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  1. I'm looking for a good auditing solution for a filemaker 12 database. I was hoping to use something like FMDataGuard or CNS plus ins, but neither one of these seem to be developed for Filemaker 12 (Even though CNS claims they are). I need something that can track record deletions ( so Ray's SuperLog is not a likely choice). Any help would be great! Thanks
  2. We have 800 MB dedicated to Cache ( I believe this is the maximum )
  3. Thanks for guidance, heres some information that might give you a better picture. We are using a WAN implementation. We have an xserver 2 GHz Dual-Core Xeon with approx 25 mbps down and 21 mbps up, The server have super container on it so it will transfer 4 to 20 images a day (relatively small jpegs) We have 14 gigs of RAM, with 15000 rpm SAS drives. We have around 35 users with 75 files. The clients seem to have good download speeds ( 5Mbps down), but using a common speed test online, their uploads speeds seem to fluctuate between .01 Mbps and .65 Mbps . (a more cu
  4. I'm trying get an "accetable" baseline for my FMS Stats. For example What are the normal Wait Time/Call and Elapsed Time/Call ratios both average and peaks? Is there a white paper on this? My statistics are : My statistics Our server has been notable slower (We've added an extra 40 files recently) also: Is there any recommended ways of increasing server speed, that has worked well in your experience? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  5. I can't get keep windows from blocking SC because it's not a "digitally signed publisher". It works fine on the Macs. When I turned off the IE security settings, it still doesn't seem to to actually display the file (although it doesn't prompt me ).
  6. Can you please give me an email, to send this to, I"m using snow leopard server, with snow leopards clients. We have filemaker 10.3v as our clients. We use server 10
  7. I have been randomly losing my connection with Super Container. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it will lose connection and I have to restart it on the server side. The client loses connection because SuperContainer will intermittently quit on the server side. In terminal mode, the error exception thrown seems to be memory that Supercontainer failed to access ( it gives a hexidemical memory address ) . Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the help, I'm using a print map file, which is just a text file with properly spaced out text. The print map file has text spaced out so that it would properly line up with a cms 1500 form. It looks like schedula would be a similar type solution.
  9. How do I send electronic claims transmission to Medicare or a clearing house like eclaims. They require file format of HCFA print image or a NSF file. Does anyone know how to get these file formats out of Filemaker. I believe that there is already Filemaker based software that can send an electronic claim to a clearhouse, but I just don't how they do it. Any ideas?
  10. where in the control panel should I make the adjustments? -Thanks for the help!
  11. I was disappointed to see Filemaker 10 for XP still flickering badly. Does anyone who how to fix this. If's it's a new video card which one should I get?
  12. I was wondering if there was an automated (commercial) way of capturing a signature for the mac on Filemaker 9. I've looked but I have only seen a plugin for the PC.
  13. I wondering if it's possible to use two FMS 9 servers to access the same data file. Also I'm wondering if the a server could upload a remote data file.
  14. thanks for replying I do have two install codes -one was my old one for Filemaker 6 and new one for 8.5 I type in my install code for 8.5 and it seems to work then it takes me to the second install field (the one I believe I need my fm 6 install code for). I use filemaker 6 install code but it doens't seem to take it
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