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  1. Pardon me for asking, but I don't have much experience with AppleScript and you seem to be great at it. Do you know of a way to import the metadata from a Photoshop photo into a FMP database? Whatever information you can provide would be most appreciated. Thank you very much.
  2. I am not a fan of MS Office, but in this case it is what you need. Get a copy of Entourage. (Even a free trial will do.) Export your FMP data to a tab, or coma-delimited file. Microsoft likes to think it is a universal program and wants to import from as many different sources as possible. Entourage should be able to import this data. Once imported, drag your data to a folder on your desktop. This will automatically convert it into vCard form. Then import your vCards into your OSX Address Book. Got this from our local MUG guru. I have yet to try it, but am assured of success. Good luck.
  3. Hi all, Thanks in advance for your consideration of this question. I am trying to import the metadata from Photoshop photos into a FMP 7 database and would like to know the easiest way to do this. I have looked at Astro and the plug-in from Troi.com, but haven't found the answer yet. Any suggestions? Best regards,
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