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  1. Filter one portal based on another filtered portal

    The script is only to populate the variables. You then use the variables to filter the portals from the portal setup. A simple way to populate the variables is to increment the global date field by one each time (do this after Freeze Window) and setting a variable to = List ( Jobs::PlantID ) Do this 6 times then reset the global field to what it was. Here's a quick demo: AvailablePlants2.fmp12
  2. Filter one portal based on another filtered portal

    I don't see how you can show unassigned plants for any day without having a list of assigned plants for that day first. So if you want to avoid having to duplicate the entire TOG 6 times, I would move to a scripted solution: populate 6 variables with a list of assigned PlantIDs for each day, then use these to filter 6 portals, all based on a single relationship showing all plants. Run the script on entering the layout and on change of the global date value. With only a few jobs and a fixed amount of plants, this shouldn't be too slow - but of course you need to test this for real in your environment.
  3. Filter one portal based on another filtered portal

    Do they also want 6 portals showing the jobs for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc.? Or just the unassigned plants for each day?
  4. Find and delete a word in a paragraph

    See if something like this could work for you: RemoveValues.fmp12
  5. Filter one portal based on another filtered portal

    See if the attached demo helps: AvailablePlants.fmp12
  6. Filter one portal based on another filtered portal

    I am still unsure how exactly you assign more than one plant to a job.
  7. Filter one portal based on another filtered portal

    I am having trouble understanding this part: I would think that the relationship between Jobs and Plant is many-to-many and expect to see a join table between them. Unless PlantID is a checkbox in the Jobs table? I am also confused by your using jobs and days interchangeably - are they the same (i.e. no more than one job per day)?
  8. Filter one portal based on another filtered portal

    In general, portal filtering works at layout level and you have no access to its results (other than viewing them on screen). I am not sure how it would help in your scenario even if it were possible - but then I did not fully understand your description.
  9. First Monday Calculation

    You could have deduced this from the answer to your previous question. The date of the first Monday in a given month is = Let ( [ firstDayOfMonth = Date ( Month ; 1 ; Year ) ; diff = 2 - DayOfWeek ( firstDayOfMonth ) ] ; firstDayOfMonth + Mod ( diff ; 7 ) )
  10. Layout Sizing

    Not sure what your question is. Both printing and saving records as PDF use the page size selected in Page Setup. You can select a custom page size (at least on a Mac you can), if you want.
  11. Find and delete a word in a paragraph

    I am afraid this is still not clear enough. You did not mention a list until now. A return-separated list of values is not the same thing as paragraph of words (even if your list contains only single-word values). Anyway, it sounds like you want to go over a list of values, and remove a value if it contains the string HOME (case-sensitive) - is that correct?
  12. Find and delete a word in a paragraph

    Yes, it's possible. Tell us more. Is your search case-sensitive? What about words that contain the string "home" e.g. "homeless" or "psychometric"?
  13. Add link to insert appointment to calendars

    Do you mean an .ics file?
  14. portable tickboxes

    You would have to define each button individually, with the specific field being hard-coded in the Set Field[] script step.
  15. portable tickboxes

    That is correct: you need to use a script parameter to identify the field. Or attach a single-step action to each button.

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