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  1. Fenton, Thank you. Even with FileMaker 7, it is still up to us to figure out, and share, the work arounds and tricks. This is the part that I was missing to get a container field to recognize a relative path; Thanks again! _steven PS. One downside to this is that in order to use the relative path to an image to display that image in the calc/container field, one needs to insert (with 'reference only') the image into another field from which to 'capture' the full path; in order to get the image name. Is there another way to get the image file's name?
  2. When one stores an image in a container field with the option to store a 'reference only', it appears that the 'reference' is the full path on that particular computer. My question is, can we make it store only the relative path reference similarly to what can be done with 'file references'? I am having a problem moving a solution between computers with images stored as 'reference only' and the actual files stored in a folder that accompanies the FMP solution on its travels. When the solution is moved, FileMaker can no longer find the images because, apparently, it has stored the full path starting with the drive on the original machine. If the 'reference only' was to a relative path, this would not be a problem. Thanks
  3. Could you elaborate a little? Do you mean to say that 'Business Logic' is a file which is a complete duplicate of the data tables file (with the data); which has calculation fields, summary fields, etc. added? Thanks, Steven
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