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  1. Hi Quincy, Maybe this info will help you: Right After PCQO_RqExecute, where I get response "?", I grab PCQO_SGetStatus, and value is "Success". Thank you in advance , Veselko
  2. Hello Quincy, Result after Set Variable [$$Result; PCQO_RqExecute] is "?". After that line, I place "PCQO_SGetJSON( "Response" )" and also have "?". Thank you, Veselko
  3. Hi Quincy, Thank you for your answer. I tried to follow your instruction, without success for now. Here is that changed line: Set Variable [$$Result; PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue( "QueryString" ; "Select Balance From Customer Where Id = " & $Customer_QBO_ID_List )] I also try the hidden function, and here you are attached Log file. Thank you in advance, Veselko LogFile.txt
  4. Hi all, I have script which pull the Balance for Customer into FM. It worked fine till Today. From Today, I have unpredictable behaviour. I didn't update Windows ( where is the server) or nothing. Same behaviour is on every machine from which I tried to connect on, even is Windows, even is Mac. Here is the part of code which pulls the Balance for one Customer. Set Variable [$$Result; PCQO_RqNew( "Query" ; "Customer" )] Set Variable [$$Result; PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue( "Id" ; $Customer_QBO_ID_List )] Set Variable [$$Result; PCQO_RqExecute] If[$$Result ≠ 0] Exit Script [Text Result:999999999] End If Set Variable [$$Result; PCQO_RsOpenFirstRecord] Exit Script [Text Result:PCQO_RsGetFirstFieldValue( "Balance" )] So, when I run the script with debugger, after "PCQO_RqExecute", it takes a long time (10-15 sec), $$Result is "?" and it fails. But when I run it again, same part of script, it pass with correct result from QBO. My version of plugin is the latest one, V. Many thanks, Veselko
  5. Hi 360 Works! Does now your plugin FTPeek had capability to use that kind of connection method, using pair of keys? Thanks in advance, Veselko
  6. Hallo everybody, I have one MySQL database, which is used via web interface (php) and FileMaker. When I try to add/change records with some of Czech or Serbian characters (like ž š đ č ć ů ů á í ý) using web interface, everything works perfect. ---------------------------------------- Character set of MySQL database: SET character_set_client = 'latin1'; SET character_set_connection = 'latin1'; SET collation_connection = 'latin1_swedish_ci'; After command “SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set%';” using MySQL_Front or Navicat, program bring to me: character_set_client utf8 character_set_connection utf8 character_set_database utf8 character_set_results utf8 character_set_server utf8 character_set_system utf8 character_sets_dir /usr/share/mysql/charsets/ And after “SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'collation%';”, Navicat bring to me: collation_connection utf8_general_ci collation_database utf8_general_ci collation_server utf8_general_ci -------------------------------------------- But, when I try to add/change some records using FileMaker and JDBC (via PDM plugin) or php (via schubec PHPowered plug-in) results are bad. When I use schubec PHPowered plug-in, my scripting looks like is: SCPH_PHP_eval("$conn = mysql_connect("server","username","password");" & & "mysql_select_db("database",$conn);" & & "$test1 = mysql_query("SET character_set_client = 'latin1'",$conn);" & & "$test1 = mysql_query("SET character_set_connection = 'latin1'",$conn);" & & "$test1 = mysql_query("SET collation_connection = 'latin1_swedish_ci'",$conn);" & & "$result = mysql_query("update mysql query action",$conn) or die(mysql_error()); ") When I use PDM plugin, my scripting looks like: -After opening connection: External("SQL-doSQL";"SET character_set_client = 'latin1';") External("SQL-doSQL";"SET character_set_connection = 'latin1';") External("SQL-doSQL";"SET collation_connection = 'latin1_swedish_ci';") I have another try; set up character setting of connection trough SQL URL: External("SQL-setURL"; “jdbc:mysql://server/database?characterEncoding=ISO8859_1&connectionCollation=latin1_swedish_ci”) Every time results are bad, in MySQL database (and through web interface)characters looks wrong. Does anyone have experience in solving this problem? TIA
  7. Hallo everybody! After few monhts without Remote Administration, I start from beginning with establishing Remote Administration, and quickly find an answer for my problem. Exceptions for machines with Remote Administration in Windows FireWall under Port 50006 wasn't correct. They was for old IP; after changing connectivity in offce to ADSL, IP for another machines was changed too, not only for server. Cheers!!!
  8. FM Forum friend, Ino from Croatia, send to me great stuff - ClickStyle from Bob Cusick; but unfortunately not for my OS (MAC OS classin only). You can find and download it from http://www.clickware.com/products_clickstyle.htm ; product is free. Thanx Ino!
  9. Thank you Vaughan. Unfortunately...., anyway, if I find something interesting, I will post it here.
  10. Hallo LaRetta, My project is an CMS application. So, I want to make something like very basic Word Processor, to afford end-user to write and format articles in FileMaker, and update formated text do MySQL database. Generally, I think that is easier for end-user to hit the button instead of using Keyboard shortkeys; anyway, if end-user select title and hit Ctrl+ to set alignment of title on "center", function GetAsCSS can't trap that action from field, and after "submit" when article is updated on MySQL database, in browser title will be still aligned on left.
  11. Thank you very much Lee for your answer, and for your time! Examples from your answer are about formatting text color, text style and are very helpful, but not for my alignment wishes. One below url, looks like can be very helpful for me, but unfortunately is only for Mac users . Unfortunately, because describe for Fotex t2.5 on url is "An amazing Word Processor built with FileMaker Pro!"
  12. Hallo everybody, I want to create a script which will chage alignment of selected text in field. Not in whole field, just selected text (paragaph in which is a cursor). Usualy Title of text is cenetered, text is letf aligned, ec... I dont want to end user use "Format" menu and toolbar "Text formatting", because I have created Menu for end user. Any opinion will be helpfull. TIA
  13. First, thank You for your answer. Actually, this is an import from book "Using FileMaker" by Steve Lane, Bob Bowers, Scott Love and Chris Moyer. I'm totally fresh in importing XML from web in FM, and I was start from book example. Error message I wrote in original post looks like to me something like a syntax error in xsl. Can you please, closely your last sentence? Request is also from book example. Here: http://xml.amazon.com/onca/xml3?t=xxx&dev-t=D1AT17BPIA1PX7&PowerSearch=title:Genet&mode=books&type=lite&page=1&f=xml TIA Veselko
  14. I'm researching XML importing using XSL from file and FM bring to me message: XML parsing error: Element 'xsl:for-each' is not valid for content model:'(ROW)*' What should I do? XSL looks: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 0 , TIA Veselko
  15. Both of them are from CD (7.0v1), without updating.
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