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  1. value lists you need an indexed field. Unstored fields are not indexed.
  2. If you want the filtering window to stay ontop, you can always use a floating window. As for wanting to click something in the filtering window and then that filtering the records in your main window, you should be able to script that rather easily.
  3. Sure look into the Max function and search across these forums and you should see many posts regarding similar serial number increase. That being said, do NOT use these type of indicators for your database keys.
  4. You shouldnt really have 6 containers for this. You already have a photos table. Just have a new related record for the 6 photos. As for your users not being able to edit the ones that are "default", you can do that with having a field in the photos table that captures the phototype. Then you can use that value to control what is a user added vs. "default" and the actions that one can take depending on that type.
  5. 40,000 records shouldnt be too bad. You could of course run a server routine that can gather the list into fields and display those utility fields.
  6. No idea what your structure looks like... You would have to have some sort of calculation to sum of each day. Please post more info.
  7. Have you tried deleting on the server? Also it may make more sense in your case to save a clone and import the data you will use going forward rather than delete if there are far more records to delete than save.
  8. Before you go down this rabbit hole of inventory, I would suggest you read about transactions. https://www.geistinteractive.com/2010/04/21/inventory-transactions/
  9. FileMaker Go connections will count towards the 5 max concurrent connections. That being said, it should have been the same with FM16. As for Peer to peer, it has been deprecated so it may make sense to start thinking of an exit strategy on moving your client over to server anyway. The new licensing gives you 3 copies of server.
  10. If it is just the starting stock or qty and EOD, why not just store the values in a summary table for daily records.
  11. Make sure that sharing is on, ports are not being blocked by firewalls, and each client has it's own license copy.
  12. databases dont really matter. You deal with table occurrences and then can be from the same table or a different database file. Post a copy of your file.
  13. Because it wasn't created efficiently for that. Keep in mind that you don't have control over the SQL statements that are being sent. FM interprets a user's actions and then tries to create a query to match what you are asking of it. Sometimes it is perfectly fine and other times very very inefficient, depending on what the structure and action given. It is best suited for ancillary activities to a core system IMO. Calculation fields created in FM in the shadow table of your SQL table will be unstored calculations and not indexed. It is better to create the calculation in the view or table in your SQL table itself. As for what UI changes that should be made etc TBH I am sorry to have some bad news for you... It would take a lot more than the forums to create an efficient system. It just takes a lot of experience and trials, a very good understanding of SQL besides just basic SQL selects, and then knowing when to leverage the native SQL system features where you can. Again for things such as simple relationships and simple searching, you may want to give it go as it should be efficient enough. However, if it gets pretty complex then better to find a work around. I would start here and then also read all the additional resource info. https://www.filemaker.com/learning/custom-app-academy/205/external-sql-sources-ess.html
  14. Hi Pedro. What comment is saying is spot on. You may be able to get the result you desire but you may have to change the type of UI you use. You can search for "google type search filemaker" and you should come across many posts on the subject. Also quick finds will search all your fields. Perhaps this old thread can help you a little.
  15. Besides having to ensure that your data will fit properly into SQL data types, once migrated over, I don't think you should expect to just use the existing UI and repoint it to the new SQL tables. FM should not be used strictly as UI to build off of SQL systems. You would have to reevaluate and re create some of the UIs to efficiently use via ESS. A bunch of things can be off loaded to the SQL side with optimized views, trigger, and stored procedures.
  16. Click the popover ITSELF and name it. As OlgerDiekstra said, you have name the button object for the popover, not the popover itself.
  17. https://360works.com/filemaker-sync/ https://www.geistinteractive.com/products/filemaker-sync-gozync/ https://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-sync-gozync/ https://www.filemaker-sync.com/en/ http://www.fmgosync.com/ http://www.restfm.com/restfmsync/
  18. Case ( IsEmpty ( Projects::filter_assignment_status ); 1 ; IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Projects::filter_assignment_status; Assignments::Status ) ) ) You will need to refresh the portal. You can use a simple script trigger to refresh the portal when the global field is modified. * This also assumes that you want to show all the records if nothing is checked in the global. If you do not want that, then just rid of the first part of the Case statement.
  19. well you can keep your original relationship and then use the filter portal option.
  20. This would have been a lot more obvious prior to version 16. The zoom controls used to be at the bottom of the document window and users could use the - / + buttons to zoom in and out. The script step would lock / unlock it so that users could not use the buttons. With version 16 and up, the option is in in the View window or keyboard shortcut. Locking it with the script step would disable users to change it from the view menu.
  21. Unstored calc can not be used on the child side of the relationship as a key field.
  22. In the inspector. The first tab "positions" tab.
  23. I believe this would be set by their machine as to what application is the default when opening various file types.
  24. Those pre canned templates are just that. They are starter solutions. If you are trying to combine 2 of them, you will need to import all the tables, recreate the relationships, import the scripts, and create new layouts ( you can copy and paste from the other template ).
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