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  1. Demo file: virtual-list-simplified.zip Note 1: The example in today’s article and demo file is intentionally very basic. Note 2: The demo is self-populating to keep the data current, so the values you see in the screen shots will not exactly match those you encounter in the demo. Recently I had the pleasure of discussing virtual… Continue reading Virtual List Simplified View the full article
  2. As 2019 draws to a close, I am mildly astonished to note that FileMaker Hacks is now nine years old. As promised in my recent conversation with Jeremy Brown, and in response to a number of reader requests, here, for the first time, is a comprehensive table of contents (as of December 2019). While some… Continue reading Table Of Contents for FileMaker Hacks View the full article
  3. Disclaimer: the techniques shown in this article are provided on an as-is basis. Use with appropriate caution and at your own risk. Introduction This is a quick follow-up to last month’s article on 2-Column Magic Value Lists, and, to avoid repetition, will assume the reader is familiar with that material. A colleague pointed out that… Continue reading 2-Column Magic Value Lists, part 2 View the full article
  4. Disclaimer: the techniques shown in this article are provided on an as-is basis. Use with appropriate caution and at your own risk. Acknowledgements: today’s article would not have been written without the inspiration provided by Bruce Robertson, John Ahn (FM 12 ExecuteSQL Unconference Session), Andries Heylen (Magic Value Lists), Marcel Pinyero (How to Extend FileMaker… Continue reading 2-Column Magic Value Lists View the full article
  5. Disclaimer: the technique shown in this article is provided on an as-is basis. Use with appropriate caution and at your own risk. Demo file: JSON-Array-Custom-Functions.zip (requires FM 18 or later) Have you ever noticed that FileMaker does not provide a JSON function to insert a new element into an existing array? For example, given this… Continue reading FM18: JSON.InsertArrayElement View the full article
  6. Disclaimer: the technique shown in this article is an attempt to work around an annoyance that can crop up when using FileMaker’s native JSONSetElement function. Use with appropriate caution and at your own risk. Acknowledgement: I owe a debt of gratitude to Paul Jansen for many illuminating JSON-related discussions over the last year or so.… Continue reading FM18: JSON.UpdateArrayElement View the full article
  7. Recently I was working in FM 17 and ran into an unexpected bug. My use case was more complex than this, but the following bare bones demo illustrates the problem. Demo file: List+GetNthRecordBug.zip Given two tables joined via a standard primary-key-to-foreign-key equijoin relationship… This works as expected. You might think you could get rid of… Continue reading Fixed in 18: List + GetNthRecord Bug View the full article
  8. Today we’re going to dig a little deeper into the new-in-18 While function, and to avoid repetition, will assume readers are familiar with last month’s article on SetRecursion and While. We’ll examine some new examples ranging from basic to advanced, talk about the circumstances under which While can use variables previously declared via Let, and […] View the full article
  9. Author’s note: Inevitable comparisons will be drawn between the new While function and the venerable CustomList custom function, which I wrote about at length several years ago. Preliminary testing indicates that CustomList is faster under certain circumstances and While is faster under others. In my opinion, both of them belong in your developer tool kit. […] View the full article
  10. Today we’re going to look at a design pattern I’ve recently been using to accommodate a client requirement: to be able to view and edit a parent, all related children, and all related grandchildren via a single “flattened” interface. Demo file: magic-portals.zip (requires FM 16 or later) Some Background Information Invoices received from vendors are […] View the full article
  11. Editor’s note: Geoff Gerhard of Creative Solutions is one of those “quiet” developers who has been helpfully sharing his knowledge in online FileMaker forums for more than 20 years. I personally have benefited enormously from his expertise, and am pleased to feature his first appearance as a guest author here on FileMaker Hacks. Demo file: […] View the full article
  12. Today I want to talk about a potential problem lurking in a small percentage of FileMaker solutions, and discuss various options for mitigating it. As you may know, there are three ways to display a new window… Via the New Window script step Via the Go To Related Record script step Manually via Window > […] View the full article
  13. Editor’s note: I first became aware of Paul Jansen when I licensed his FMTools in the late 1990s, and I finally had the pleasure of meeting him last June at dotFMP after 20 years of online and voice communication. It’s an honor and a privilege to welcome him to FileMaker Hacks as a guest author. […] View the full article
  14. It’s been a few years since we last had a tips ‘n’ tricks article here at FileMaker Hacks… long enough for some new items to accumulate in the old developer bag of tricks. (If you like this sort of thing, you may also want to check out part 1 and part 2.) Some of these […] View the full article
  15. Recently we’ve looked at two methods to generate a “faux” subsummary to address a shortcoming of FileMaker native subsummaries… namely that in a multipage report you can have orphaned entries at the top of a given page with no indication of what parent entity they belong to. The methods were documented here: Conditional Summary Report […] View the full article
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