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  1. Hi Colin The entire site was produced using IWP and FM7 - except the flash presentations to which it links in some cases. It is a member only site so a password is required. We do $15 million of sales per month using this site - the power of FM7 Regards Neil
  2. Hi everyone We have just launched our new extranet site for our business to business clients. We have produced it entirely using FM7 and IWP. Below is a movie demonstration of the site. It uses many of the work arounds and advice provided through this forum. For all those that have posted to this site over the past 6 months - thank you. http://propertypa.com/Resources/Video/Intro.html Regards Neil
  3. Hi fellow FM experts - I need your help - I have an instant web publishing solution that needs to be able to create a URL to a specific file. A previous post over the last few months gave details on linking to a specific layout in a IWP database (see below) http://<webaddress.com>/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=<DATABASE>&-lay=2&-gotolayout= This is great - but I need to get to a specific record in the database. Given that you can achieve the above using cgi, it must be possible to put in a recid as well - but I can't work out a way of doing it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this? OR where I can search for a solution. Regards Neil
  4. Hi everyone I am developing a filemaker solution in FM7 - using IWP on Advanced server. I want to be able to direct people to a specific record in my FM7 database using a URL. Does anyone know of a way to pass a varaible to IWP through the URL which can then be pick-up by the start-up script in the database to then direct the user to a specific record. I have emailed Filemaker to request that it is added to the next revision of Filemaker, however if there is a work around I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks Neil
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