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  1. Anyone know why fonts that normally have additional marks in Thai in MS Word for instance don't have them in a FileMaker field? Thanks, Lee
  2. It works if I copy and paste it. Lack of support for a simple a .txt (THE most common file format) is just plain stupid.
  3. The information that needs to be imported into the mainframe is in an 80 character record. This is put together in FM in the correct format. When I export it as a .tab (since there is no .txt) it puts a vertical tab (ASCII 11, x0b) character at the end. If there was just a .txt file type, I'd be done. Or if I define my own type.
  4. My bad, it does put something at the end of each record, which is a length-delimited set of values. The *.tab file type renamed test.txt has multiple length-delimited records on one line when viewed in Notepad. The character in question is ASCII 11, x0b, and labeled as VT (I'm assuming vertical tab).
  5. The .tab type is the closest, but it puts a tab in between the records which creates the problem. It doesn't expect any delimiters between records.
  6. I'm trying to send exported data to an old mainframe that wants a .txt file type. It doesn't like the .tab type and hates the .csv type. I can copy and paste it into a notepad and send it ok, but that seems kind of clunky and unprofessional. Anybody know how to get FileMaker to export as .txt? Thanks.
  7. I guess it would help if I put the desired field in the portal row!!! :
  8. I can go to the row but not a field in a row other than the first row. FM always enters the field in the first portal row.
  9. Anyone know how to have FM go to a field in a portal row other than the first row fields, programmatically. Thanks.
  10. I have created a database that manages trips for a small jump airline. They charge a mileage rate, airport fee, wait time, etc. I would like to put these into a customer editable area so they can change these as needed. I have tried to use globals, but the values appear to change for some unknown reason. I then tried to set up an unrelated table, but I get in the fields. I also tried to create a separate database with 1 table and 1 record (containing all the fields/values), set up the file reference, but I can't select the table/fields in the script editor. I would be happy to use any of the above methods if they worked consistently. I've tried to run script debugger to troubleshoot why the globals change, but I haven't had any luck with that yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  11. I have an audio clip in records that works fine in Pro 8.5 clients, runtime, etc. When I publish it with IWP, it doesn't play the audio. Any ideas, thanks.
  12. The database resides on a unshared part of the server drive. The server itself runs FM Pro 8.5 (not server) and is set to share this on the network.
  13. I haven't found a way to open a database residing on a Windows XP 2003 server (FM Server is not installed on any of the computers) from client computers (Windows XP, FM 8.5 Pro/5 users) without additional user input. There is only one destination and only one database on the machine. Is there a way to automate this? Thanks.
  14. While the easiest way for me is to have the customer copy the form onto the back side after printed, it seems rather unprofessional to do so. As to the creative part, I'm not sure how I can interrupt the print for layout 1 and have it duplex the other side, then go back to the next record(s).
  15. Can I print one page from one layout and then back side with another layout and then go back to the next records on the first layout? Mr_Vodka, yes the first page maybe more than 1 page (depending on sub-category records). Thanks
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