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  1. Hi Chuck, yes, this is possible. You can solve it with an .htaccess-file in the doc-root of your server. In the .htaccess you can do some rewriting-stuff like RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !.php RewriteRule ^/?([^/]*.html?|[^./]*)[;,.]*$ index.php?goto=$1 [L,NS] In this case the parameter after domainname.com/blabla will be passed as index.php?goto=blabla You have to enable "Allow all overrides" (I don't know how this is exactly called in an US-MAC OS) within Server-Admin / Web / Domain / Options. Otherwise .htaccess will be ignored. /horst
  2. Does your username or password contains a ? If you can do some "Open Remote" with FileMaker Client and you can login with the username password, then I have no more ideas, what can be wrong...
  3. Hi, you have to edit the confirmation.php-file. There you have to add some PHP-code to send an email. You can try to send it via the mail()-function of PHP. http://de2.php.net/manual/en/function.mail.php If this doesn't work (maybe you have no sendmail or things like that running), you can use some class like phpmailer (you can entre some smtp-mail-server to send emails with. http://phpmailer.codeworxtech.com/ Hope this helps a little bit. /horst
  4. Hi, does the user you have entered in the PHP Site Assistant have the priviledge to edit the records? What happens if you try to do this in the FileMaker Client with this user? /horst p.s. needless to say, that we haven't encountered such problems yet ;-)
  5. Hi, so you have already launched the PHP Site-Assistant JavaWebStarter-Application?! The one via http://your_servername:16000/phpsa_webstart.jnlp Does the user (the one you try with username/password) have the fmphp-priviledge set? /horst
  6. Thanks Genx! Of course there was an error in the first part! Thanks for the $record = current($result->getRecords()); /horst
  7. hi, I'm using a little trick: If I'm searching for any field which contains an unique value, I use: $records = $result->getRecords(); $record = $records[0]; // There is only the first one ;-) $field = $record->getField('FileMakerField'); Searching a record ID looks like: $data = $fm->getRecordById('layout', $_SESSION['record_id']); $name = $firmendaten->getField('Name',0); Hope, this helps a little bit. /horst
  8. Hi Tony, I had the same problem. What I found out was, that the "WebViewer-displays-html-as-text"-thing depends on the lenght of the html-source. ULRs can only have (I think it was) 2k of text. Maybe that's the problem. I solved it, exporting the HTML-source to the harddrive and set the webviewer to that temporary HTML file. Regards, Horst
  9. Hi, has anyone any idea how to get rid of the ugly borders around the webviewer on Windows? All I found out is that it has nothing to do with the border-settings in FileMaker. On Mac the webviewer integrates seamlessly into filemaker - which looks really cool. Any ideas? Regards, Horst
  10. ... and that is my problem. I just get the encrypted TCP-IP-stuff and can not find any criteria to seperate the traffic.
  11. ... and then? When I sniff the packages I couldn't find any information to which database the package belongs.
  12. Hi all, I want to monitor and count the traffic to the the single databases on FileMaker 7 Advanced. Any ideas? How can I identify the TCP/IP-Packages to a single database (not the traffic to the hole FM7 Server)? Regards, Horst
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