 on the layout, it will show data from the first record whose StartDate matches the current week's start date. Unstored calculations can be used as matchfields on "this" side of the relationship (i.e. the side that requests the related records, not the one that supplies them).
  7. FWIW, I had no problem performing the transformation using the files you sent me in a PM, running BE 3.3.4 in FMP 16 on MacOS Sierra. Were you able to perform a transformation using other files?
  8. I would much prefer you sanitize the files so that they can be discussed publicly.
  9. Well, what are you waiting for? Just attach them here (preferably reduced to the minimum required to show the problem).
  10. Converting date formats on import

    If some of the files you import are in MMDDYY format and others are in DDMMYY format, then you will need two separate procedures to import each kind. And you will have to select between them manually, because Filemaker's cannot tell if 010217 is January 2nd or February 1st just by looking at them - no one can. You could script the import of US-format files so that immediately after the import (while the found set still contains only the just now imported records), the date field's contents are replaced with a calculation that rearranges the imported string. You may also prefer to map the date to a text field during the import and take the string from there. Obviously, you cannot solve this by having an auto-entered calculation attached to the date field - because that would be also applied when users try to enter dates into the field in the normal course of things. If your system uses a European date format, and your file is set to use the system formats, then importing a US file will result in either a wrong date or an invalid one (with the exception of dates like 040417). In theory you could switch your OS to US locale before importing, but that's not practical. That has nothing to do with the problem. You need to make sure the field contains the correct data. The formatting only affects the way the data is being displayed in this particular field instance on this particular layout. As I mentioned, you could do Replace Field Contents[]. The exact calculation depends on the exact format (I doubt it's really MMDDYY, with no separators).
  11. Scripting a Constrained Search?

    I am afraid you have lost me completely at this point. I suggest you have a look at the attached file, which has a structure similar to yours (reduced to the minimum necessary to demonstrate the principle). As you can see, it shows the latest measurements of the selected equipment - and it shows them using a layout of the Measurements table. LatestMeasurements.fmp12
  12. Scripting a Constrained Search?

    That is what I understood from the beginning, and it is exactly was I suggested. Try this procedure manually first, before scripting it (except for the Go to Related Record part, which cannot be performed manually): 1. Go to a layout of Sessions. For the purposes of this exercise, place the serial_number field from the Equipment table on this layout. 2. Enter Find mode, enter a serial number of an equipment into the serial_number field and perform the find. You now have a found set of all Session for the selected equipment. 3. Go to the last record. Assuming your records were entered chronologically, that is the latest session of the selected equipment - otherwise you'd have to sort them by date before doing this step. 4. Now you need to do Go to Related Record [ From Measurements; Show related only (match current record only); Using your report layout ] to get a found set of all (and only) measurements taken at that last session.
  13. Deleting Found Records

    You could delete them one-by-one in a loop. I can't think of any other method at the moment.
  14. Display "other" value from Checkbox set

    Yes, but obviously not in the same field. You will need to add a calculation field and use a custom function (such as http://www.briandunning.com/cf/193, for example) to remove the items listed in the value list from those listed in your field. It might be simpler to let users enter the "other" value into another text field.
  15. Import Excel not working

    Elementary, Watson.

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