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  1. Virtual List on Steroids

    Here are links to resources that may be referenced during my FM-DiSC presentation on Friday, January 12th. This page will be updated to include demo files in the near future. Virtual List Articles Long Documents in FileMaker 11 Conditional Subsummary Report in Browse Mode Virtual List Reporting, Part 1 Virtual List Reporting, Part 2 Virtual […] View the full article
  2. Scrolling the Unscrollable

    Demo file: scrolling-the-unscrollable.zip Howard Schlossberg’s presentation on popovers (FileMaker 13 Popovers) has inspired me on multiple occasions… a favorite takeaway is the idea that you can have a scrolling check box set within a popover. The trick is to size the field as tall as necessary to display all the values (this is an extreme […] View the full article
  3. Simple Join

    Yep... my response assumes the user is querying from the perspective of a particular therapist record.
  4. Simple Join

    Hi Jim, I agree with Barbara's observations that "YEAR" is a reserved SQL word, and that ExecuteSQL isn't generally a good fit for a calculated field. If you insist however, I think this would work as a calculated field in THERAPISTS -- and of course if you have FMP Advanced, you can test this via the Data Viewer ExecuteSQL ( " SELECT SUM( expectedrefsind ) FROM YEARS WHERE therapistid = ? AND \"year\" > ? " ; "" ; "" ; therapists::zk_TherapistID ; 2014 ) You don't need to use the JOIN operator because both the fields referenced in the WHERE clause live in the YEARS table. Hope this helps, Kevin
  5. Excel Exports using XML and XSLT

    Editor’s note: Once again it is an honor and a privilege to present an in-depth guest article written by Beverly Voth. This is a follow-up to the User-Friendly Excel Exports series by Kevin Frank, but using an XML export along with various XSLT to give you .csv or .xls (for Excel). The first demo is […] View the full article
  6. Reciprocal Linkage, part 3

    I thought after part 2 that this technique had been thoroughly discussed and dissected, but Geoff Gerhard of Creative Solutions writes to point out that, if the goal is to have as few moving parts as possible, the table occurrence (TO) count can be further reduced, from four to three… …and has provided a demo […] View the full article
  7. Reciprocal Linkage, part 2

    This is a quick follow up to last week’s article on reciprocal (bi-directional) linking, and will assume the reader is familiar with that material. Paul Jansen of APJ Computing Solutions sent in a revision of one of my files demonstrating that, among other things, the graph could be a good deal leaner (as per my […] View the full article
  8. Reciprocal Linkage

    Challenge: in a multiuser document management system, facilitate the linking (and unlinking) of any document with any other. Make it clear which documents are linked to the current document, and make sure the approach is multiuser friendly — in other words, allow document records to be linked and unlinked even if one or both of […] View the full article
  9. JSON Array + Virtual List

    Over the last few postings we’ve been looking at using JSON with Virtual List… and prior to today, our focus has been on JSON structures using name/value pairs. Well today we’re going to switch our attention to basic JSON array structures. Demo file: json-array-plus-virtual-list.zip (requires FileMaker 16.02 or later) Apart from using JSON arrays instead […] View the full article
  10. Virtual List Reporting + JSON

    Today we’re going to look at an alternative approach to the multi-window VLR technique we examined last month in Virtual List Reporting part 3, utilizing and extending techniques introduced in last month’s JSON + Virtual List. To avoid needless repetition, today’s article will assume the reader is familiar with that material. Demo files: vlr-plus-json-v1 and […] View the full article
  11. JSON + Virtual List, part 2

    Demo file: json-plus-virtual-list-part-2.zip This is a short follow-up to part 1, to demonstrate an alternative idea re: JSON date encoding. As you may recall, JSON does not have a “date” type, and one of our goals is to encode and decode JSON dates in a region-agnostic manner (e.g., encode in a region where MM/DD/YYYY is […] View the full article
  12. JSON + Virtual List

    One nice thing about FileMaker being on a yearly release cycle is that there is always something new to learn and write about… and, having just attended a couple highly informative sessions on the topic of JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) at Devcon 2017 — thank you Todd Geist and Anders Monsen — it is clear […] View the full article
  13. Virtual List Reporting, part 3

    Last year I posted a couple articles on the topic of virtual list reporting (part 1 and part 2), a.k.a. VLR. Today we’re going to look at some additional things you can do with VLR, and to avoid a lot of repetition, this article will assume the reader is familiar with the material covered in […] View the full article
  14. FM 16: Pseudo Indexing

    During our recent discussion of SortValues and UniqueValues, I made passing reference to an article I wrote a few years ago on the topic of “pseudo indexing“, i.e., displaying a list of unique values for a specific field for a found set, rather than for all records. Well today we’re going to dust the pseudo […] View the full article
  15. FM 16: SortValues and UniqueValues

    Today we’re going to look at two functions introduced in FileMaker 16: SortValues and UniqueValues, and you may want to download and follow along in this demo file: FM 16 – SortValues & UniqueValues (5 Mb, requires FM 16 or later) Each of these functions operates on a return-delimited list of values, and the names […] View the full article

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