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  1. Interesting. Thank you. And yes, "merge field" is good for me here:)
  2. Can you explain the first option a little? I don get what the serialIncrement does... SerialIncrement ( ":00" ; Minute ( Timefield ) )
  3. Student has guitar class on Monday at 13:00. I have fields for instrument, day of week and time of day (time field). I can format the time field to show only hours and minutes, great. When I make a calculation field to show--- "Your (instrument) lesson is on (day of week) at (time of day)" --- hours, minutes AND seconds show up again in the time of day. How do I get rid of the seconds in this calculation?
  4. Yki

    moving to next record

    Just found this at "filemaker.com" Don't know yet if it's fixed or not Navigate through records with Ctrl-Arrow up/down on (Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian) keyboard on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) does not work Question Why can't I navigate through records with Ctrl-Arrow up/down on a (Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian) keyboard on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Answer Applicable To: FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Developer 7 ISSUE: When you attempt go to next/previous record using the shortcut keys Ctrl-Arrow up/down on a (Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian) keyboard on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) nothing happens. RESOLUTION: FileMaker, Inc. is investigating this issue with the products listed.
  5. Yki

    moving to next record

    And thanks Laretta. Yes to all your questions :)
  6. Yki

    moving to next record

    Good going RodKP! Language selection is a the problem. I'm using a Finnish language kbrd setting. Tried the American and things worked fine. So now the question changes into: Is there anything I can do to make it work here in theese freezing Finnish temperatures?? Also, I didn't quite get what you meant by the arrows and scrolling. I'm using FM7. Where are the arrows you talked about? Would be great to be able to scroll with the mouse. Thanks to everyone so far!
  7. Yki

    moving to next record

    The status area is not locked. And I found the "OS key commands" but there's nothing there occupying this particular command. Still trying and still praying for help! Is this command working for you all?? I went into scriptmaker and made a script for this particular function, but the problem is I can't go back a record. Only to the next record.
  8. Yki

    moving to next record

    I've tried every possible combination of keys, with no success. It puzzles me :)
  9. Yki

    moving to next record

    Thanks, both of you, for trying. Obviously this is not a very common problem, judging by the lack of replyes. Fitch! What did you mean by the "status area"? I'm wondering if there is something in the MacOs that is using the key command? Don't know where to go look :)
  10. FM 7 key commands reads: "control-down arrow" for moving to next record. This is not working on my machine. Any ideas? Mac Book Pro, FMPro 7.
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