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  1. Hi, Opieos! Create unstored calc field: Get(CurrentDate)-Date_Created
  2. Hi, nena! Read about condition list.
  3. Hi, lestred. May be it can be did more easy. One of way is in attachment aaa.zip
  4. Hi, csrofani! <> this is result of calculations and i think you can't do it on this method. But why not by script: GTRR(Show only related) Go To layout Your_Layout Print
  5. aaa

    Display sort order

    Hi, Normand. If you sort your foundset by script, you can do it having one global field, where you will put sort order.
  6. Hi, Jokez. Why you can't search? It must work. Can you tell detailes?
  7. Hi, Lukas! Read about relationships.
  8. Hi, pmworld. Use Go to related records script. Read about this in help
  9. Hi, friend. Using WebViewer you can analize source code of the WebPage and get necessary information from it. I did it for exchange rates.
  10. Hi,digitaljunkie . I think must help Show custom dialog script. Instead pausing use this script with necessary buttons.
  11. Hi, Karen! I dont understand your question. You have text and you want to sort all his words in alphabetical order? If yes,idea is: Create Calc_field=Replace(Textfield," ","¶") Then create value list based on alc_field Can you put here example what you want to do?
  12. Hi Gilbert! Use function Count(Relation_To_A::Project_ID)
  13. Hi again. I think that the best place to learn is this forum. Here is many attachments of examples which show how you can resolve your questions.
  14. Hi, Straggler! You can say to users be disable from network before using local copy. Script uses only opened local copy. Or dont alow them copy file from host.
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