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  1. Dear Lem Alpha, Wim Decorte and BruceR, Thank you all for saving me much time, in particular to Lem Alpha. I tried first with my still installed FM v14 without result, but indeed with reinstalling my FM v13 I could do the trick. Checked it out with my FM v15 and it works. Best regards, Jerome
  2. Probably it is your third option, as I am working with a FileMaker Server license from a FileMaker Developer Subscription on my MacBook Pro on which I am the only person accessing it. When it is due to a damage of the file, it is a very specific damage, as apart from changing the security access to the copied file on my desktop, I can manage anything else that I need: Database, Scripts, Layouts, etcetera so full access with the exception of Security. Also my thanks to Lem Alpha, but still whatever I enter as account name (even the classic "admin"), leaving the password blank, I get the sa
  3. Thanks for your suggestion already. I copied the file to my desktop, but now it seems, although I have full access to all developer's features, I can't add a password to the file. I receive the message "To manage the security of this file, enter an account with Full Access privileges." Whatever I enter in "Account name" and "Password" fields, I can't, what is logical, as I never set this file like that. My guess is that I have to make a new file, this time password protected, and then importing one for one the necessary tables with their fields, layouts, scripts, relationships, etc. and then t
  4. So my problem stays: how come that I was working with FileMaker Server 15 without any problem on this file for months and just from today I can't anymore? And what will be your advice to insert as yet a password not being able to open the file? Is it possible that as FMServer administrator I can export that file in some way and still do so?
  5. Sorry, there is a misunderstanding. As administrator I have a full access to the server with a password. Only my file is not password protected.
  6. Dear Lem, the log says: Type: Error Event: 1017 Description: SECURITY: Database “DTW-new” cannot be opened because it is insecure. Require Password-Protected Databases is enabled. and shows that each time I tried to open it. I didn't enabled any password on this file, so I don't understand. I did also a "Verify All" but in the Log Viewer I see only a "Performing consistency check of database "FMServer_Sample"", nothing about my file. Best regards, Jerome
  7. I am working already a few months on my file "DTW-new.fmp12" via the FM-server 15 on my MacBook Pro without problem and suddenly today this file can't be found anymore, although it is still on the server. But it shows that the status is "Closed", so I probably should change this to "Normal" or something else. Sorry for my ignorance, but I can't figure out how to do this. I tried with "open" and "open all", but this doesn't help me. Thanks for any help, Jerome
  8. Thank you very much for your reply. It took some time, but I changed all my global fields into calculations, and they don't disappear anymore. But as often happens, when one problem is solved, an other appears. When I do a search in the related field, it doesn't work. In IWP, I receive the warning "Unknown error number 8206" and in FileMaker remote access, it tells me "This operation cannot be performed because one or more of the relationships between these tables are invalid." (see attachment). But for adding or deleting the related information in the portal the relation works well. Than
  9. There is something else going wrong. The relation is made by a code ID for the word and a global field containing the language code. I discovered that for unknown reason, through IWP connection, after closing and then reopening, the global field became empty and thus broke the relation. Through FileMaker remote access, this doesn't happens, but if later I re-open the file through IWP and then close it, which empties the global field, also in FileMaker remote access it is empty, as it took the content which is changed by IWP access. Any idea? Thank you beforehand, Jerome
  10. Related records in a portal, working well in Filemaker, don't show up when approached through IWP. Also creation of new related records don't work through IWP. I receive a Data Entry Error: Your attempt to save changes to the current record or request failed because of the following: Missing join value for creating related records. To what do I have to take attention for making this working through IWP? Thank you for your attention. Jerome
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