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  1. mr_vodka

    [Solved] Open a .xls file into filemaker

    Try using Open URL
  2. mr_vodka

    Newbie Questions

    Yes you can use a dialog box. You can use a global field in the custom dialog so that your users can enter the search criteria. Then in your script, you would search "companyABC" in the related field. You can't search for it directly in the facilitiesIDfk field as that seems to only store the key. So if you haven't already create a relationship from facilitiesIDfk to a table occurrence of your facility table. Then have your script search the facility name in that related table.
  3. mr_vodka

    Value List by Creation Order

    I'm having a hard time following overall what you are doing based on your previous posts. Perhaps a sample file would be beneficial. As for a particular order for the DISTINCT, if you have a serial ID and ORDER BY that field then it should sort by the order that the records were created. For example using you example... recID fruit 2 - Strawberry 5 - Blueberry 8 - Banana 9 - Banana 13 - Apple 12 - Apple 16 - Apple ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT fruit FROM yourtable ORDER BY recID"; ""; "" ) should work.
  4. mr_vodka

    filemaker pro 15 slow to open if pc on line

    I would start by checking under external data sources, what used to be under Define Relationships in fp5 for all your files. Second, if you have never done a conversion from fp5 to fp7 then I would highly recommend you read the documentation on the differences. https://www.filemaker.com/downloads/documentation/fm8_converting_databases.pdf And perhaps this can help you out as well. https://dbservices.com/articles/upgrading-filemaker-pro-part-1-filemaker-conversion/
  5. mr_vodka

    Sequentially enter 1 of 3 numbers?

    What happens if Kim creates 10 on her own, Matt 3, and Bill 5? Does Matt keep getting assiged whenever Rose creates a new quote? IOW is the quote being assigned to whoever has the least in the system to distribute evenly or should it just be distributed evenly only by Rose and indepedent of when the others enter in their own quote.
  6. Have you tried doing a gpudate and relogging in from the clients?
  7. mr_vodka

    Hide FileMaker Server

    It is optional. You can uninstall it, though then you would manually need to add the server IP for your clients.
  8. mr_vodka

    Event 661 Authentication Failed

    This error can come up with a user is entering a wrong password / user name combo
  9. mr_vodka

    Broken Links and lost files

    I do find it kind of strange that the software puts the title as part of the URL instead of just using a post number as previous versions. Perhaps a few of us can try to somehow reconcile the issue working together.
  10. mr_vodka

    Display List on a Layout with charts

    Sorry but this was not what I meant by details. :-) Can you post your table occurrence graph or a copy of the file? You can use ExecuteSQL to give you context independent data considering that you are trying to grab students and I am unsure of whether or not your details list is currently sorted or if indeed your chart can be dervied from your current found set. Again we need more details.
  11. mr_vodka

    Display List on a Layout with charts

    Can you provide more details? You can make your table format using various tools including using a portal, web viewer, or even just a variable on the layout but you havent provided enough details on your setup for us to help in a further direction I'm afraid.
  12. mr_vodka

    Relationships works locally but not on server

    There may be a chance your file is corrupt. I just created a new file in fm7 to see if there was some change in behavior. I served it will server 11, no issue. Then I converted it to fmp12. I served it on FMS13. Can not replicate the issue that is in your file. test.zip
  13. mr_vodka

    Relationships works locally but not on server

    Can you a post a copy of your file?
  14. mr_vodka

    Relationships works locally but not on server

    I would start by checking global fields. When hosted each session will have their individual values. ( over simplyfying it but you can read up on its other traits )

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