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  1. MirrorSync 3 clients after MS 4 update?

    Thanks Jesse That's what I'd thought. Is it permissible to run MS3 and MS4 on different servers during our transition? Mark
  2. Hello We want to move from 3.17 to 4.0. We have multiple configurations. Can clients w/ a 3.17 script sync to a 4.0 MS server? If not we'll need to migrate all clients at the same time. Is there documentation that speaks to the 3.x -> 4.x migration? Thanks, Mark
  3. Canceling a sync

    Hello Without feedback yet I thought I'd try asking this question from a different tack. What is the best method to cancel someone's sync from the server side? We have security updates that need to be installed to our FileMaker servers (SSL certificates are expiring) but staff don't read our emails asking for a pause in syncing and so we are finding it difficult to set a maintenance window. If we can cancel their sync without causing any disruption that'd work fine for us. Thanks, Mark
  4. Canceling a sync

    More curiosity than anything... We would like on occasion to Cancel a sync from the MS Console. It doesn't always work. Is there another means of cancelling a sync? Thanks, Mark
  5. Cleaning MirrorSync files

    Perfect, thanks.
  6. Cleaning MirrorSync files

    Hello We have a MirrorSync installation with 7 configurations and 144 devices syncing. One of the configurations data file is 80gb. So we are using a fair amount of disk space. We are interested in how we can 'trim' down the files MS generates - *safely*. So, is there any guidance on how to cull these files? Thanks, Mark
  7. Sync failed/Aborted Error

    Yes, our user's scripts are at 3.17. Server: 360Works MirrorSync 3.17, build 9239 (3/24/17) Clients: Generated "3.17" By MirrorSync Version 2017-04-25 11:12:12 And we do still get disconnects. Fewer tho.
  8. Sync failed/Aborted Error

    fwiw, we are on 3.17 and still get these errors routinely. Users 'merely' re-try and often a single re-try completes. It may be explained by the mix of versions.
  9. Sync failed/Aborted Error

    A good question - that I hope Jesse can weigh in on.
  10. Sync failed/Aborted Error

    Speed is not the issue. Ping time is a rough, but fairly effective metric of 'reachability' https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ping_(networking_utility)
  11. Sync failed/Aborted Error

    Probably a "Connection disruption". Fairly standard. We get this ~25% of the time. Most clients are in an area with just 'ok' connectivity. Good enough for voice, data not so much. We have found a VPN connection helps by keeping the connection 'alive'. hth
  12. FileMaker JDBC Bug

    Thanks Jesse
  13. FileMaker JDBC Bug

    Thanks Jesse. I was hoping this was the answer. Any tho't on if there is an issue with the content to the records that precipitates the error (so that we can avoid it)? Any any idea on the 'efficiency' angle? Say, is XML a ##% slower sync generally? Thanks again. Mark
  14. FileMaker JDBC Bug

    Hello We have frequently observed this error. We are curious if 360Works knows if this has been fixed in FMS 16. We are interested in knowing if there is something about the content of the records this affects that we could avoid while retaining the JDBC sync. Also interested if, or how much, switching to XML affects the client's sync. Duration only I suspect. I'd assume the switch to XML is a 'server side' change only and does not require a client update. Let us know if that is incorrect. • update operation for table FileMaker Server xxxxx failed for target nodeId '1B207AE7-4063-4BF9-B450-62522235B189'. A bug in the FileMaker JDBC driver prevented record '1B207AE7-4063-4BF9-B450-62522235B189' from Client node xxx on xxxx from being written to FileMaker Server xxxx. You can delete this record and retry the sync, or you can switch to XML for the sync. Please report this problem to 360Works so that we can forward it to FileMaker. [1 more warnings like this] Thanks, Mark
  15. Invalid parameter binding(s)

    Solved. It doesn't like the question mark....

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